Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest, pinning away, finding all this great outfit inspiration only to realize that you don't actually own any of the pieces in the looks that you are pinning? Or maybe it's not everything, perhaps it's just one thing.

Then the more you think about it, the more fixated you become. You think about all these amazing outfits you could be wearing if you just had that one thing. You convince yourself that if you had it, suddenly getting dressed would be a piece of cake because it's the one thing missing from your closet which would somehow magically pull it all together, from the sequined blazer to the floral joggers.

I know I've gone through that, countless times, and more than likely, I'll do it again. Right now, I have these grey jeans to show for it, and am currently on the hunt for nude pumps.

pink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-1.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-2.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-4.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-5.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-7.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-6.jpgpink sweater, grey jeans, leopard clutch, black boots-3.jpg
The Rundown
Pink Sweater Banana Republic thrifted similar
Grey Skinny Jeans Gap
Boots "Jabine" Adrienne Vittadini
Leopard Clutch Clare Vc/o Shopbop
Ear Jackets TJMaxx similar
Necklace Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Gold Twisted Bracelet The Cavernous Jewerly Box similar
Mini Punk Princess Bracelet CC Skye c/o S&G
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction via Marshalls

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  1. Aw yes. I know that feeling all too well. And I take it to the next level where I will buy a bunch of that kind of stuff and have so many ideas for all the pieces and literally run out of time and occasions to wear them all (I'm looking at you sequined pencil skirt). Sigh. But grey jeans are a great staple IMO and I love how you paired them here!

  2. Oh god, you just described every Pinterest problem I've ever had. In all honesty, when Pinterest first debuted I really got sucked into this with outfit inspiration, always looking for the one more thing that would complete the amazing look I'd seen. But it was never enough, because there was always another look. Admittedly, I still get sucked in once in a while, and I won't lie - this outfit is doing it to me. I have grey jeans that I've been struggling to restyle and this outfit is so perfect, but of course I lack the pink sweater. Part of me is kicking myself for getting rid of the one pink sweater I did own but hadn't worn for years, and the other part is thinking, well, it wasn't quite the right pink, anyway, so I would really need to get another one regardless... Pinterest and blog reader problems!

  3. Well gray jeans are definitely a great piece to have! They look great with pretty much anything! :D

  4. Oh yes, I've definitely been there. I'm not typically a big sneaker person, but I keep seeing these New Balances in so many pretty colors (pale pink/gray, navy/pink, etc.) and I can't stop thinking about them. It's like a food craving, I just become obsessed (and that's the case with Pad Thai right now... I WANT some!!).
    I do love the gray jeans, especially with the pink! (This would match those sneakers I have my eye on, ha!)

  5. I think that's my thinking for year's, but I'm slowly learning that I really have plenty of options. I love the mix of neutrals with the blush!
    xo Adri

  6. Grey denim is awesome, but that perfect shade of grey is hard to find! And yes I've definitely obsessed over quite a few items but luckily the internet is so noisy that in a few days most of the time I've moved on to something else! ;D

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  7. Love the sweetness of this outfit. I recently bought a pair of grey denim and felt the same. Last year, for me it was trying to find the perfect white jean. :FASHION TALES // Pistachio Cake

  8. Pink is such a gorgeous color on you. This is the perfect mix of neutrals for spring!



  9. Nice outfit!!! Your boots a re so chic!!! I also like the sweater, especially the color you chose!

  10. Hahaha I do that all the time! I can totally see why you got the grey jeans. They're going to look great with so many things!


  11. You look amazing in this outfit. Those jeans and top really flatter you. I have totally done that on Pinterest. It's dangerous!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. Oh yes, I do this quite often! I love pink and grey together and you look fabulous!

  13. I can't believe you admitted to this phenomenon...that's NEVER happened to me (read this with tons of sarcasm dripping from it)! But my great rationale is that i'm helping out the economy (how's that for denial??)
    But I will join in with the others in saying that grey & pink---very classic!! jodie

  14. I always thought I've spending too much time on Pinterest, just couldn't stop pinning! Looks like I'm not the only one. And you look fabulous!

  15. I find myself doing the same thing. I have to catch myself and steer back to wear clothing and look at clothing similar what I actually own.
    I do love the simplicity in your outfit. Very chic and this is such a great color combination!
    Red Reticule

  16. I totally get what you are saying about pinterest! Haha I do that too :) It's a really lovely outfit you are wearing and I especially love your clutch!
    I would love if you would check out my blog as well <3

  17. I was just doing that this week. There are so many cute looks on Pinterest, but then I find I'm missing one or two things. I bought nude pumps this week and blame Pinterest. Love your gray jeans!

  18. Love your style.
    So chic !

    dont forget to visit me back,


  19. Amazing outfit. Love your bag so much.


  20. You turned a classic look into something fresh with the loveliest of accessories, Lydia :) I'm especially in love with your necklace. A dainty fringe of a pendant. Do come and share this in my link-up? Your outfit, in its entirety, is really too pretty to not share with the rest of the world. I hope to see you there xoxo


  21. haha I know that feeling! Although I don't have pinterest I'll often see things on blogs and think I have to have them. I have both grey jeans and nude pumps and I recommend them both ;) I like pink and grey together too, nice colour combo :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  22. Pinterest can be evil haha! I'm loving the pink and grey paired together, so pretty!

  23. It's probably a good thing I don't have pinterest just for that reason, but hey, grey jeans are practical so at least you know you'll be getting your wear out of them! However, I feel something similar with apartment things... I keep saying, "oh, this rug will top everything off! oh, this pillow would go so nicely..." and I think I need to stop. :)

  24. Hell yes. I know that feeling. I love this color combination ! and the subtleness of the necklace..
    You know I want to beat myself up because on Friday I was at a TJ Maxx in San Diego and saw a pair of grey jeans but was so overwhelmed at the fact that I had to do any shopping really quickly that I passed them up. I am so upset. They were my size but I did not want to lose time trying them on. Now I see your grey jeans again :( and I continue to want a pair.

  25. I'm a big fan of pink, you look absolutely stunning! Loving the accessories too xx adaatude.com

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