I cleaned out my closet a little over the weekend, so of course I'll I can think about is shopping. Tomorrow is February first, which means it is the start of a new budget. And I bet I could easily spend it all in ten minutes.

Here are the things I'm currently lusting after, and wondering how many more things I'd have to take out of my closet to justify buying them?
The feather dress is a big lust item, it is from Urban Outfitters and is on sale for $100. I am completely in love with it.
The shoes, Gypsy and Peacock, both by Seychelles have been calling out to me. I could get them from Endless, which is a great place for shoe shopping, since not only do they have free shipping and a free 365 day return policy, but a two week price match guarantee as well. (No, they aren't paying me, but they should.)
The scalloped skirt is on sale for $20, and while its not shorts, it is similar.
The tulip skirt is on sale for $15 - true I have a tulip skirt, but it's black.
And that wishbone necklace -- well, I should have bought it in September when I first wanted it, because the price has risen seven dollars to $32.

I don't know what is wrong with me... I just want to buy things. I want to fill my closet because I can't fill my life up with anything else. I am so resistant to change, so stubborn, so frightened, and I won't go after the things I want in life, so I spend all this time obsessing over the things I want in my closet. If only I could redirect that ambition and determination elsewhere.

But enough about that. It's Yellow Week, and that is supposed to be something positive.

The Rundown
Silk Mustard Blazer Thrifted - Floral Skirt TJMaxx - Top Gap - Splendid Sandals Jeffrey Campbell - Necklace The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Earrings Simply Vera at Kohls - Beaded Purse Thrifted
I tried out Refinery 29's knot hair do, but I could not get it to stay. The bobbie pins loosened and the hair just unknotted.
I've also decided to add this mustard blazer to the blog shop. I've had it for months and only worn it twice. It's not pulling it's weight. I'd rather have a camel blazer in it's place...

Yellow Week

Icicles cover every single building in sight, and when I look at them I have to fight this desire to pluck them off and take them in and keep them in my freezer. The big ones, the small ones - even though they are so pretty adorning the eaves.
Typical, isn't it? My desire to gather up all the shiny pretty things I can and store them away just for myself.
HIP_317915461.803572 HIP_317885952.635710 HIP_318022738.957218 HIP_318022725.117331
Today it was "warm" and sunny, a balmy 37°. This caused a bit of a melt, and every so often I'd hear the horrific crash of icicles falling on to pavement.

Didn't make it any better for me, out taking photos however. I was just as cold as usual. And I'm growing weary of battling the bitterness.

I was feeling very uninspired when it came to outfit selection this week. I was wondering if I could get away with throwing a cardigan and snow boots over the sail boat pjs and just wearing that to work all week.

Since themes always seem to help, I decided to just mandate one: Yellow. Partly because I've found myself bemoaning the fact that I don't have a yellow skirt or a yellow cardigan, and it seemed like a good way to show myself I do not need any more yellow in my closet.
Cape me warm please
Cape me warm please
The Rundown
Cape Vintage - Top Gap - Shoes Mia - Hat Avon - Bag Vintage - Skirt (unseen) TJMaxx - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Cape me warm please
Yellow is bright, sunny and fun, so why not join me and wear some yellow this week?

My closet is (still) overwhelmed

I did a load of laundry today and was attempting to return the articles to their places in the closet, when I realized that they had none. There was simply no room to squeeze, and I was feeling so disgusted with myself that I went on a rampage. I just grabbed, and started to fill a bag.
I pulled almost every cropped cardigan I own. A bunch of old and stained cammies. A raincoat I never wore that now looks gross. But I still have over 50 belts, I eliminated fewer than 10. Out of 50 pairs of shoes, I pulled two.
I know I don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders, but why is it so hard to get rid of things?

Here is what I've come up with;
1. Money. I worked hard to earn the money, and getting rid of things is kind of like throwing it away. Especially if it was something that I wore once or twice.
2. I loved it once. It was my favorite thing and now it just isn't my style. But love doesn't just go away.
3. I might want it again someday. I regretted getting rid of a light pink sweater so much that I went and got another. In six months, in a year, in two -- what if I want it and it isn't there?

