Location, location

Today I was suffering from indecision as to where the best light would be for my outfit photos at 7 pm. Normally I like to go out a bit earlier when the light is hitting the end of the driveway and I can be nice and back lit.

Instead, I puttered about the yard and tried to find somewhere else ended up getting tons of bug bites... It's going to be a bad summer for bugs and ticks, we've already found three on the dog. (She's got the repellant on her, but they still jump on.)

festivale clutch


The first place, light filtered by trees, but shadowy.
Location, location

The second place, still shadows, but no nice rim light.
Location 2

The third place, even light, but in the grass which was full of holes and bugs.
Location 3
The Rundown
Top Gap - Pink A-line Skirt Made by Me - Turquoise Sandals Frye Gerry - Necklace Made by Me "Sweet Drops" - Woven Belt Thrifted - Earrings Handmade Artist's Alley - Sunnies Old Navy - Tie Dye Clutch Big Buddha Festival

Which place do you think has the best light?

Any other day this would be nautical

But today it's patriotic. Star(fish) and stripes forever. Happy Memorial Day!
I hope everyone who got to enjoy today off had a great Memorial Day - the unofficial first day of summer, celebrated with cookouts and patriotically themed desserts. How can you not have strawberries, blueberries and cool whip on a day like today?

It was actually down pouring this morning and the parade got cancelled. I wont say I was heart broken, but if they'd just waited an hour, they would have seen that today turned into a gorgeous, although humid day.
Any other day this would be nautical
accessory shot headshot
Any other day this would be nautical
The Rundown
Striped Top TJMaxx - Shirred Waist Skirt Made by Me - Sandals Onex Puffy - Belt Pineapple Mint Vintage - Starfish Ring c/o LuShae Jewelry - Cat Eye Sunnies Old Navy - Pearl Earrings So Good Jewelry
Any other day this would be nautical
My "Can't Believe the weekend is over already" face.

Congrats to Dina, the winner of the Shopbop Giveaway!

The floppy hat

I love these scalloped shorts, and my persistence at making every outfit feel nautical. I just love being by the water. (Which if you can't really tell, is in the background.)
After seeing big floppy straw hats everywhere, I had to buy one. I saw a cute, more expensive one with a black band that I loved, so I got the cheap version from target and threw on my own black ribbon.
striped bag
The floppy hat hat game sunnies bench watcher The floppy hat
The Rundown
Ruffled Top Avon - Scalloped Shorts H&M - Floppy Hat Target - Sandals Ciao Bella - Belt Thrifted - Bag Abercrombie - Bracelet Made by Me - Earrings TJMaxx - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Sunnies Old Navy

[Insert pun about orange here]

Based on the blogs I've been reading, orange is pretty much the most happening color this spring; and I was happy to welcome this ruffled linen mini into my closet. It was a birthday gift from my Brother and his Wife (hehe, I can say wife now) and today was a great day to be wearing it. So sunny and warm!
Also, based on the other blogs I've been reading, I should have given this post some kind of title involving a clever re-purposing of the word orange.  There are at least half a dozen "Orange You Glads" and "Orange Crushes" out there, and no one can seem think of anything else.
[Insert pun about orange here]
the ring
the side
Yup, I'm wearing the MRKT sandals again. If I'm not careful all my other shoes might start a mutiny against me.
the mrkt sandals
[Insert pun about orange here]
The Rundown
Orange Ruffled Skirt Tinley Road - Paint Splatter Top Lauren Conrad for Kohls - Cork Sandals MRKT Holly via DSW - Necklace "Stormy Sea" Kie & Kate - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Wristlet Coach - Sunnies Old Navy

Be sure and enter to win $100 to Shopbop!

Is it summer yet?

I am so ready for summer. See how bright my clothes are? That equals warmer, longer days, windows rolled down in cars, and grandé iced coffees in cup holders.
It might get to be 80° for the first time tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. 
Sort of 70's
I'm not sure if I took the time to properly gush over these new sandals. They are by MRKT and are insanely comfortable. Not 'comfortable considering they are 4" heels' comfortable - real, actual, comfortable.
The foot bed is well padded, the suede is soft and doesn't dig in at all, the platform is really high so it's more like wearing a 2.5" heel, and they are cork, so they are really light.
I love them, and they were absolutely worth the $70 (+ that pesky sales tax) I paid.
Sort of 70's
Something like 70's
Something like 70's
Something like 70's
The Rundown
Mustard Dress Forever 21 - Floral Blouse Tucker for Target - Cork Sandals MRKT Holly via DSW - Aviator Sunnies Kohls - Ring Lia Sophia - Earrings TJMaxx - Necklace Macys

Be sure and enter to win $100 to Shopbop!

