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Friendsgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving is done, December is here; it decided to bring the first snowfall of the year with it, but it turned to rain last night and no trace of white remains this morning.

I wish I could say I had the resolve to not partake in the Black Friday shopping frenzy, but that would have only been possible if I'd turned off my phone and computer all weekend. Instead, more packages are en-route to my door - at least a few are Christmas gifts!

This year I attended my first Friendsgiving with the New England Blogger Babes, and had such an enjoyable afternoon. I can see why this tradition has caught on - no one person is responsible for preparing a huge meal, which means that everyone, even the host, can relax a bit. We drank, we ate, we played games. No one argued about sweet potatoes. (I know it seems ridiculous, but somehow this side dish has become a point of contention at my family's Thanksgiving.)

I kept my outfit relatively casual for the occasion, pulling out some old pieces that haven't been worn in a while, including my grandmother's faux fur coat and this floral blouse I purchased for Thanksgiving in 2016. The velvet mules however, had just arrived from Loft and I was anxious for their first outing before it gets to cold for them to make any sense at all. Ah yes, making irrational shoe choices since 2008.

 Navy Faux Fur Coat, Floral Blouse, Velvet Bow Mules 3.jpg Navy Faux Fur Coat, Floral Blouse, Velvet Bow Mules 9.jpg Navy Faux Fur Coat, Floral Blouse, Velvet Bow Mules 7.jpg Navy Faux Fur Coat, Floral Blouse, Velvet Bow Mules 6.jpg
The Rundown
Floral Blouse Old Navy similar
Jeans Second Denim
Navy Faux Fur Coat Vintage similar
Velvet Bow Mules Loft
Bucket Bag "Johnny" Danse Lente
Necklace Thrifted
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry

November Budget

I know it's Black Friday and I "should" be posting about sales, but I think the sales started about a week ago due to how late Thanksgiving was this year, and I already did a lot of my shopping (Christmas and clearly for myself) during the Friends and Family promotions and more or less got half off everything without having to wait.

Which isn't to say that there aren't lots of good deals to be had today - just that I'm not posting them here. Instead, I'm marveling at how much I managed to buy for myself this month when I (once again) told myself not to be shopping.

The gold dress was for Thanksgiving, and the velvet skirt and camisole are for Christmas Eve. The rest I managed to rationalize into my cart for some other reasons which I'm sure were very good at the time, but are currently escaping me. The reason could have very well been "it's 50% off".

I think the worst part of writing this post, was that with all the ordering and subsequent returning I did this month, I was sure I'd left something out, which should be a pretty good indicator that it was not something I really needed or even badly wanted. But now that December is nearly upon us, I will most likely just be saving my shopping resolutions for January.

Do you shop for yourself during the holiday sales, or are you good and only shop for those on your gift list?

Giraffe Print Blouse, $38 at Banana Republic
Cream Mock Neck Sweater, $45 at Ann Taylor
Black Faux Leather Pants, $55 at Ann Taylor
Black Rib Knit Sweater, $18 at H&M
Jeweled Slides, $8 at Banana Republic (after credit card rewards)
Velvet Camisole, $31 at Banana Republic (both taupe and navy)
Velvet Skirt, $44 at Banana Republic
Velvet Bow Mules, $40 at Loft
Wrap Cardigan, $30 at Target
Cheetah Print Wrap Dress, $75 at Ann Taylor

Elevated Basics

This week has been a blissful reprise of autumn weather, warm sun and cool air, the scent of the fallen leaves. I was grateful to be able to spend each of those gorgeous days outside walking with my favorite dog clients; the only thing I really miss about my office job is the chance to get dressed in clothing I would not welcome muddy paws on.

Lately my work day attire has been about the quick change - comfortable jeans that can effortlessly transition from sneakers and a tee shirt into a look that lets me feel polished and confident for any part of my day which doesn't involve my furry friends.

As much as denim silhouettes have been pushing for change, I am not ready to give up my skinny jeans, and styles that hold their shape, wear after wear, are the only ones I want in my closet. I'm happy to share the Ann jeans from Mott & Bow, a power stretch denim, designed to flatter every curve and provide the quality of designer jeans at half the price.

I love my silk button downs - it's likely I have far more than I could reasonably need, but they are a weakness. A classic, a staple, and Mott & Bow wants you to know that you can wear silk and skip the dry cleaner. Isn't that little tag frequently what stands in the way of pieces that get worn regularly and those which get saved for special occasions? It makes so sense not to wear what I love, even if that means simply switching tops and shoes for running errands between walks, with the right basics I can.

 Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-8.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-10.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-2.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-4.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-5.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-9.jpg Mott and Bow jeans and white silk blouse, black mules, velvet blazer-12.jpg
The Rundown 
Silk Shirt "Harper" c/o Mott &Bow
High Rise Skinny Jeans "Ann" c/o Mott &Bow
Black Velvet Blazer Urban Outfitters similar
Mules Charles David via TJMaxx
Bag "Lewis Drive Michela" Kate Spade similar
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Diamond Necklace Belonged to my Grandma
Fresh Water Pearl Necklace S.V. Decker
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Sunglasses Ray-Ban via TJMaxx

Thanks to Mott & Bow for providing my jeans and blouse. As always, my views and opinions are my own.