Color Block Dress

At some point last summer, there was this adorable color block dress in Lucky Mag, which I loved and really wanted, but didn't get because of the price tag. Then I searched and searched and even went so far as to purchase this McCalls pattern, which I assure you, is still uncut in its packaging.

But then today, I found this super cute, super cheap ($13.50) color block dress at Forever 21, in five different color combinations! It's like falling in love all over again, and I'm of the firm belief that one can never have too many dresses. Really, one piece, and you're done - what is better than that?

It is good that I feel that way, because I was completely surprised when I happened upon this London Times dress, shoved in the back of my closet. Ha. When did I buy it?

The Classic Trench

And the not so classic trench... I love them all. After a week of being made jealous by (practically) every T.V. Character I watch, I really need one.

First it was Addison on Private Practice, who had on a beige satin trench. Beautiful coat, and I must admit, I loved her whole outfit that episode, with the floral sheath dress, the necklace with two large pearls, and gold bangle. I don't remember what shoes she was wearing, but I'm sure they would have been perfect for dinner in an expensive restaurant, and completely impractical for delivering a baby.

So, after a bit of searching, I found this coat at Macy's by Nine West. It was on sale for $61 yesterday, but now it's gone up to $82!! This is still a discount though, the original price is $164.

I do like the moss color (also comes in black), but I'm not crazy about 3/4 sleeves on outerwear.

My other finds include these two gray satin coats on ebay - one by Guess and the other Bebe. They are both currently under $40. I like the Bebe one because it is double breasted, but I like the Guess one because it has shoulder flaps.

On Castle, detective Beckett had a great trench coat this past week. It was khaki, with an unusual double collar, about a million belt loops, and a skirt with enough of a flare to be feminine.

This find on ebay isn't nearly as cute, but it has its merits - as does this vintage military style coat. I like the asymmetrical collar the best of all.

Lastly, I found this bright green trench with white piping that makes the whole coat pop (as if bright green wasn't enough on it's own). I love it, and even though the retail at Macys for this coat by Tommy Hillfiger is $91, I found one on ebay that is presently under $20!