Shoe Dreams

I'm a big fan of online shoe shopping, even if it does mean dealing with the occasional return.

Of all the shoe resources I'm most partial to Amazon's for their selection, search engine, and return policy. However, I often find that Amazon offers lower prices for the same shoes! Why would they do this, I wonder? My only conclusion is the shipping - Endless offers free shipping and returns, Amazon does not, so perhaps they pad the prices to cover that.

But at Amazon, I have my wishlist, and in that my favorite daily ritual - adding shoes I want, and then constantly checking to see if the prices drop. Which they very often do. It is sometimes a dangerous game, where I shoe I'm wanting will go out of stock, and then I'm filled with regrets - "if only I wasn't so frugal, I could be wearing those now; instead, they are gone forever."

This past week I actually got two wins: the first, some super funky black pumps by Naughty Monkey. Originally $85, and out of stock for the last three months, the shoes popped up for just over $25 and I hastily purchased them.

They are really cute - best described as furry dragon skin. Actually, that doesn't sound like a shoe anyone would want, but rather a mutant creature, like pink spandex cheetah or some other hybrid animal fashion faux pas. I'll just put a picture -- they are cute, I swear!
My other big score was on this pair of sandals (yes, I'm aware of the date, and yes, it will be very cold for the next six months) I've been lusting after all summer, and all fall, evidently.

They are turquoise leather, with wooden soles and metal hardware. By Frye, and with an original price tag of $148.95. I've watched the price drop twice already, but finally decided to stop trying my luck today, when I noticed they went down to $44.69. They also come in a beautiful fuchsia, and a perhaps more practical cognac color.

While I know I wont be able to wear these for quite some time (unless I go on some sort of tropical vacation...) I'm confident that I will still be much in love with these when that time comes. I recently had a very pleasant surprise when I took my sweaters out of hibernation - three post season sale articles long forgotten about. It was like christmas, or when you find a crumpled up five dollar bill in some old pants.

One last pair which I am still wating for are these turquoise pumps by Steve Madden. I was hoping for a price drop and they've gone out of stock. Every day I go to Amazon and try to will a pair into extistance. For some other girl to decide turquoise isn't really her color and return them.

A purse I can fit everything into, and then some

I have a bit of an obsession with large bags; I can't help myself - I have developed a need to carry on my shoulder everything I could ever possibly need.

My wallet alone is bigger than some bags -- and the very best part about the wallet is that a strap can pull out and transform it into a wristlet, and the change pouch is large enough to accommodate my iPhone. Should the opportunity every arise, I'm all set.

But normally, the wallet stays in my purse, along with my keys, makeup (including nail clippers and file), camera, phone, sunglasses, chocolate in some form, purse holder thingie*, reusable shopping bag, safety pins, advil, tampons, tissues, pen, checkbook, ect...

So here is my fall bag of choice: the Zip It Up Tote by AVON. It's faux distressed leather, has four outer pockets, two shoulder straps, large exposed zippers and metal hardware. I got it in the maroon color, and from a distance, it looks like real leather. Once you touch it, the jig is up - but who cares? I also am a big fan of its paisley lining. $26

The best part? While I was in Ann Taylor looking at this $129 NYLON bag, one of the sales asscoiates told me how much she loved my bag. I told her where I got it too. Just think, mine was only 103 dollars less.

*The Purse Holder thingie, or as some might call it, the purse hook; is this fabulous little invention that allows you to hang your bag up on a table while you are out dining. This is far superior to putting your purse on the back of your chair, on another chair, or even on the floor (I would sooner sit with my bag on my lap all night than put it on the floor, but some people might).

The top of my hook is a little pink bejeweled purse that gets lots of comments and admiration. Ten dollars Very well spent. (I know those 'official' ones are $19.99 but Amazon has some cheaper, and more colorful options)

Trapper Hats

Trapper Hats, while not in abundance, are definitely around this fall. My favorite is this plaid one from, in the chocolate color. It is far too pricey at $85, though I did see the hat in purple plaid at TJMaxx for $40. I was tempted, but decided to look for even less expensive versions.

American Eagle has a cute wool trapper with acrylic fur for $29.50
Urban Outfitters has a few options for $34, one in wool, very similar to the AE hat, one in quilted nylon, and one with a pom pom on top. (perhaps the pom pom one doesn't qualify as a trapper, but it's kinda cute, for someone who can pull off a pom pom)

But I decided the best option would be to make one! I got the wool from a church fair for a dollar and the fur was leftovers from a costume.