Wishlist Wednesday: Go Overboard

Cute prints. Yellow. Teal. I'm an easy girl to please, especially when we get into the realm of anything even vaguely nautical. 

I think we can all agree that Old Navy has been ON lately, and I nearly flipped when I saw this sail boat printed top. Because it reminds me of that Milly skirt I wanted last summer. It's currently $30, but if this baby goes on sale, I swear, I'm going to buy the extra large, and turn it into a skirt or die trying.

A $30 yellow striped swim suit that looks like it would actually make me appear skinnier than I am. Thank you Old Navy.

Leopard print sunnies. For $10. You can't go wrong. (Also in zebra, so you might need to buy both.) Especially if Old Navy has a coupon code, which they pretty much always do.

I'm not sure when I became and Essie addict, but I love this color, the inspiration for the post, Go Overboard.

The second I saw this Zara palm tree dress on The Fancy Teacup, I was smitten. $40 isn't too bad... and yes, I did have to silhouette that dress, the damn model was just ruining my whole layout. It took forever. Your welcome.

Okay, these yellow Hive and Honey color block sandals are a little pricey at $90, but I would literally wear them with everything, all summer. (Assuming they aren't too narrow, which has been a problem with this brand before.) Piperlime has free shipping and returns, so they might just be worth a try.

Paisley scarf necklace

Everyone knows that the problem with adorable vintage square silk scarfs is that you often end up looking like an airline stewardess when you tie them around your neck.

So that leaves you with a few options; you can tie it on your bag, stuff it artfully in a pocket, or try to make it look like a necklace. I like to try and make it look like a necklace.

Paisley Necklace-4.jpg Paisley Necklace Paisley Necklace-2.jpg Paisley Necklace-5.jpg Paisley Necklace-7.jpg
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Bloggers who brunch

Last June the style bloggers of Connecticut got organized enough to arrange a meetup, and even though we insisted we'd do it again soon, here we are in the last week of February. But at least it happened!
blogger meetup
I got to join the lovely Megan, Courtney and Christine for breakfast nachos, eggs benedict, and mimosas - so yummy!

Brunch gift from christine
Christine was super sweet and surprised us all with personalized gifts (even personalized gift bags) with our blog logos. If you think that owl is cute, you must go check out her etsy shop!

Next we headed over to the beach for some outfit photos, even though the wind was strong and the cold was brutal - and we almost lost Meg's camera to the beach sand (a terrible fate I know all too well) - we still managed to get some fabulous outfit photos, while maintaining the veneer that it was actually a pleasant warm day at the beach, and that sand was not being blown into our faces.
beach.jpg Courtney + Christine.jpgMeg-14.jpg blogger meetup

Even more fabulousness after the jump!

Prep for Spring

I'm ready for Spring.
It's not quite ready for me.
prep for spring-6.jpg prep for spring-3.jpg prep for spring prep for spring-4.jpg prep for spring.jpg prep for spring-1.jpg
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I never disliked pink

Really, I don't know why it often gets a bad rap.
valentine valentine-1.jpg pink
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Recipe: Curried Chicken Salad

I've decided to do another recipe post, because this is a recipe that I am constantly making, and continually craving. The mixture of sweet fruits with spicy curry makes this chicken salad so unique and tasty.

curry chicken salad-2.jpg

There is this little restaurant/antique shop called Anna's Temptations which serves a really great curried chicken salad. Thus, the inspiration for this recipe was born.

I like mine extra spicy and tend to add a lot of curry, so depending on your love of the spice, you might want to add it in a little at a time. You probably don't need two kinds of curry powders either, but if you've got em...

Also you should note that this is the first time I've ever made this and actually made a note of what the quantities were - typically I just eyeball it and adjust until it tastes right. However I thought if I was going to write this out as an actually recipe it might not be very well received if I just said, "Here is what you need, put in as much or as little as you want."

I've also substituted apple for pear, walnuts for almonds, dried cranberries for raisins - it's really all good.

You will need:
1 1/2 pounds of split chicken breasts
1 apple (I like Gala)
2 ribs of celery
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup dried cranberries
3/4 cup of mayonnaise
1 teaspoon sweet curry powder
1/2 teaspoon hot curry powder (or to taste)
salt and pepper to taste

curry chicken salad.jpg

1. Boil chicken breasts for approximately 20 minutes. (You can add a rib of celery and a small onion while it cooks to make broth for soup. Which is like a bonus meal.)

2. Wait for your chicken to cool enough that you can handle it, and take all of the meat off the bone. Cut into bite size pieces. Throw into a mixing bowl.

