Malibu Barbie called, she wants her pants back

These, are my new Old Navy pink capri pants. I managed to score them for $10.50, because they were on sale and I got an extra 30% off. I might not have normally bought bright pink pants, but for $10.50, it seemed stupid not to, and best of all - they fit and are super comfortable!!

Even more remarkable is that once I got them, I noticed that I had more than a dozen outfits with pink pants in my inspiration folder, including the one that inspired this look, which I believe is from J.Crew.

Malibu Barbie Called, She Wants Her Pants
Um, how exactly are you supposed to wear the hat with your hair in a bun?
Pink Pants two tone manni Pink Pants Pink Pants
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Pink Pants
I know it's Halloween and I haven't posted anything even remotely festive, so here is a scarecrow. Happy Halloween!

P.S. I was freezing taking these photos!


It snowed on Saturday.
Oh good, October Snow
Not even just a little snow, a few flakes that melt the second they hit the ground... no it was a legitimate snowstorm. And my Aunt was having a tent wedding.

Putting aside the fact that I've been grumpy as it is about losing summer to fall, getting a nor'easter in October seems like an especially cruel joke. Mother Nature's way of spiting me after I resolved to not wear tights until November.
I would like it to be noted that I did not wear tights in the snow storm.
Snowy October Wedding 
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Snowy October Wedding
Even with the snow, it seemed like the only part of the wedding that was going to be affected was that we weren't going to get to take photos outside (my brother and I were the photographers), that is until the storm caused the power to go out.

Things were a little tricky from there, because the backup generator didn't really have enough power to keep the heat and lights and audio equipment all on at once... more than a few fuses were blown and we kept our coats on all night.

But I still had a really awesome time, the food and the cake were phenomenal, and I could not be happier for my Aunt!
Eva's Wedding Eva's WeddingEva's WeddingEva's WeddingEva's Wedding


I suppose it won't come as a surprise for you to know that these photos aren't from today, especially if you are in Connecticut and have been experiencing the same miserably rainy day as me.

At least New England knows what Fall is supposed to be some of the time, and I would consider this to be a quintessential autumnal look: a blazer and denim, warm neutrals, a little animal print, accessories to color coordinate with the foliage...

Autumn Autumn Autumn Autumn Autumn
Autumn Autumn
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Fire away

I was lucky enough to get home early from work the other day and actually catch some of the sunset before it was gone.

The days have truly gotten shorter, and the time for outfit photos after work is official over and we haven't even changed the clocks yet.

I'm still not going to wear tights until November. It's only a few more days at this point... I can't really explain why I'm being such a Fall hater this year (more than usual) but I'm having a tough time coming to terms with the change of season. Perhaps it is just a general reluctance to accept that this year is flying by and will soon be coming to an end. Don't freak out, but there are less than two months to Christmas. 

Slouchy and cool Slouchy and cool fire away fire away  fire away
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fire away
Whoops, the dog is wandering off...
She just wants to go in and have a cookie.

Out to dinner

Just so we are clear, this is not what I wore to work today. This was to dinner on Friday night. I have such a backlog of outfits, long gone are the days when I post the outfit I wore on the day I actually wore it.

This lace top is clearly my item of choice when I want to be a little sexy, but still pretty much covered up. I feel elegant. My Sis, as you know, thinks it makes me look like a trollop, but to each their own.

Out to dinner evening out evening out evening out  evening out
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The neighs have it

I like this horse blouse. Partly because it has a quirky animal print on it, but mostly because there are about a million potential post titles involving/referencing horses that I can write. Expressions, puns, movie titles, song titles... even with every blogger out there buying up horse print like it's the next cat print, I haven't read the same horse themed post title twice yet.

Oh, and Stacey, my obsession with your scalloped brim hat has resulted in a purchase of this hat. After all my gushing, did you really think I wasn't going to copy you?

I found this little beauty at TJMaxx for $25, but if you aren't lucky enough to find one at your TJs, you can buy it at Zappos for $58 or ModCloth for $60.

The neighs have it The neighs have it The neighs have it The neighs have it The neighs have it The neighs have it
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Thanks for the hug

It's always a tricky decision when I write something a bit more personal on the blog, and I just wanted to say thank you, so much to all of you who commented on my last post.

Your kind words really touched me, and many of you offered me a lot of advice that I know I truly need to take.

I am continually astounded by the wonderful community I've found myself in since I started this blog, and that alone makes doing this worth it.

Thank you all
camel blazer
And I totally bought that stuff from Old Navy.
Some other stuff too. Like this camel blazer, which was $20, secondhand from Coco's on the Green. I think it's vintage since it has a union tag, but I honestly don't know that much about vintage - just what I read on the internet.
Still, it's a gorgeous jacket, and a camel blazer is something that has been on my list of basics I've been wanting to acquire.
Blazer tag
I can't really say that my other purchases over the weekend were quite as justified as the blazer -- like the earrings I'm wearing; I bought them thinking I'd give them to a friend for her birthday, but then realized they weren't really her taste...

I also picked up a pair of Adrienne Vittadini black pumps because I had a wedding over the weekend and "no" shoes to wear - $20 on clearance at TJMaxx!
And maybe I bought some other things too... but we can discuss my horrible binge shopping habits later...
walk in the park walk in the park walk in the park walk in the park walk in the park walk in the park
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Negative space

Sometimes I think about all the things I never do. Because I'm too afraid, because it's so easy to convince myself that I can't. I quit before I ever even try.

From big things like looking for a new job (I don't have a bachelors degree, no one would even look at my resume), to small things like monetizing the blog (I'm just a girl in clearance rack leftovers running around with a tripod, I'll never be the next Atlantic-Pacific, who would sponsor me?), I even keep myself from doing fun things like going to see a concert next month (It's on a Wednesday night, no one wants to go with me, driving in New Haven is scary).

The more I think about it, the more I worry, how will I ever become a confident person in control of my life?

And the more I worry, the more I shop. There is a 30% off code for Old Navy that ends today, and some pink capris, a green button down, and leopard tights calling my name...

Negative Space Negative Space Negative Space Negative Space Negative Space
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