In knots

I think I often go for the same color schemes on consecutive days. Like wearing black and white three days in a row. Sequentially this outfit came the day before the one I posted yesterday, and after this one... I hate to go all out of order because I feel like there is a certain loss of authenticity when I don't blog what I was actually wearing today - but today was filled with darkness and rain, so what is a girl to do?

Trying out some different photo processing - yay or nay? {to compare}

Somedays Somedays Somedays Somedays Somedays 
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Choosing texture over color

When did I wear this outfit again?
Sometime last week I think, but it was raining, so I didn't get around to photographing it until this weekend, and since it was raining again today I didn't take outfit photos again.

Ever since Alex of Delayed Missives gave me the idea to wear this skirt backwards, I have fallen in love with it all over again. It's like a newer, sexier skirt. That also was completely unzippped when I came home from work that day I wore it. No one said anything, so I'm going to assume it happened sometime between leaving the office and the car ride home.
I mean, I hope if my skirt were unzipped all the way up the back and I was walking around like that for hours someone would have let me know.

Do you tell your coworkers when you see they are having a wardrobe malfunction?

black and white black and white black and white
black and white
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A berry leopard look

Grey skies today. The sun was out for a bit on my way home from work. I though for sure I'd get some nice photos tonight, but the closer I got to home, the more clouds and fog moved in. I guess that is one of the pitfalls of living near the shoreline. Inland gets sun, I get fog.

And it gets dark so early now! Wasn't it just yesterday I was out at 7:30 pm snapping away with abandon?

Tired of this pink clutch yet? No. Me neither.

A berry leopard look A berry leopard look A berry leopard look A berry leopard look A berry leopard look
A berry leopard look
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Still beach weather

I will be absurdly happy for each and every beautiful day that I can wear bright, fun summery clothes. 80°? Yes please!

For some reason, this top inspires me to do crazy pattern mixing. I really like it, even though having to iron those ruffles puts me in a bad mood. It's a good thing wearing it puts me in a good mood. As do these swingy, skirt-like shorts that really did not get enough play time this summer.
Rocky sunny squint 
Rocky details detailsthe wall from 94
the wall from 94
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Beach bench

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Rain respite

Even though the weekend was supposed to be non-stop rain, today was actually quite nice, sunny and summer-like.

Chloe got a haircut, and now she looks like a completely different dog.

I went shopping at TJMaxx and came home with some new things... including this bright pink clutch for $16. I know... I'm so bad. But it was marked down, and I could not resist!

Rain respite Rain respite Rain respite Rain respite Rain respite
Rain respite Rain respite
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Chloe wants Latté Chloe wants Latté Chloe wants Latté

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Vintage Coach Court Bag Giveaway!

The other week I mentioned that I spotted two lovely Coach bags at the thrift store, and it simply would have been foolish to leave them there. Of course you've seen the black station bag which I've claimed as my own, but I wanted to share the brown court bag with you!
Vintage Coach Vintage Coach Vintage Coach Vintage Coach
Considering how small it is, there is really a lot of space, and four sections for staying organized. The cross-body strap will allow you to shop hands free, always a big plus. Of course this bag isn't new, but if it were, it would retail for $258!

I can't believe it's over

Today is the last day of summer.
How could this ever have happened?

Summer, is by and large, my favorite season. When it's summer, you feel like you have all these endless possibilities, all the things you can do when the days are long and the nights are warm, and back in June when it's all stretched out in front of you, for a moment or two, you think it might even last forever.

Someway, somehow, I will find a way to make it through the next nine months.

I was considering making this a post with all of my favorite looks of this summer, but honestly, I couldn't choose - I kicked some stylish butt this summer; bold colorblocking, pattern mixing, knotted shirts galore, the starfish cuff, scalloped shorts, and more nautical looks than I can count... damn. I love summer.

Even though today was grey and rainy, I wanted my last official summer look to be bright and fun.

This is goodbye This is goodbye This is goodbye
This is goodbye This is goodbye
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Check it out: I was included in Wendy Brandes' Stylist article on how to wear snakeskin and color block.

All the right stripes

I feel like I'm not going to be able to style this striped maxi dress for any season other than summer. Even though I've got at least half a dozen inspiration photos with it being styled under all sorts of layers; infinity scarfs, blazers, even a red wool coat. But to me, the striped maxi is just intrinsic to summer - it's light weight and carefree - so this may be it's last appearance for quite some time.

All the right stripes All the right stripes All the right stripes
All the right stripes All the right stripes All the right stripes
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Blazer + Shorts

I've mentioned before that I think shorts and a blazer are one of the most perfect combos, but it's usually tricky to find weather conditions that lend themselves to bare legs and wool blazers, simultaneously.

Since the days are cooling down, but some summer air is still lingering, this is my small window of opportunity for blazers and shorts. I'll probably be wearing them again soon.

Check out the newly thrifted Coach bag, it's in pretty good condition, and I like it. It's certainly not a rare or unique bag (judging by the number of them on ebay) but I rarely turn down a classic leather bag.
And I did go back for the other one, so giveaway for you guys soon!

shorts + blazer shorts + blazer shorts + blazer shorts + blazer
shorts + blazershorts + blazer
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