3. Wash, peel, and chop the apple and celery. Put that in with the chicken.

4. Coarsely chop the walnuts, put those in too.

5. Add the dried cranberries. I like to put more of a rounded quarter cup.

6. Throw in all your spices, and your mayo. Combine, and taste.

curry chicken salad-1.jpg

7. Put into a croissant, or if you have them, those seasonal cranberry english muffins are perfection.

Getting the maxx

feeling preppy-3.jpg
I can't help but to fall in love with all the bright spring colors currently filling the racks, and this almost obnoxious yellow sweater was too cute to ignore. At $17 it was too good a deal to pass on (especially since the MSRP was $60).

As you know I frequent my TJ Maxx weekly, and I simply must showcase some of my recent purchases; this sweater, a seafoam green embellished tank ($17), and a pair of coral skinnies ($20).
Maxx Haul.jpg
There were several pairs of shoes I was seriously considering, including a pair that I'd seen at TJ's exactly one year ago and desperately wanted at the time but couldn't find in my size. It was an odd little blast from the past and at first I thought they were a must, but ultimately I realized I'd moved on, the $40 peep toe oxford pump just felt so last year.

My biggest score however was in the home goods section; a collection of Kate Spade for Lenox items with some hefty markdowns.
My favorite is the hors d'oeuvre tray. I first spotted this lovely on January 7th, the TJX price was $55 (MSRP is $75). Then I came across it again last weekend and it had been reduced to $40. I still resisted. Finally, this weekend in a different TJ Maxx it was reduced to $23. I was sold.
Kate Spade Haul.jpg
In the end I got $150 of Kate Spade housewares for $50.

feeling preppy-1.jpg feeling preppy-6.jpg feeling preppy-4.jpg feeling preppy-2.jpg feeling preppy.jpg feeling preppy-8.jpg
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feeling preppy-7.jpg


Remember when it was warm and taking outfit photos didn't feel like a chore?

This winter I have taken far fewer photos than last winter. I was so good last year, I don't think I missed a single outfit, I was so determined and dedicated.
This winter... well I'm thinking I might start only doing four outfit posts a week.
And that chain bracelet is like wearing ice.
No wonder I caught a cold.

Black and Camel.jpg Black and Camel-2.jpg Black and Camel-3.jpg Black and Camel-1.jpg Black and Camel-5.jpg
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What I Want: Shoes in wide widths

For the first 20 years of my life, I had the most disgusting shoe collection you can imagine, because I refused to wear a shoe that didn't fit perfectly or feel completely comfortable. But eventually I broke down and started to fill my closet with adorable flats that had no arch support and high heels that hurt my toes.

To feel chic, sexy, and womanly I knew it was a sacrifice I would have to make.

But what I really, desperately want is a selection of shoes available in wide widths that don't scream geriatric. After hours of searching, here is what I've come up with.

Bandolino has a nice offering of shoes that really do feel new and on trend, and my favorite might just be the Ineed sandal, which is obviously great just because of the name.
 Ineed - $70 at DSW

Talbots has shoes in wide width, and even though my Grandma totally shops there, you can not deny that their shoes are actually quite on trend and, well, youthful. (check out the sale shoes too)
Lakia - $139 at Talbots

VANELi has some possibly cute shoes. I might like these.
 Plaza - $76.50 at Endless

Gabriella Rocha has a decent offering in wide widths, but really out of nearly 100 options, the only shoe I'd actually consider buying is this bootie.
Pembroke - $81 at Zappos

Stuart Weitzman shoes are on the pricier side, since the average shoe is about $300, but the wide widths are there if you can swing it. I think these basket weave sandals would pretty much go with everything all summer long, so if they lasted four summers...
Weavit - $385 at Zappos

Naturalizer actually has some decent, trendy shoes, if you can stand to weed through the 97 pairs of old lady shoes. Pairs like the black glitter pumps, and the snakeskin platform sandals would be fun, but these orange perforated pumps are my favorite.
  Korina - $99 at Zappos

J. Renee has a number of strong contenders. Some are a bit on the funky side, and there seem to be an alarming number of slingbacks aka my sworn enemies, but over all, a good selection. Just so you know, I'm looking for a leopard pump right now, and these three are under consideration:
Leda - $99 at Zappos

 Kaylee - $100 at Zappos 

Zula - $66 at Zappos

Payless, honestly their wide width selection does not impress me, but for shoes under $50 they are pretty much the only option, so I'm putting them on the list.
Kutzie Knot Pump - $30 at Payless

Then there are some designers that just seem to offer a small amount of their shoes in a wide widths (like one to seven pairs), so here are a few I thought were worth noting.

Kate Spade Karolina - $298 at Zappos

And lastly, here are a few other brands that I don't think are doing anything really great but they offer wide widths all the same: Bella-Vita, Sofft, Cole Haan, Type Z, Ros Hommerson, and Brigitte Bailey.
Any other designers that can be added to the list?