Seafoam and Yellow

As you might expect of springtime weather, there have been a good deal of grey and rainy days. I'm always a little disappointed when I get deprived of a sunset.

I did finally pair the seafoam jeans with the bright yellow sweater, a color block match made in heaven, just for the spring. Hopefully it brightened up this grey day just enough.

seafoam and yellow.jpg seafoam and yellow-2.jpg seafoam and yellow-4.jpg seafoam and yellow-3.jpgseafoam and yellow-1.jpg
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$100 Shopbop Giveaway - wild DVF bags

What can I say, I love these Shopbop Giveaways, and I love Diane von Furstenberg blouses with their gorgeous prints, and how they extend to her bags and wallets.

It's hard not to fall for Diane von Furstenberg bags when they are zebra print hair calf and so darn cute.

I'd love to try out some pattern mixing with the Diane von Furstenberg wallets.

Remember you can follow Shopbop on twitter to see all the latest happenings!

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Every spring I get so excited when all the cherry blossom trees transform from their baron winter skeletons into spring leaves with a bright flourish of pink. 

This is probably my favorite spot in town during the brief period that they are blooming.

I decided to do a little research, and apparently this variety is called Kanzan.

cherry blossoms-2.jpg cherry blossoms.jpg cherry blossoms-6.jpg cherry blossoms-8.jpg cherry blossoms-7.jpg cherry blossoms-3.jpg cherry blossoms-1.jpg
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Downtown Crossing

Less than 10 hours after arriving home from Florida, I was off again to Boston for the day. Thankfully it was gorgeous and warm, so I wasn't in complete temperature change shock.
A little shopping in downtown crossing and then off to visit my brother and his wife. They allegedly live 15 minutes outside of Boston, but after missing the turn to the highway several times and then missing the exit four times, the journey took an hour and fifteen minutes.
We are not city drivers.

leopard in boston 3 leopard in boston bracelets background leopard in boston 1 leopard in boston 2 leopard in boston
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For any blogger using Flickr to host their images who has been getting the "Sorry, can not pin this image" error with the Pinmarklet, this post is for you.

A reader recently alerted me to the fact that my images have not been able to be pinned to Pinterest, due to a privacy change made by Flickr, a site I pay for to host my images.

Typically I like to keep all my blog photos on the private setting with the exception of one or two; I do this for a number of reasons and Pinterest having access to them through my blog was never an issue.

Since this change I've had about a 30% drop in Pinterest traffic to my blog. True, my blog is not the most popular, but considering the rise in popularity of Pinterest, I consider it to be a valuable way of getting more exposure.

After spending the better part of the morning trying to figure out what needed to be done and emailing the help desk at Flickr, I finally have the solution: 

Only a public image can be pinned. There seems to be no way around this. Images can be changed from private to public with a batch action and you will not have to replace the code to the blog post. (Going from public to private, or replacing the image will require code to be replaced.)

Additionally, you must either allow your public content to be shared universally, or change your license from all rights reserved to a creative commons (which you can do on an individual basis or a batch action).

Also, you may need to make sure your API settings allow your photos to be found by third parties.

Hope this helps any Flickr users who want their blog content to be Pinned!

You can find the official thread at Flickr here.


The Aquarium was a nice way to spend a few hours, especially since it presented an opportunity to photograph some fun, colorful animals and fish. Obviously I didn't bother to make a note of any of the proper names of these animals... so yeah, the pink bird is my favorite, in part, because we matched.

white shorts and paisley-4.jpg bird with stick.jpg white shorts and paisley-2.jpg white shorts and paisley-3.jpg white shorts and paisley-1.jpg white shorts and paisley.jpg
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A good deal of time was spent wandering around downtown Tampa looking for shopping, and Starbucks. Most of the area seemed to be offices, so it seemed odd to me that there wasn't a Starbucks (or even a Dunkin Donuts) on every block.

There was no where to shop either. Never mind that there are no fewer than four malls within a 10-20 minute radius; you need transportation to get to those.

In the end we took a cab and went to the mall, where I got recognized from the blog for the very first time, so that was pretty darn cool.

Other than one $12 beach bag from Forever 21, I came home empty handed. Not for lack of trying though, I tried on so many things and consistently had a problem with things that fit my waist being too tight around my hips.

My biggest letdown was a paisley no. 2 pencil skirt at J. Crew. It was on sale and going to be an extra 30% off and I've wanted one of those forever. Darn J. Crew hates my curves. So do Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.

bright color block-2.jpg cityscape.jpg bright color block-1.jpg bright color block.jpg bright color block-4.jpg bright color block-3.jpg
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group of palms.jpg


This is probably my favorite outfit from Florida - the shorts, top, and turquoise bracelet were all birthday gifts, and they are all so perfect together.

It's sad to be home back in the low 60°s - I already miss wearing shorts! I feel like this is pretty much going to be my summer uniform though - I want to pair this white shirt with everything in my closet.

P.S. Why must they force me to use this new blogger? Why? Nothing was wrong with it before, however I'm having several issues right now...

ikat shorts.jpg ikat shorts-2.jpg ikat shorts-4.jpg ikat shorts-3.jpg ikat shorts-1.jpg
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