At least I managed to fill a large bag; and put it next to the other, equally large bag that is holding all the items in the shop.
Which brings me to the shop. A good idea, sure, but the stuff has just been sitting around far too long. Knowing that it is still in the house is bothering me, so here is the deal - take a look at the shop and if you want something, make me an offer. Any offer, because next week it is just going to have to get donated.

And then, as soon as I was done, the first thing I did?
Checked some shoes I've been stalking on amazon.
Steve Madden Daynty Open-Toe Clogswent down to $40.
Seychelles Gypsy Sandalis still $55.
(I've got $25 in Amazon rewards and they have been burning a hole in my pocket.)

Maybe what I really need is to move somewhere I can have a bigger closet?

thumb in pocket
Lately everyone seems to be buzzing about some 70's trends returning, so I pulled out my flared jeans and sequined clogs I bought in 2005.
70's, or 2005
The Rundown
Top Gap - Jeans TJMaxx - Sequin Clogs Rocket Dog - Cardigan TJMaxx - Ring American Eagle
70's, or 2005
If you notice those light rings around the hem of my jeans, it's because of all the times I pinned them under to wear them with different heel heights. That is one thing I hate about pants; when you get them you must decide then and there what heel height you want to wear them with forever. If you try to have it more than one way, you end up with ruined pants.
sequin clogs
The funny thing about the sequin clogs -- back in 2005 Stacy and Clinton threw away these clogs on an episode of What Not To Wear. And I thought, "oh no, my clogs aren't fashionable!" I did still wear them for sometime after that, but if I were following the one year rule for my closet purge, these would be gone. (They probably would have been gone a year and a half ago, actually.)
70's, or 2005

The snow will slow you down

This morning I awoke to another foot of snow atop the three inches from the day before, on top of the two feet from two weeks ago. Most of the piles at the ends of peoples driveways tower over my head.
I went into work a few hours late today, so I had a chance to alter my outfit and rephotograph it.

My original rushed version:
first pancake
My new one:
Snow {is} White
I felt like the white jeans just didn't offer enough grounding for the outfit, head to knee white was easy to get lost in. I feel like the black velvet pants make everything so much more sleek.
And I like my new photos much better.
Snow white
With pretty chromatic aberration.
Snow white
The Rundown
Sequin Striped Shirt The Limited - Sweatshirt Blazer Express - Velvet Pants Thrifted and altered - Boots Migliorini - Earrings Avon - Broach Thrifted
Snow white
Have you all gotten sick of the snow yet? There certainly has been an abundance here this year. The other night I came very close to slipping and falling on my butt, fortunately I was close enough to the car to grab the handle and keep from colliding with the icy white. Think as long as I don't catch my death, I'm still okay with the snow. It is quite pretty, after all.
there was a bush there at some point.

Speaking of snow (and I do realize I am coming to the party two years too late) have you heard Miike Snow? He's a Swedish guy with an awesome album. While I did in fact have the single "Song for No One" for the last two years, it wasn't until I heard "Silvia" during Monday's Episode of Chuck that I had my "ohmygod who is this?!" moment and then went and downloaded the album. The digital version is $6 at amazon, so what have you got to lose?


A quick flourish

As I mentioned before, this week I had to scramble to take my outfit photos, and I really didn't have time to think about accessories. So here is the bow scarf. I was thinking "Why doesn't anyone ever tie their scarf in a bow?" So I did. Now you should do it and then I can say that I've started a new trend of bow scarfs.
A quick flourish
The Rundown
Skirt, Sweater, and Scarf Gap - Boots Madden Girl - Tights TJMaxx
A quick flourish
I'm disappointed that the pattern on these tights does not show up in the full shot, because they are really awesome. I guess when I wear them next I'll have the time to get the right light to capture them.
A quick flourish

I'm happy to say that I'm finished dog sitting and am back home, and I'm exhausted. Those little dogs made me get up super early every day, even on the weekends they had me up by 7:30. That one reason why I love my dog - she loves to sleep in.
One of the pups I was sitting for.
It's funny how once home, it always feels like you have been away for an eternity and barely a minute, simultaneously.
I'm also the type person who immediately unpacks upon the arrival home. I say hi to the dog and tell her how much I love her and missed her, and then get right to putting everything put away. The thought of a packed bag filled with dirty laundry bothers me immensely.

