Colorful carries

When it comes to handbags, I'm like a kid in a candy store. The colors, the styles, I have no prejudices, they are all welcome in my closet. Springtime means tucking the black backs away and taking out teal, chartreuse, emerald and rose.

Presently I'm feeling very tempted by the resurrection of the bumbag, or waist bag, if you like. But not in the neon nylon zippered 90's incarnation, in a sleek leather. I'm starting to see them pop up in more and more designers spring lines. The best versions, I believe, are like the bag I'm featuring below where it's convertible. You can throw the strap on to wear it as a waist bag, and then when the trend dies (if it even manages to really happen at all) the strap can be attached to be worn as a shoulder bag.

A sensible woman would limit her purchases to bags that are practical and versatile, while a foolish woman such as myself indulges in every bag which excites me. Doubly if it happens to be on sale.

Perhaps I can tempt even those prudent shoppers with some of my favorite handbags from House of Frasier - and yes, most of them are on sale!

Radley Drawstring Bag, S120
Lauren Ralph Lauren Tate Satchel, $130
Dickins & Jones Lori Clutch, $93
Radley Floral Street Multiway Bag, $70
Kurt Geiger London Croc Micro Tote, $140
Accessorize Marianne Soft Tote Bag, $55

House of Fraser provided me with compensation for this post, my views and opinions are my own.


  1. Great picks! That white clutch and Kurt Geiger bag are my faves!

  2. Oh handbags seem to be another one of my Achilles heel. As with everything else I do not discriminate : cheap, expensive, vintage... they're all in. Although I must admit that lately my handbag purchases have been investments.

  3. I have to admit that although I loved my fannypack in the early 90s, I have never once been tempted to wear one again. But all of these bags are adorable and I can see myself carrying any one of them in the conventional way, particularly the lovely peach bag from Radley. My spring wardrobe, of course, will mostly be black, white and grey just like my winter wardrobe ;)

  4. That WHITE bag is gorgeous! I can't get behind the fannypack but I honestly can now see some uses for it WHICH KILLS ME!

    The Adored Life

  5. Look at all these colors! I'm such a boring, carry the same bag everyday, sort of person, but I wish I had a better variety of bags! The top two on your collage...they are calling my name!!

  6. So nice post, all the bags are pretty.

  7. Oh, I'm loving the Lauren Ralph Lauren Tate Satchel!

  8. These are all pretty, especially loving the teal and green!

  9. These are all great,I love all the colors of the blog,but my favorite in blue color.

  10. My fave is Radley Floral Street Multiway Bag