Florals for spring

Oh wait, nevermind, it's not spring after all! It snowed yesterday and then all iced over and the weatherman said that the temperatures would "struggle to reach 40° today". Which I'm sure is just how the cosmic shift of weather is working, it was a balmy 60° on Christmas, so naturally it would be below freezing in April.

Last week when it was ever so marginally warmer I thought I could get away with at least dressing like it was real spring, but in truth, I was freezing. And once again, I'll I have to talk about is the weather.

floral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-1.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-6.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-7.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-4.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-9.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-8.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-3.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-5.jpgfloral blouse, white jeans, lace up flats, mint tote-2.jpg
The Rundown
Floral Blouse Banana Republic
Grey Cobblestone Cardigan c/o Cabi
White Jeans Old Navy
Lace-up Flats Gap similar
Mint Tote Gap similar
Earrings JoJo Loves You
Gold Twisted Bracelet The Cavernous Jewerly Box similar
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Marshmallow" Essie

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  1. Love how the color of the bag brings out the color in your top!
    and yep...this weather is so weird! My car doors were frozen this morning so my mom had to take me to target to buy Star Wars (because I couldn't wait ;) )

  2. that bag is beautiful -- love the color for spring!

    cute & little

  3. We had snow the other day and no w it's hot so I'm like okay, work it out nature and get your butt together. I have no idea how to dress of it anymore.

  4. It seems so silly to talk about the weather all the time, but the truth is, it has such a huge impact on our lives. When I packed my suitcase for Europe, I checked the forecast but really didn't take into consideration how different a temperature could feel from one place to the next - I spent the whole time I was in Berlin freezing cold, even though it was basically the same temperature as in Paris! So silly, but so true. It's a shame your spring weather has temporarily disappeared but you do look wonderfully spring-like in this outfit - your floral top, while perhaps not revolutionary for spring (I had to quote The Devil Wears Prada) is so cheerful and pretty.

  5. It's too bad the weather isn't a bit better because this is such a lovely spring outfit. I hope things get a warmer for you soon!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Our weather hasn't been quite as drastic with the swings but it's so disappointing to deal days 20 degrees cooler than the previous one! I can't figure it out! Love this top and bag by the way. The colors are so pretty!

    Fizz and Frosting

  7. wow I really love the color of that bag- can't believe its old Gap!
    And I totally feel you on the weather issue. I actually just moved to California from New York and I am really struggling with how to adapt my wardrobe to the temperate climate. In NY it was always too hot or too cold, and in San Francisco all I need is a blazer or jacket, which I have none of!


  8. I agree with Cee---it may seem trivial, but it certainly affects our mood & what we wear---hopefully comfortably. However seeing other bloggers start wearing their "spring" wardrobes & seeing the sun out & April on the calendar sometimes gives us a misconception about what we should be wearing!! It's no fun to be cold & miserable. In fact I'm wearing a sweater right now, because for some reason it always seems to be 10 degrees colder in our house. Once I get in the car, I'm sure it'll come off!!
    You look fab---and the purse is perfect!! jodie

  9. Your floral and white jeans feel like spring even if it's still cold. Hope you get some nice weather soon!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. Well, it was 17 degrees here until around 11.00 AM and there is lots of snow in my past blog post too. Our weather has been very similar to yours. What a chic put-together look. Love the little floral print on the blouse and the aqua/teal bag. Also your new cardigan in Serenity is awesome, Lydia.

    Welcome by and linkup with me tomorrow. The linkup will be open a day early. Thanks pretty lady. =) Happy April!

    Ada. =)

  11. I hate to tell you how warm it is here...75 today and it's supposed to be 84 tomorrow! I'll try to send warm weather your way :)


  12. Beautiful outfit dear! Love the floral prints! Perfect for spring!
    XO Pisa

  13. We've had a few cold spells in Oklahoma, but I think (fingers crossed) it's finally warmer weather for good..I think! I love your floral print top and that bag! And the shoes...totally love those shoes!


  14. Your floral top is so pretty, I love the colors! And I'm pretty bummed about the return of the cold weather :(

  15. The floral blouse is such a pretty way to work in a little spring on a cold day!

  16. The colors are beautiful! Absolutely perfect for spring.
    Red Reticule

  17. Love the colors you chose, very appropriate for the season but not as much for the temps, lol. Lets keep our fingers crossed, there still is hope...

  18. It was cold here today too! Loving this floral top. The colors are so pretty!


  19. Such a cute outfit!! So perfect for the spring but yes we do need more warmth!

    xo Lauren

  20. Bummer that the weather is still so cold but you do look so perfect for Spring!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  21. Wooow, this outfit is just great, I really like the blouse and the shoes! Definitely a great option for Spring
    Have a great day,


  22. Lovely outfit! Great touch of floral for Spring!

    We Shop in Heels

  23. Love the Spring outfit and ugh this weather is so awful!

  24. You look gorgeous in this outfit. and your bag is suited perfectly in this outfit. Nice look

    Makeup and Beauty

  25. It actually snowed? That's crazy! Love this outfit, the floral blouse is so pretty!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  26. I'm glad I am not the only one feeling like every blog post mentions weather! You certainly look lovely and spring-like though!

  27. I'm sorry your weather isn't cooperating--I hope it gets warmer for you soon! I talk about weather a lot too, and half the time I don't even realize it! I love your floral blouse, it's just the kind of thing I'm looking for right now.

  28. Love that blouse!
    Mónica Sors

  29. Wow, mint looks amazing on you, girl! It just pops so beautifully against your skin and looks great paired with the white, so refreshing and perfect for both spring and summer! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a lovely week so far!



  30. I feel like a broken record taking about the weather! But it's SO insane. Come on spring!?? Anyway, you look great despite the cold. Adore those flats.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  31. Love that floral top and how you paired it with the pop of color bag.

    Fash Boulevard

  32. Your spring-like outfit is lovely! Even if it wasn't very warm, it looks great! :)

    Hopefully the weather behaves for you soon. Even our weather here in Australia is being weird, second month of autumn and it's still summer temperatures in Brisbane! :(

    Away From The Blue Blog

  33. Love your outfit! Looks beautiful!
    Kisses and hugs from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  34. Oh I love the colors... and I can feel your pain. It must be so frustrating to know its officially spring, yet you walk out and it seems like winter :(
    Just hold on a few more.. days ? weeks ?