Wishlist Wednesday: Seafaring

seafaring wishlist

Chevron Striped Top - $20 at Old Navy
Crochet Cross Front Wedges - $33 at Old Navy
Canvas Octopus Tote - $10 at Old Navy
Beaded Torsade Necklace - $15.50 at Old Navy
Cuffed Sailor Short - $15.80 at Forever 21
Seafoam Crystal Ring - $12 at Kohl's
Turuqoise Avery Bracelet - $40 from Towne and Reese
Mermaids Tears Nail Polish by OPI - $5.25 at Amazon

I wasn't planning on doing a wishlist post today, I was just going to post yesterday's outfit, but I got an email from Old Navy this morning and became quite smitten with so many of their things that I had to this nautically inspired look!

I must say that most of the time I go into Old Navy and find nothing... but lately they seem to be stepping up their game and offering trendy things that we might see in the likes of J.Crew and Anthro. Those espadrilles are a perfect match for the much more expensive Steve MaddensI'd been eying too...

I'm also completely in love with the turquoise studded Towne and Reese bracelets, and Closet Fashionista is currently having a Towne and Reese giveaway, for any piece of your choice. I'd really love those bracelets!*

*@Closet Fashionista does this count as blogging about the giveaway? 

Yesterday's rain

The weather finally cleared up this afternoon and it's actually pretty nice and warm out; which made me think that maybe I would just not bother posting yesterday's rainy outfit.
However, the photos came out pretty well considering, and it's kinda cute.

Raining, pouring got my raincoat Raining, pouring got my raincoat
The Rundown
Yellow Coat Vertigo Paris - Leggings TJMaxx - Navy Rain Booties Ebay - Floral Scarf American Eagle - Turquoise Umbrella Totes
Raining, pouring
It is a sad truth that every time someone says the word umbrella, I feel compelled to respond with "ella ella eh eh eh" and I don't even like that song at all.

My Brother's Wedding

This weekend my big brother got married. I laughed, and cried and had such an amazing time. The weather, which had been icky all week (and has resumed it's overcast state once again) cooperated perfectly, and we even survived The Rapture.
Here Comes The Sun
I have to confess, I wasn't the most dutiful photographer this weekend, but that is what paid professionals and Facebook are for, right? So I'll give a mention when a photo isn't mine.

Rehearsal dinner
Photo by Louis Abate

For the rehearsal dinner dress, I made no fewer than three trips to TJMaxx (different ones) and finally ended up with this purple BCBG dress.
anna and kristin bouquet
Photo by Louis Abate

My Mom gives a big thanks to everyone who helped her choose her rehearsal dinner dress - she went with the winning dress - the black and white Neiman Marcus.
All the girls
Photo by Louis Abate

Camera Mole


Kristin gifted her bridesmaids with adorable gold Coach wristlets!

This was my first time being in the wedding party, and I must say, it is way more fun than just being a guest. I'm sure it helped that all of Louis and Kristin's closest friends are wonderful, caring and hilarious people. It was great to be around them all, from the early morning to the late night.

The morning of the wedding I did a quick poll of the bridesmaids as to how I should have my hair done - I was still partial to the messy fishtail braid but they preferred the Taylor Swift curly bun, so I decided on a combination of the two. The girl doing my hair had the hardest time putting in the fishtail braid! After the third try she was asking me if I'd be okay with a regular braid, but I was pretty adamant. (For $90, can't I get the braid I want?) I took a couple hipstamatic getting ready photos, but you can't see the braid at all, so I kept it in until I got home for the sake of a photo.
Getting ready Getting ready w anna
fish tail braid

At the church, everything went perfectly on time and smoothly. The ceremony was so lovely, and yeah, I cried, and I know my Brother was a little misty-eyed as Kristin walked down the isle.
mom and alex lined up me down the isle louis and kristin down the isle
Edit I threw in two more pics
lyd down the isle
the new fam
All of these church pics were swiped off Facebook- thanks Melissa and Debbie

My favorite part of the day was doing the photoshoot at the beach before the reception, it was at a country club and we got to ride golf carts to the beach. All the groomsmen drove and of course brought their inner seven year-olds, racing and crashing into each other along the way.

The photographer was really great - he said he didn't want to do any posed shots, everyone should just muck about, talk and laugh.
at the beach
The girls all decided we should jump off the sand dune, which was terribly fun, and I can't wait to see the frames caputred by the official photographer. This one is via Brother's iPhone. I think I'm about a half an inch away from a wardrobe malfunction, haha.
The leap
I'm so anxious to see how the rest of the shots came out, we ran all over the beach, went in the water, and had a blast.

Again, I didn't take a ton of photos at the reception, and I've already posted a ton, so here are just a couple more.
It was so wonderful to be a part of Louis and Kristin's big day, and Kristin really did an amazing job planning it. Pretty much a dream wedding.
watermelon roses
Anna and Matt under the fisheye