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Winter scene

❖ Yet another nor'easter rolled through this week. No one showed up at work but me (not uncommon) so I got to have music on all day. My Discover playlists on Spotify have been good lately, giving me little gems like Stranded by Flight Facilities.

❖ This week we celebrated Pi Day. While I like to celebrate with pie,  it's far more mathematical side is quite interesting, as we have uncovered 22 trillion digits of Pi, with no end in sight.

❖ My mom's birthday cake came out really well, and the two of us had it polished off by Wednesday night. This meme pretty much sums it up.

❖ Thankfully we had a Chocolate Lemon Pie waiting in the wings. (We are allegedly cutting back our sugar intake after Easter my birthday.)

❖ I feel like I was off the market when online dating really exploded and somehow became more normal than meeting people in real life. I've never actually tried it, and after reading this article, I have even more reservations.

❖ Apparently what was a subtle creeping of 80's fashion has now become a full blown invasion. I for one have no desire to wear anything involving giant shoulder pads or print mixing in primary colors. Though I might have a soft spot for a statement belt.

❖ We share a lot of our lives online as bloggers, and for some, death too.

❖ Sam shared some adorable gingham pieces under $100 in anticipation of spring. I can't choose between this Target skirt or this J.Crew Factory one.

❖ This article about our nation's obsession with home renovations brought up some good points, and it does kind of feel like we are losing some of our individuality on a quest for clean white spaces. Admittedly I'm just as guilty for idolizing white kitchens.

❖ E's structural handbag is making me swoon.

Chocolate Lemon Pie for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! I don't have a typical post for today, because I wanted to introduce you to a new project. For a while I'd mused about the idea of starting a food blog, I even had the name all picked out, but never felt like I'd have the time and energy to get it off the ground while still running this blog. Then last year my mom said she wanted to start a food blog, and that she'd do it with me. I was anxious to get the ball rolling, registered a domain, and got things set up with blogger (clearly, I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone). There was an attempt at a cheesecake recipe and then... nothing.

I forged on, learning the nuances of getting a food blog set up - apparently all the cute recipe card widgets are in the Wordpress only club - but I did eventually find a template I could use that would be pinterest friendly. My only still persistent technical problem is that I can't get the domain to redirect without the 'www' - as it turns out the instructions I followed six years ago when I set up my domain don't work presently. If anyone knows how to fix this, message me please!

That was a year ago, and no amount of badgering on my part seemed to get my mom to embrace the blog. However, it was not something I was ready to let go of, and since I'm back home again, I traded nagging for insistence. I demanded she choose a recipe for Pi Day, and she chose the Connecticut native pie, Chocolate Lemon. She did the baking, while I took care of the technical aspects of photographing, editing, and formatting the post. She wrote the copy.

I'm determined to make posts on the food blog weekly, with the focus largely being on classic family recipes, the ones my siblings and I would always be calling my mom for, the ones which feel like home.

Anyway, I hope you will check out Cooking In Cashmere and give it some love!

Sweater and Jeans Ad Nauseam

I took outfit photos six times in February. I feel like that has to be some sort of record low. Even the coldest of times, I used to be so dedicated. I can even remember some of those days very clearly thinking, "Why, oh why, am I standing out here in the freezing cold with this tripod taking photos?"

I feel a little guilty, because when I started blogging it was in part to motivate me to want to dress my best every day. Now it's more like, wear jeans and a sweater every day, but maybe put on some cute heels the day I take photos. Just because I don't like wearing tights anymore doesn't mean I have to write off winter style, and while I ride out these last few weeks of winter (because the reality is that it is still winter) I feel like I should try harder to make the most of it in a way I haven't been these last few months.

I suppose now that I've got that extra hour of daylight I have one less excuse for not taking photos on weekdays.

 Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-13.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-16.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-15.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-17.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-11.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-18.jpg Loft Snowbird Sweater, Grey Jeans, Fur Bag, Nude Pumps Outfit-12.jpg
The Rundown
Snow Bird Sweater Lou & Grey
Grey Jeans Gap similar
Nude Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Fur Bag Vintage via Roundabout similar
Gold Ball Studs Kohl's
Necklace Taken for Granite
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Caviar Bar" Essie