I don't want to feel like it's an end of a summer

Not too much to say today, just lots of photos...
Went to the beach last night for dinner and the sunset. Took the fisheye, since I haven't used it in a while.

fisheye to the point

Wore a strapless dress that I've had for three years, and hadn't really ever worn.
It is really quite long, but I sewed an elastic into the hemline and gathered it to create a short bubble hem.

I don't want to feel like it's an end of a summer

The Rundown
Dress TJMaxx - Belt Thrifted - Sandals Unlisted - Sunnies Aldo - Anklet Gift - Bracelet Blush thanks to 365 fashion rehab giveaway

fisheye to the point

fisheye sunset

I took some photos of my Sister's First Day of School Outfit I put together for her.

First day of school fabulous

First day of school fabulous

First day of school fabulous

The Rundown
Dress and Bag New from H&M
(Everything else from my closet)
Scarf TJMaxx - Belt Gap - Shoes Aldo - Bracelets The Cavernous Jewerly Box

Summer colors

Today I wanted to wear something bright and summery and didn't wear anything from "the back of the closet".

summer close

The Rundown
Skirt Made by Me (Burda Style 'Maire' Pattern) - Top Elle for Kohls - Sandals Aldo - Earrings Thrifted - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Necklace Snoozer Loser thanks to La Fille D'or's giveaway

Shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains

This weekend I found myself in the Mall. Not really the best place for someone who is trying not to shop to be, but my Sister needed my help in finding her First Day of School Outfit - something I have done for the past three years. Though she doesn't necessarily love my style, she does feel hopeless without my suggestions, that she can then 'tone down' for her taste.

We ended up getting a creamy crochet-lace dress from H&M and I cajoled her into belting my leopard scarf over it to dress it down. She isn't sure her peers will be accepting of a belted scarf, but I assured her that everyone cool on the interwebs has done it. I'll post a photo if she lets me!

As for me, I must note that I did give myself a budget for the remainder of August of $40, and while I was trying very hard not to, I did make a few purchases at the Mall.

A pair of sunglasses, nearly identical to the pair I've been stealing (I mean borrowing) from my Sister from Aldo, on sale for $8.

And then I went into Old Navy and happened to see the exact striped shirt I've been looking for, with stripes that don't go all the way to the top, and I did have that 30% off coupon, so the top was only $11 - which met my criteria of being under $15!

And that is all I bought! Saturday morning I went to an antiques fair and spend three hours hunting table after table, looking for any little gems, but found nothing I wanted that was a reasonable price. One thing I did see was a set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. I have a strange love of Pyrex. Really. I wanted them, but the seller was asking $65, and that seemed crazy. I decided to check out eBay (you know, that very instant on my iPhone) and found an identical set with a current bid of $25. I decided to bid on them and got outbid. But there doesn't seem to be a shortage of them out there, so I'll get the bowls eventually.

Ivory lines lead

New sunnies in action, and (finally) wearing the white dress I shortened last month.
Also wearing two "back of the closet items" today, the sequined tank is the second. It was really cheap, $3, I think, but can not be worn on its own, and the straps need to be shortened. Today I just pinned them.

The Rundown
Dress Kohls - Top The Limited - Belt Thrifted - Sunnies Aldo - Earrings Giles and Brother thanks to Spoils of Wear's Giveaway - Sandals Guess

Ivory lines lead

Remeber, it's still summer! And a guest post over at A.Co Est. 1984

Today I have a guest post at A.Co Est. 1984, about all my wonderful summer clothes I that don't plan on packing away and how I intend on wearing them all through the fall and winter.

But before the fall does come, I thought you might enjoy a bit of summer inspiration -- because it's still summer, and I'm not yet ready to deal with all these fall clothes, nice as they may be.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!!

