April Budget

How is it that I can walk into Banana Republic and literally want everything I see? It's bad. I had to return some things and ended up falling victim to the half off clearance.

I had some gift cards to TJMaxx from my birthday, so I splurged on some new luggage, and decided to fund a Kickstarter campagin for a company called Oddo, I read Shira's article at Refinery 29 and just admired her mission and thought, sure, why not spend $35 on a pair of underwear. Considering my usual cost per pair is $2-$6 I figure it balances out.

May really, really needs to be a no spend month, and truthfully I might not be done with April yet - I have a $5 coupon for DSW that expires tomorrow, and $10 coupon to Kohl's as well. Not missing out on my free money will likely result in spending money.

I am really looking forward to a restful weekend, this week has worn me out!

Mixed Floral Maxi Dress, $60 at Banana Republic
Honey Fringe Sandal, $60 at Banana Republic
Striped Tank, $25 at Banana Republic
Drew Woven Top, $30 at TJMaxx
Papercrane printed top, $13 at TJMaxx
Rockstar Jeans in Grapefruit, $22 at Old Navy
Tilly Clutch, $148 at Matine
Samsonite Luggage, $120 at TJMaxx (minus some gift cards, but I don't remember how much they were for)
Oddo, $35 at Kickstarter

Total = $513

Birthday gifts
Kensie Hepburn Heeled Sandal
Banana Republic Beetle Earrings
Turquoise Necklace

Gifted Items
Safari Dress, $119 at Cabi
Alexa Romper, $129 at Cabi
Plaza Top, $86 at Cabi
Rebecca Minkoff Micro Perry Satchel, $220 at Shopbop


  1. I love how you break this down each month - I should really start tracking my own purchases so carefully, I definitely splashed out on a few things in April. I have worn them, but that doesn't mean that I needed them at all because, well, I know full well that I didn't, but here we are. It happens to the best of us, particularly when there's an extra discount on the clearance rack!

  2. Ooh I love that striped top and the chunky sandal!! djflksjflsa!!!!
    I was bad this month too, we'll see if I can resist in May, haha

  3. Those beetle earrings are the best thing ever! Such a cute piece.



  4. Those fringe sandals are amazing! A similar pair is on my wishlist! And I love the striped tank!

  5. Oh, wow I love all of the items. The blue shoes are gorgeous!

  6. Those earrings match my beetle pins !!!!
    and wow, that shopping budget is getting ready to explode.

  7. I love the heels, very cute!

    Adi xx

  8. Wow! I love everything described here <3
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  9. Perfect choices and great budgetting. Blue sandal has to be mine :)


  10. Are u still doing that funeral tracking

  11. Ah! Sometimes you just gotta, right? I haven't had much money to spend on clothing these past few months since I've been saving for grad school things (even though I have school + apartment paid for, food is always important, as well as cute decor items!!) but hopefully I'll purchase some new clothes in a while.

  12. haha yes going in store can be dangerous, there's always new things to catch your eye!

    You got some really nice things for your upcoming warmer weather though - that maxi dress is stunning and it would make a great outfit with the blue heels! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. You did get some fun stuff! I love the striped tank and those white sandals. I let my DSW b-day coupon expire, sniff, but after buying 4 pairs of shoes on Friday I couldn't justify getting one more pair.