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Cheers to Brunch

Having blogger events two consecutive weekends got me pretty spoiled, and brunch at The Place 2 Be in Hartford, CT was such a fun scene. The atmosphere is very casual, but quirky and fun. There is a swinging wicker chair you can hang out in while you wait for a table, and while they serve fancy cocktails, it's still a place you'd take children - who will of course want the over the top milkshakes. Basically an explosion of ice cream, sprinkles, and whipped cream - too good not to share!

I'm think (hoping) we've finally reached the turning point to spring weather. More light jackets and bare ankles in my future? Trying to put together this outfit definitely stressed me out. The more blogger events I attend, the more I realize how much we all love to partake in the current trends (why wouldn't we) but I also know it's a delicate line between partaking in the trend and regurgitating the trend. Some trends, like scallops, are just ME. I loved them before they were a trend, and I'm happy they aren't going away. Then there are things like the bamboo ark bag - what once was unknown now is known and it feels like it's lost some of what made it special. That doesn't mean I wont carry mine anymore, but I am happy with my decision to get a vintage one over a replication.

How to you incorporate trends into your wardrobe?

 blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-8.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-5.jpg cheers to brunch - cupcake belini-2.jpg bathtub brunch punch at the place 2 be-2.jpg bathtub brunch punch at the place 2 be-5.jpg birthday cake milk shake at the place 2 be-2.jpg birthday cake milk shake at the place 2 be-1.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-6.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-4.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-7.jpg blush leather moto jacket, button fly jeans, cheers tee-1.jpg
The Rundown
Cheers Collector Tee J.Crew Factory similar
Blush Leather Jacket Athleta similar
High Rise Button Fly Jeans Gap
Nude Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Scalloped Tote Matine
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Watch "Classic Sheffield" c/o Daniel Wellington
Diamond Chip Ring c/o Crown Jewelry
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Princess Charming" Essie


Peaks of the Week

This week I simultaneously thought that it was dragging along, while also going to quickly. Nothing on my to-do list got scratched off, and I consistently could not fall asleep, most nights resorting watching The Office until finally drifting off around 2 a.m. When does life stop feeling like a game of catch-up?

After trying to figure out something to wear for brunch last Sunday, I feel like I'm overdue for a closet clean out. That should be easy since half of it is still hanging over various pieces of furniture in my room. (Though I jest, the likelihood of a closet clean out happening this weekend is probably 20%.) I ended up wearing my new button fly jeans and my old 'Cheers' collector tee from J.Crew factory - photos should be up next week.

This weekend I have another blogger event, and I'm really hoping some cherry blossoms pop - who knows with this crazy weather!

❀ This article sheds light on dog auctions, and reveals that not all rescues are 'rescuing' in the manner we believe. Just another reminder that we can't simply put our blinders on and think "pet store bad, rescue good".

❀ How did I not realize Nordstrom didn't have a store in New York before? But there is going to be one now, and they believe they've got what it takes to open retail when so many others are shuttering.

❀ When sundaes on dessert menus feel like cop-outs instead of evoking nostalgia. Of course the only nostalgic sundae for me would be the Friendly's Cone Head, with an entire bowl of reese's pieces on the side, from that one time they forgot them on the bottom and generously overcompensated.

Skydiving as a cure for depression? Something to ponder.

❀ When your wealthy socialite friend turns out to be a fraud.

❀ Forget strenuous exercise for better brain health - just stand up.

❀ Can you Imagine going through some of the 14 million photos at the Library of Congress? Seeing the history of the country like that must be amazing.

❀ Polyvore was acquired by Ssense earlier this month and without warning the whole site was shut down. Naturally fans are upset, myself included as I have over 100 sets linked to old blog posts. They let you download your content, but the sets are all square (ugh) and all 600px wide (ugh ugh). Now have I have to go through my archives and fix old posts because I don't want broken images on my site. At least it isn't nearly as bad as what Photobucket did to their users.

❀ Since macrame bags are in again, if I want to partake in the trend then it has to be a vintage one. I really love this bag, but with shipping costs it comes to nearly $70. Kind of hard to justify when there are so many other bags for less than half that cost, like this one, or this one.

❀ J.Crew Factory's flash sale ads haunted me on instagram until I placed an order for these pants, this top, this cami, and this bodysuit (had to hit that free shipping minimum).

❀ Loving Whitney's simple spring outfit!

Lulu The Face Company

Over the weekend I visited Lulu The Face Company in Litchfield, CT. In a gorgeous sunny space, mirror lined walls provided the backdrop for the displays of makeup. With 30 years in the beauty industry, owner Linda Temkin set out to create a makeup line that would be more like skin care. The 100% natural and 95% vegan line uses anti-aging peptides and botanicals, as well as pure minerals which have anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin. Though in my opinion, it's the option to have products customized that really sets the line apart.

I had a lovely afternoon socializing, trying out some new makeup, and enjoying snacks which were provided by Mockingbird Kitchen & Bar, which I will have to add to my list of restaurants to visit next time I'm in the area.

I got to have my very own custom mixed CC cream after a quick conversation with Linda about my skincare concerns, all of which could easily be addressed. Mattifier for my oily skin, sunscreen so I could skip an extra step in the morning, and a couple drops of ylang ylang essential oil to help with acne.

In addition to custom foundation colors, custom lip colors can also be blended, and given any kind of finish desired, from glossy to matte, with or without cinnamon and peppermint as plumping agents.

For anyone who loves the idea of having customized makeup sent right to their door, Lulu is launching a quarterly subscription box. The Lulu Love List Box will retail for $135, with a value of $225-$275 and contain three full size items. After signing up for the box a questionnaire can be filled out online, or local customers can set up a time to meet with Linda in person to determine how they'd like their products to be customized. Only 25 of these subscription boxes will be available when they launch next month. If you'd like to try a product from Lulu The Face Company this month, use code INSIDERAPRIL for 25% off your purchase!

 Lulu The Face Company Makeup-7.jpg Lulu The Face Company Makeup-3.jpg Lulu The Face Company Makeup-2.jpg brandy-1.jpg Lulu The Face Company-1.jpg Quiche from Mockingbird-1.jpg drinks-1.jpg Lulu The Face Company Makeup-4.jpg Linda and Ilse-1.jpg Lulu The Face Company Makeup-5.jpg Lulu The Face Company Makeup-6.jpg

Thanks to Lulu The Face Company for inviting me to your insider event!