All images from Lucky Mag

The Pink Dress

Each day I pull one of my neglected items off the bookshelf where they are hanging, but my pile does not seem to be dwindling. Twenty pieces still remain! I am thinking some of them are destined for the shop however. And speaking of the shop, I started to go through the Cavernous Jewelry Box, and have added a few things, so check it out!

Today I decided to wear my pink dress, that was purchased about three years ago, and that first summer was my favorite dress in the world. We went out together all the time.
We went to the beach...

We got trapped inside the iPhone...

And then we got Proactive's benzoyl peroxide treatment on one of our shoulder straps and were never quite the same again.
Did you know that stuff bleaches clothes? I haven't put it on during the day time since. Now all my PJs and pillow cases get bleached, but I can deal with that.

Anyway, I never could bring myself to get rid of the dress, so today I paired it with a cute short sleeved blazer and my Italian sandals and we were back again.

Pink and Black

The Rundown
Dress Arabella - Blazer TJMaxx - Sandals Dive & Co. (market in Italy) - Belt Nine West - Earrings Macys

who's my good girl?

I'm really tired of not shopping. I want to so badly. There is a 30% off Give and Get coupon for the Gap this weekend. They have a really cute tulip skirt I want. Will I be able to resist?
Why am I not shopping again....?

Interview with La Fille D'or

I can't remember how I first found my way to La Fille D'or, Wardrobe_Remix, perhaps, but she quickly became one of my favorites. I adore her style, which is a mix of vintage pieces, classic cuts, lots of florals and big sunglasses!
When she asked me if I would like to do an interview swap, I of course jumped at the chance!

Limantour Beach Point Reyes

What prompted you to start the blog; before La Fille D'Or did you read many other fashion blogs? How did you find your way to the fashion blog community?

I had worked on a collaborative fashion blog before involving local boutiques and designers in the easy bay area outside of San Francisco where I live. But, due to time constraints and the changing economy, and life in general - the blog did not continue on, and it was sometime before I decided to do a blog on my own. I stuck with fashion because it's something that I really enjoy, but there are other things in here as well, food - I love to experiment with vegan cooking and baking! Travel, if it were possible I would travel all the time, I love even just traveling and exploring places in California. I also write about movies, art, and books - anything goes I guess!

I did and do read a lot of other style blogs as well, call it voyeuristic, but I like that I can get a glimpse into someones life and what they do on a daily basis and what influences their personal style.

Has your style evolved greatly over the years? Would 15 year old you approve of the style choices you are making today? If you could, would you tell 15 year old you not to wear any particular style or article?

15 yr old me was way cooler! I was definitely much more adventurous with color. One of my favorite outfits was a pair of shredded tights, velvet knee high boots and a paisley print 60's mini dress. I think at 15 I also dyed my hair black and had an asymmetrical bob. I don't think I could rock velvet boots now or bright poly-paisley dresses, but it was a lot of fun. I would definitely encourage 15 yr old me to keep experimenting away! If anything 15 yr old me would probably not like my current closet and call it stuffy.

My style has definitely changed since college. Where I wore mainly 60's babydoll dresses and flats (and had a bob) I would also wear a lot of skinny jeans with band t's and cardi's and such.

I don't really know if I could put a finger on what my style is now, as it is am amalgamation of so many things I like! A smorgasbord of styles- vintage 50's,60's,70's,90's, classic, mod, preppy, romantic, girly...

another one

Is there anything in your closet you absolutely love, but never wear?

Oh, this used to be the case! I had lots and lots of stuff I never wore. But I've gotten much better. Thanks to several style challenges, reading about other's closet woes, and taking tips from other bloggers. I have managed to put my closet and wardrobe in perspective - and I'm really trying hard just to buy what I really need - and right now I'm happy to say that I don't really need anything.


It's been six months since you started your blog, and I can recall an early post when you discussed how you came up with the name, La Fille D'or. You talked about a new start, and being hopeful that things change for the better. Half a year later, what are you sentiments? Are you happy with your changes? Are you the Golden Girl?