Gold flash

I was really excited when my order from The Limited arrived, this dolman sleeve sweater is perfect, exactly what I wanted. I've never been one for multiples, but I am kind of wishing I'd gotten a second color. Especially for the price, which after shipping and discounts, was only $17.
Gold flash
Today, apparently is Breton Stripes Day. I did not know this. For a moment I was really mad because I planed to wear my new Breton striped top on Thursday and was missing out. Then I remembered what skirt I was wearing.
Gold flash
This is a good example of how quick outfit planning makes me matchy. The necklace is gold and black and fringy. So the boots are black and fringey, and belt is gold. This is also a super comfortable outfit. Knit skirt, slouchy sweater and flat boots - who said looking cute and being comfortable were mutually exclusive?
Gold flash
The Rundown
Striped Skirt NY&Co. - Dolman Sleeved Sweater The Limited - Fringe Boots Steve Madden - Gold Belt Gap - Fringe Necklace Snoozer Loser via La Fille D'Or's giveaway


Since I've been dog sitting and away from my closet, tripod and remote, outfit photos for the week almost didn't happen.
Because of schedules and such, I had less than half an hour to get my outfits on photographed. I had done most of my planning the night before but barely accessorized and ended up pulling a few things out of the dirty pile. (whatever, everyone does it!)
It was 14° out today but I swear I didn't even feel it as I raced to get changed into each outfit and get the photos taken.
I know I've said photos in the same exact spot can be boring, but when you already know the exposure and the correct positioning and distance you need to be from the camera, it does allow for speedy shots without the guesswork.

This was based around my thought that these purple patterned tights would look good with the leopard. They are almost zebra-like. I was very smitten with them at the time of purchase, but according to my outfit photos, have only been worn once.
purple print
The Rundown
Leopard Sweater Calvin Klein - Tulip Skirt Gap - Tights Nicole Miller - Boots Steve Madden Jessii - Earrings Avon
fligree earrings


And like most of my outfits this week, you might (okay, you wont but I'll point it out) notice that they are very similar to previous outfits. When in a rush, I tend to go for what I already know.
So here is November 22nd; black skirt, leopard sweater, purple tights.

10 Second timer dash (and other stupid ideas)

Today I wasn't home. I've been dog sitting and I brought my camera but left my tripod and remote at home. Which was silly. Rather than being sensible and taking photos inside or (dare I even say it) skipping outfit photos; I decided I should just go take some outside.
Small issue: snow. Lots of it. Like two feet, and not even the porch was shoveled. I didn't bring my snow boots, just my small pointy toed heeled brown boots. Which I shoveled in. Bad idea. My feet froze and I ruined the boots, the heels are pretty much destroyed - the nails are exposed and the material covering them peeled off. They were old (like 2005), so I guess it isn't the biggest loss, but it was still a dumb thing to do.

Then there is the part about not having a remote and having to run through the 'path' I shoveled. Probably the most treacherous 10 second timer dash ever.

make gif animation

But I'm just too strangely dedicated to this outfit photo taking, so I did it. Maybe someday I'll feel my toes again.

10 second timer dash

The Rundown
Top Free People - Cardigan Gap - Jeans Kohls - Boots Impo - Scarf Gift - Belt Pineapple Mint Vintage
10 second timer dash

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of the dogs I'm watching. They are really tiny poodles.


We get along pretty well as long as they aren't trying to steal my pillow. Maybe they get away with that when their Mommy is home, but I certainly do not want their doggy bums where I put my face.

Wedges I didn't know I needed

Pale, strappy, statement wedges. I want Spring, and I want to be wearing these shoes.
Clockwise from center:
Strappy Caged Peep Toe Wedge by Qupid, $35 at Amazon
Mossimo Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals, $30 at Target
Unlisted Kiss-N-Tell Wedge Sandal, $28 at Amazon
Steve Madden Turnpyke Wedge, $90 at Endless
Lauren Ralph Lauren Nailah Wedge Sandal, $69 at Endless
Blowfish Roman, $49 at Piperlime

A little vintage
With the promise of yet another snowstorm on the way, I'm still wishing for spring, even the cliched florals; and the pastels that I usually try to avoid. This year I plan on embracing the pale.
A little vintage
The Rundown
Sweater Pineapple Mint Vintage (c/o Cohabating Closet Giveaway) - Skirt TJMaxx - Boots Steve Madden - Belt Steve Madden