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Love, Consignment Originals

Thanks to Consignment Originals for sponsoring this post!

Earlier this week I attended an event at the Manchester Consignment Originals, which opened last spring to shop and mingle with other local bloggers. We were given shopping challenges to put together looks that are on trend and under budget.

With one hand on a champagne flute and the other flipping through the racks, I set about filling my arms with amazingly discounted high street and designer pieces. While there were a lot of pieces that didn't quite fit right (always a peril of shopping secondhand) I certainly did not leave empty handed!

I needed to put together a look under $100, and the Lauren Ralph Lauren striped midi dress I'm wearing here was only $12.50! (retail est. $100) I then perused the shoe section and found a perfect wedge sandal from Sonoma, discounted to a mere $6.25. I found identical sandals online right now for $38. So my total was only $19 for this look!

Since I had a lot more money to spend,  I also took home a J.Crew Collection lace crop top for $6.50 (retail $188) and a Loft eyelet sundress for $22.50 (retail $98). Where else can you spend less than $50 and walk away with pieces totaling over $400 retail? Of course the motto at Consignment Originals is "Make Money. Save Money." and I know I am over due for a closet clean out. I need to fill a bag and bring it over to one of Consignment Originals five locations through out Connecticut and make room for my new amazing finds in my closet!

 striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-11.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-4.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-13.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-17.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-15.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-20.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-14.jpg striped midi dress, navy straw hat, round straw bag, wedges-6.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Midi Dress Lauren Ralph Lauren c/o Consignment Originals
Navy Espadrille Sandals Sonoma c/o Consignment Originals
 Round Rattan Bag Etsy
Joanna Hat Brixton via Nordstrom 
Gold Knot Bracelet Banana Republic similar
Gold Ball Earrings Kohl's
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Nail Color "Marshmallow" Essie

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Sea Wall

I'm not sure how we wound up in the middle of July, but over the weekend I got together with Meg, as it had been ages since we grabbed lunch and caught up. This time her fiancée came with us to take outfit photos, so we got a few together as well!

 Lydia and Meg at the Sea Wall-7.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-11.jpg Lydia and Meg at the Sea Wall-2.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-3.jpg Lydia and Meg at the Sea Wall-3.jpg Lydia and Meg at the Sea Wall-4.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-7.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-18.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-13.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-6.jpg Lydia and Meg at the Sea Wall-5.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-15.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-2.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-20.jpg blue and white cutout dress, panama hat, macrame bag-19.jpg
The Rundown
Cutout Dress c/o Zinke similar
Sandals "Glorious" Franco Sarto via DSW similar
Panama Hat J.Crew similar
Vintage Macrame Tote Etsy
Circle Earrings c/o AUrate New York
Fatima Bracelet c/o Gorjana similar
 Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry

Peaks of the Week

Remember when I was on that episode of Extreme Cheapskates? Yeah I know, it was in 2014 and I don't expect you to. Yet for some reason, people still feel compelled to take the time out of their day to track me down on Facebook or YouTube and tell me what an awful human being they think I am.

If you weren't familiar, or have appropriately long since forgotten, during my bizarre segment on the show, the producer thought it would be entertaining to have me pretend to search obituaries for recently departed socialites with no surviving female heirs and then approach their families to ask if I could take the deceased's clothes and accessories off their hands. For the scene they'd hired an actor who was a comedian - in a previous version of my segment I was supposed to go to a comedy club on an open mike night and try to have a fashion show - and the two of us didn't seem to understand how the producer wanted us to play the scene. I started by saying I offered a service to help with estate sales, and the actor playing the son kept throwing out ridiculous lines about how he and his mom used to slide down the banister and dance in the living room á la Risky Business. After many, many, takes, we finally managed to put forth enough material that the producer could use to construct the scene in her vision - which apparently was to make me seem like someone praying on innocent families, snatching up vintage Prada.

Let's not even pretend to consider the logistics of me actually doing this successfully. But that is the magic of reality tv. It's on your screen, and you take it at face value. I feel like the most compelling argument for this is that when the show premiered and my friends and family came over to watch it, they knew full well that 99% of the show was fabricated. Yet when the next segment started, a man was depicted to use mouth wash then spit it back into the bottle. Everyone cringed and said they couldn't believe someone would be so gross. I looked at them and said, yeah, well he's probably not.

There is one more bone I have to pick with my haters, why contact me through Facebook or YouTube? Why not come to my actual blog? I need the traffic!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant! This week was wasn't too bad - nice weather, which involved sitting on the deck devouring a couple books, Before The World Opened by C. Fardoe and First Comes Love by Emily Giffin; a fun blogger dinner on Wednesday, and a relaxing weekend to look forward to.

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