I was referring to new beginnings- maybe I was having a quarter life crisis (haha) when I started the blog. Maybe we all go through something similar where, we start out on one path with a clear destination in sight, but end up going down a totally different road. I was all set to go into the arts dance, singing - but I got ill. So ill, that I was unable to do the things I really loved. This all happened at a very critical time right before college when I should have been in top form to apply to the schools I wanted to. I really was shattered. But, I went to to college, I studied English Lit. I moved to the west coast. I traveled a lot, and am enjoying my everyday life. While I still haven't found my true calling in life (career wise anyhow) I am enjoying the work that I do, spending time with my awesome hubby - and I am having a great time with this blog - as through it I've been able to document life, meet many interesting people and new friends.

You've just found out you won a giveaway for a vintage piece by your favorite designer, what have you won?

Wow! I would love to have one of the Givenchy dresses designed for Audrey Hepburn. Specifically that lovey strapless gown from Sabrina.

You often mention all the really tasty dishes you have cooked, so I'm sure you are an excellent chef - what is the best meal you've made?

Cooking is something relatively new for me. I mean I never learned to cook from my mom. or grandparent. I went on my way to college where I survived on cafeteria food and hotplate cooked meals. When I got my first and very cute vintage studio apartment I never ever cooked because it came with a not so cute vintae Wedgewood gas stove that I needed to light with a match. I was so scared of blowing myself (and the building) up that ended up dining out a lot and living off leftovers. But, now that I have proper kitchen (and a willing guniea pig) I have been experimenting a lot with cooking and loving every minute of it.

I am Vegan and gluten-free so that kind of adds to the challenge/fun of cooking.

So far, the best meal I've made is a really simple black fig pasta dish served with a crumbled olive and walnut tofu 'feta' topping.

In your perfect world, you have:

a) really huge empty closet you can fill with anything
b) a perfectly edited closet of classic pieces
c) your closet right now, with a dozen more pairs of shoes

B, please! This would be my dream come true. But, I think it is beyond me to simplify my life that much!


If you haven't already, I hope you will stop by La Fille D'or and say hi!

All Photo Credit Belongs to La Fille D'or

Two Weeks

It has now been two weeks since I decided I needed to focus more on wearing what is currently in my closet and less on adding new things to it. I haven't bought anything in 14 days. I can't say I haven't shopped, I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about things I would like to be buying. I have put items in carts at numerous websites and spent a good deal of time talking myself out of clicking these:

Not easy my friends. Not easy.

I can't really say that I'm feeling a whole lot of pride in my self restraint. Mostly I still just want to buy, buy, buy. I want those damn scalloped shorts, which have actually gone from being $30, back to their original price of $48. How annoying.

I have done well with my unworn items. I have worn 14 of them now, and passed one along to my sister.

Yesterday I decided to tackle my white eyelet dress, last worn summer of 2007.

 I'm with my friend Bethany, who I haven't really seen since then. For shame Bethany, for shame. We need to visit more often.

And it really did need some altering. The length was much too long, and it has a nice deep neckline, previously I layered a cammi under it, but I thought taking the extra material from the hemline would be a much better way to fill in the gap. I also shortened the straps.

The white dress, refreshed

The Rundown
Dress Max Studio - Vest TJMaxx - Sandals Aldo - Belt Gap - Necklace and Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box

eyelet close

I've been seeing gals in white dresses with denim vests all summer long and have been itching to try it. I knew I really couldn't justify buying another white dress, so I'm glad I finally managed to make this one more wearable.

It's also the twin of this dress. I do like how the pattern stands out on the black version.

So summer - Black and white day 7

Today it rained all day. I didn't leave the house. I read blogs, wished I were buying things, looked at J.Crew, and decided to make a red skirt.
Anyone who has worn a red skirt the past few weeks has probably gotten a comment from me, whining about how I want one.

