Color Blocked

It's a good day when the cashier at Walgreens compliments your ability to color block.

color blocked color blocked-4.jpg color blocked-1.jpg
The Rundown
Seafoam Jeans Lauren Conrad for Kohls - Cobalt Jacket Gap (borrowed from my Sister) - Mustard Bag Zara - Two Tone Pumps Me Too - Ring Home D'Jour Consignment

Wishlist Thursday: Treat yo' self

I have resolved to finally file my tax return this weekend.
So of course I'm thinking about what I'll go squandering my refund on.
Oh, and did I mention that my birthday is two weeks from today?

White Button down shirt, Loft $50
Green Pleated Skirt, Anthropoligie $20 (this color went OOS, but I'm hoping for a pop back)
Color Block Snake Print Sandals, Zara $90
Ikat Print Shorts, Gap $50
Gold Spike Bracelet, ASOS $14
Aruba Blue Nail Polish, Essie $8
Seafoam Beach Cruiser Bike, Beach Bike Outlet $330

Sea of neutrals

In light of the previous day's events, these photos were taken by my sister, with her best friend in toe. And very quickly at that, becuase faux warm spring is over, real, cold spring has returned, and now that I've taken out the sandals, I am very reluctant to put them back.

I want to thank you for all your kind words on the street harassment, I will never understand what motivates that kind of behavior.

white denim and chambray-4.jpg white denim and chambray-2.jpg white denim and chambray-5.jpg white denim and chambray-1.jpg white denim and chambray.jpg white denim and chambray-3.jpg
The Rundown
White Jeans TJ Maxx Similar - Chambray Tuxedo Shirt J.Crew - Trench Coat London Fog Thrifted Similar - Sandals Nine West - Sunnies Emmanuelle Khanh Paris Similar - Color Block Clutch Zara - Earrings Aldo - Chain Link Bracelet Macy's Similar - Ring Home D'Jour Consignment

Wish I were superman

I've always told you before when I had odd encounters while out taking my photos.
This one crossed the line from odd to completely unsettling.

This area might look secluded from where I'm standing, but really it's not. I'm right by a moderately busy road and a side walk where people often pass by jogging or walking their dogs. I'm barely a five minute walk from my home.

I had my back to the road and was checking the photos on my camera when a pickup truck with two young guys drove by. The one on the passengers side was hanging out the window and he shouted at me, "What the F--- are you taking pictures of, you stupid little B----?!"

I was quite shaken by this, and honestly, scared. I was imagining them doubling back... wondering if I could use the tripod as a weapon, wondering where all the joggers and dog walkers were when I needed them... thinking about the beginnings of all those crime scene investigation shows...

I followed my standard protocol for such situations: snapped one more frame so that there would be a record of the last minute I was alive, collapsed my tripod, and headed straight home.

Maybe I'm over reacting, but I really felt frightened and unsafe, in my own town, minutes from my home, in broad daylight... and it's just not a good feeling.

Some days I wish I had a photographer.

the primaries-1.jpg the primaries-4.jpg the primaries-3.jpg the primaries.jpg the primaries-2.jpg
Red Pants Urban Outfitters - Blue Button Down Thrifted - Yellow Clutch Zara - Sandals Nine West - Sunnies Kohls - Ring American Eagle - Bracelets Taken for Granite, Kohls, Coco's, Thrifted - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Striped to the maxi

It finally felt like it was time to take the striped maxi out of hibernation, on a slightly windy, slightly cool, but still very spring feeling day. Despite the bumble bee accusations, I stand by my choice of bold yellow knotted button down.

I even decided to go for the matching gold cuffs... which makes me a Wonder Woman bumble bee.

busy bee.jpg busy bee-3.jpg busy bee-2.jpg busy bee-6.jpg busy bee-4.jpg busy bee-1.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Maxi Dress H&M - Yellow Button Down Shirt Thrifted - Sandals Onex - Cuffs Nugaard Designs via Style Symmetry Giveaway Buy Similar at ASOS - Sunnies Aldo - Belt TJ Maxx - Earrings TJ Maxx - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Neon + Neutral

These bright pink pants usually get me a few comments throughout the day; note that I said comments and not compliments, because the reaction is more along the lines of "Wow, those are some very pink pants you are wearing."