This one has a shirred waist band, and seemed simple enough to duplicate, so I looked up tutorial on Thread Banger and got to work.

red skirt

I don't really like how it came out though. Which is typical; I only like about 1/3rd of everything I make.
The Rundown
Skirt Made by Me - Top Kohls - Sandals Aldo - Belt Gap - Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box

I know that I don't need to shop. I know I have more than enough clothes and accessories to make hundreds of outfits. But I just want to buy things. And I don't know what to do with myself.

I might sail off course

This morning my new coworker was wearing a sailboat cardigan. She's only been in the office for a little over a week, but seems to be pretty fashionable. (Most of my other coworkers are strictly L.L. Bean catalog shoppers).

Since I usually spend my commute reading blogs, when I get to work my mind is still in Outfit Comment Mode, and I usually survey what she is wearing as I say good morning. I think she's noticed that I might spend a bit longer staring at her clothes than a normal person, and I also think she might be creeped out. I make no excuses for myself. I told her I loved the cardigan and then immediately went to my desk and googled 'sailboat cardigan' and the exact one she was wearing came up. It's from Talbots and is on sale for $40. I then went into a small comma as I imagined all the cute ways I would wear the sailboat cardigan -- specifically with those items still in my Urban Outfitters cart.
Scalloped shorts, striped top, yellow flats,  starfish ring... I think I started to drool a little.

She came into my office and I quickly closed the window, I definitely did not want her to know I was searching for her cardigan! She'd probably leave the office and get a restraining order or something.

When I got home to write this post, the page for the cardigan disappeared! 
(otherwise, there would be a link.)

In blogging world though, it is perfectly okay to see someone wearing something awesome and then let it inspire you; like yesterday, Marie at The Joy of Fashion was wearing a great look with eggplant and turquoise. The color combo was delightful and unexpected, and wouldn't you know - I have those colors hanging on my bookshelf!

Eggplant and Turquoise

The Rundown
Top Gap - Skirt Thrifted - Sandals Onex - Ring American Eagle - Earrings Kohls - Belt Nine West

The eggplant wrap top is actually one of the first things I ever blogged about. I still have no idea why I bought a size large. Probably because it was the only one left and I tried it on with my dressing room goggles.

'antique' ring

Do you ever do that -- like an item so much that you convince yourself it fits when you try it on? Good thing it's a wrap top and I have lots of belts. And safety pins.

The turquoise skirt was thrifted a couple months ago for $7, and I have yet to wear it. It's a bit long, but I let the belt fix that problem too. Its silk and another dry clean only item. Which means I didn't wash it. But I turned it inside out and attacked it with the steamer, so that's good enough, right?

Yesterday I wore this teal printed dress, that I haven't worn since 2008. My Mother told me it looked Matronly. What do you think? Is this dress Closet-Worthy? 

Wrap Dress

The Rundown
Dress Express - Cammi TJMaxx - Belt TJMaxx - Earrings Kohls - Sandals Frye

Good Karma

Do you believe that everything you put out, you get back, ten fold?

Today I get to announce that the winner of my gold watch is Jessica from Style Obsession!
Congratulations! I'll be emailing you soon!

And I also get to show off the wonderful things that I won last week -- a gorgeous Silver Karma Bracelet from Blush that is thanks to 365 Fashion Rehab, and an adorable pair of Silver Rose Bud Earrings from Giles and Brother thanks to Spoils of Wear!

So you can see why I believe in putting out as much good karma as possible.

karma bracelet

Good Karma

The Rundown
Top Gap - Capris TJMaxx - Wedges Unlisted - Scarf TJMaxx - Sunglasses Simply Vera - Bracelet Blush Botique

Today's outfit features this cropped swing jacket purchased in '07. I don't think I've worn it in two years, deviating from boxy shapes to curvy ones. 
It really surprised me this morning, as it was not my intent to wear it, and I didn't think it could actually work with this black lace skirt. Yet, as my eyes scrutinized the clothes hanging on the bookshelf, this jacket was the piece that jumped out.

The Cropped Jacket

The Rundown
Jacket DKNY - Skirt TJMaxx - Cammi TJMaxx - Sandals Nine West - Earrings Giles and Brother - Necklace Made by Me - Belt Thrifted

What do you think, is the cropped jacket closet-worthy, or should I move on without it?

Weekend in Boston

This weekend I was finally able to get out of town for a change and visit a friend in Boston. While I wasn't happy about the $150 train ticket (seriously Amtrak, this is robbery) I wanted to remind myself that it's worthwhile to spend money on travel and have a reason to wear my clothes, rather than spending money on clothes that sit in the closet, as I have no where to wear them.

While I was waiting for the train, I spotted one super stylish passenger:

Everything is neutral, but it's so polished. The pearls, the manicure, the metallic bag - I love it.

For my travel look, I grabbed one of my empire waist tops and my skinny capris. I too was hoping to look polished, so I accessorized quite a bit. Although my overnight bag is my L.L. Bean backpack from high school that is purple tie dye. I'd like to get an over night bag that will enhance a look, rather than kill it. Just something else for the wishlist...

It's called a fedora, not a 'gangsta hat'

The Rundown
Top Max Studio - Capris TJMaxx - Fedora Market in Italy - Sandals Naturalizer - Necklace Gap - Bracelet Arabella - Earrings TJMaxx

Boston is full of shopping opportunities.  Lots, and lots. This weekend however, I did no shopping at all. When I went out to lunch, rather than ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, I ordered what I really wanted. I didn't complain about $9 cocktails at the bar, I enjoyed my drink and had fun dancing -- rather than thinking about some top or pair of shoes I could have been buying instead.

For the most part, I avoided shops entirely. I glanced into windows, occasionally paused and gawked for a moment or two, but I kept moving. I kept my camera by my side and tried to stay in that photographic mindset.
i know i'm so boring, more flowers

I did go into one thrift shop and sorted through those numerous color coded racks, I found a really gorgeous BCBG brown velvet blazer for $6, but it was a bit too small for me. I know a week ago I would have bought it anyway. This time I lamented, but I put it back. I left the store completely empty handed.

Walk in the park

The Rundown
Dress TJMaxx - Sandals Naturalizer - Sunglasses Kohls - Bag Avon - Earrings Made by Me - Bracelet Kohls - Belt Gap

So far in the face of temptation, I've maintained restraint. I hope I can stay on this path!

Museum of Modern Renaissance

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Forty One

Last night I decided to go through my closet and pull out all my unworn items -- anything that hasn't been on the blog or wardrobe remix came out. Of course I I do not have a photo of every outfit I've worn since I started the blog, but this seemed like the simplest approach.

I decided that everything needed to go out in plain sight and easy reach, so they are all on the bookshelf. All forty one pieces (this is including new things I have yet to wear). Seven of my items are empire waist tops. Other than skinny jeans, what does one wear with an empire waist top? As I've mentioned, jeans went from being worn several times a week to a couple times a month, making the need for the empire waist tops much less.
On some level I still really like them. What makes it hard to just get rid of them? I remember how much I used to love wearing them.

Today in my world of Wardrobe Remix, simply throwing on a top over a pair of jeans feels like not even trying, so how will I make these tops part of my daily rotation again, or is it even possible?

I also had a really tough time picking out an outfit for today. It took me over two hours, and normally I spend 10 to 20 minutes putting a look together. I'm sorry for not getting much blog reading done, I just wasted so much time stressing over what to wear!

Slick Satin

The Rundown
Dress Avon -Vest TJMaxx - Sandals Onex - Lion Belt Ebay - Earrings Arabella

Ultimately I ended up choosing a simple black vest from my unworn pile, just because it seemed the easiest. I threw it over this satin print dress that I've actually worn quite a bit, with my black sandals I wear constantly, and my new earrings that I've not yet worn.