Which probably translates to: "I think you are nuts."

I love them though, and my sequined stripes, and my new white Cynthia Rowely Blazer from TJ Maxx that Christine tracked down for me.

pink pants, white blazer, stripes pink pants and white blazer-4.jpg pink and white-1.jpg pink and white-3.jpg pink and white.jpg
The Rundown
 Pink Capris Old Navy - Sequined Striped Shirt The Limited - White Blazer Cynthia Rowely via TJ Maxx - Sandals Onex - Sunnies Aldo - Ring Home D'Jour Consignement - Bracelet Taken for Granite - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Coral denim and floral

I know I wore this necklace with these jeans last time, but I can't help it. These colors were just meant to be worn together.
Pastels are definitely reining supreme this spring.
Coral Denim and Floral-1.jpg Coral Denim and Floral-4.jpg Coral Denim and Floral-2.jpg Coral Denim and Floral-3.jpg Coral Denim and Floral.jpg
The Rundown
Jeans TJ Maxx - Top TJ Maxx - Trench Coat London Fog Thrifted - Sandals MRKT - Bag Otis Thrifted - Necklace Kie & Kate Stormy Sea - Watch and Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Ring Home D'Jour Consignment - Ring Kohls - Earrings Thrifted - Sunnies Halston - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Scalloped hems and leopard prints

Hard to believe that its still only March and I already can not get a parking space at the beach by the docks at sunset. But it's fine, I like this spot too. Heck, maybe the light is even more pretty over here. I do love how it glows through the layers of the chiffon blazer.

scalloped leopard-1.jpg scalloped leopard-3.jpg scalloped leopard-6.jpg scalloped leopard.jpg scalloped leopard-2.jpg scalloped leopard-4.jpg
The Rundown
Leopard Dress Calvin Klein - Scalloped Blazer H&M - Two Tone Pumps Me Too - Antler Ring House of Harlow - Bracelet Cinderella's Attic Consignment - Belt Gap - Sunnies Halston - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Return to the sea

I'm always excited to start pulling out all my nautically inspired pieces from my closet; navy chevron stripes and starfish jewelry only scratch the surface. Thankfully I live close enough to the Long Island Sound that I don't have to worry about looking like a fish out of water.

nautical nautical-2.jpg IMG_5231.jpg nautical-3.jpg IMG_5242.jpg nautical.jpg
The Rundown
Chevron Skirt H&M - Top Gap - Yellow Flats MIA - Yellow Tassel Clutch Zara - Chain Link Necklace Home D'Jour Consignment - Black and Gold Bracelet Cinderella's Attic Consignment - Starfish Ring c/o LuShae Jewelry - Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Sunnies Aldo - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender

Lavender nails and pink lips

I'm having a bit of a color crush lately - not on my neon yellow sweater, or my beloved turquoise jewels, or my lavender nails, but on my bright pink lips!

It's been a bit of challenge for me to find lip color that looks just as bright in the tube as it does when it's actually on my lips, and I've finally managed to acheive it.

The color was created with two Avon products - a base coat of Perfect Wear in Stay Pink Pout with Gloss Gorgeous in Lolli on top.
I am so pleased with the result!

pop of neon.jpg pop of neon-2.jpg pop of neon-6.jpg pop of neon-5.jpg pop of neon-3.jpg pop of neon-4.jpg
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Sweater TJ Maxx - Jeans TJ Maxx - Bag Otis Thrifted - Straw Fedora Gap - Sandals Onex - Antler Ring House of Harlow - Sunnies & Orange Bracelet Kohls - Cuff & Turquoise Rings Avon - Turquoise Bracelet Vintage - Bracelets & Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Belt Thrifted - Nail Color Avon Loving Lavender - Dog Chloe