Yesterday I chose the yellow cropped cardigan from my unworn pile and wore it with the poppy dress, now making it's third appearance. I guess I really have to thank Ali for putting the poppy dress in my head, it's clearly become a favorite.


The Rundown
Dress Kohls - Cardigan F21 - Sandals Onex - Earrings So Good Jewerly - Bracelet Thrifted

I think I need to take half of those 41 items and just get rid of them. Even with all those things out of the closet, it doesn't look any less full.

I promise I'll get to all your blogs soon, and MarchMusings and

For two of them, I'm supposed to say seven things about myself, sooo...
(what don't you know yet?)
I don't chew gum.
I get anxieties about traveling alone, but I still like to travel.
I want to be a better photographer.
I didn't finish college.
I have listened to "If I Ever Feel Better" by Phoenix 120 times, and it's my most played song.
I can't count.

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Could you live with 100 items?

Falling right in with my current wardrobe and shopping dilemma, this NY Times article popped up on my reader just before I was about to start writing this post. The article discusses a couple who decided to slowly start giving away their possessions until they reached 100. (They didn't mention if that was each, or between the two of them, but I'm going to assume each.) Now, this couple is out of debt and very happy.

Meanwhile, I think I've got about 100 things on my desk alone.

All I can seem to think about is how this woman must not care about fashion, at all. She probably has four outfits, two pairs of shoes, one bag, and her wedding ring. I know I would never want to live like that. I'm sure I could, but would it make me happy? At the end of the article they do recognize us fashion lovers:

"Of course, some fashion lovers beg to differ. For many people, clothes will never be more than utilitarian. But for a certain segment of the population, clothes are an art form, a means of self-expression, a way for families to pass down memories through generations. For them, studies concluding that people eventually stop deriving pleasure from material things don’t ring true." 

The article also discusses the idea that if you save up for a purchase, think about it for a while, anticipate it (sound familiar?) that you will gain much more happiness from it, than something you buy on a whim.

So, after thinking, and reading all your great comments, here is my plan:

Shop my own closet.
Have I had my eye on that cute pink $42 skirt from ModCloth? Yes. Do I have a pink skirt in my closet already? Yes.

Chartreuse and Salmon

The Rundown
Skirt Free People - Top Kohls - Sandals Nine West - Belt NY&Co. - Bag Jessica Simpson - Necklace (made from clip-on earring) Earrings, and Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box

bottle necklace

The reason I haven't worn this skirt is due to it's unfortunate length, hitting me mid ankle. Fortunately I had the bright idea of folding it over and hiding the bunchiness under the belt.

Learn to let go.
I'm always thinking I need to hold on to things for all the usual reasons...
"As soon as I get rid of it, I'll need it" ...
"This might be really trendy again next year"....
"If I alter the length and the bust and the waist it will fit and then I can wear it again"...

If I'm not wearing it, it needs to go.

Consider purchases more carefully.
I consigned some items at the thrift store and made $8. I was tempted to spend it all again in that same moment. There was a silk polka dot dress for $5 and a woven straw cross body bag with faux leather trim for $3. But I told myself I already had a polka dot dress and more bags than I have room for, so I passed.

I've decided I don't want to ban myself from shopping, I enjoy shopping!! I just need to cut back. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see just how bad I've been this summer. 
May - $76
June - $289
July - $146
August - $158

Based on my average spending, I've decided an acceptable monthly limit is $80. I'm even going to be really nice and allow myself $40 for the remainder of August. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this and be happier for it.

Getting right into my new challenge, here is a top that I've never worn with anything but jeans, and as a result, has been sitting unworn. (I wear jeans so much less than I used to before the blog!)

Back of the closet

bracelet and belt

The Rundown
Top Gap - Skirt TJMaxx - Sandals Frye - Belt Forever 21 - Bracelet Etsy

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