It was all yellow

I knew right away I wanted to wear my yellow dress. None of my usual 20 minutes staring into the closet hopelessly in the morning.
In the past I've worn this dress when hoping for a sunny day - but this time I wanted a different kind of light.
The power needs to come back on now, please.
Yellow Yellow
The Rundown
Dress Forever 21 - Scalloped Hem Blazer H&M - Sandals Ciao Bella Belt Nina Arjani - Sunnies Kohls - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Necklace Forever 21 - Earrings Taken for Granite

I woke up with the power out

On Sunday, as you all know, Tropical Storm Irene rolled through, bringing down tons of trees, causing flooding, and taking out the power of my town and that of many, many others.
Sunday we were pretty much trapped in our neighborhood due to the flooding, and we sat around with our neighbors playing Apples to Apples in candle light.

That was all fine and nice, but on Monday when there was still no power I started to get a little anxious. Rumors are circulating that we might not get it back for a week. Not cool.

Since it was sunny out, I went out, drove around town, all the traffic lights were out. I went to the beach, read my favorite comfort book, "Something Borrowed" cover to cover, got a little sunburn, and went to bed early.

Since my office is a few towns over, and they got power I'm at work today, hence this post, frantically typed during my half hour lunch (what? I'd rather blog than eat; go on and judge).

Fingers crossed I get my power back soon!!!

These photos are from Friday, which was probably the most beautiful day all month, weather-wise. I wish I could just have it over and over and again.
sunset pleats sunset pleats sunset pleats
sunset pleats sunset pleats sunset pleats
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sunset at the point

She's always buzzing just like neon

This is what I wore last Sunday to a family party... but it rained before I got to photograph it. I put it on the following morning, and it was just too darn bright in the AM! The exposure on these shots was terrible and I had such a hard time trying to correct them. I was debating whether or not to post them, but I loved the outfit.

This color combo of fuchsia and orange is one that I have seen a hundred times this summer and when I spotted this Ellen Tracy tank at TJMaxx on clearance for $5, I decided I had to have it, just for the sake of color blocking it with this orange mini.

Neon Neon Neon Neon Neon
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Skirt Tinley Road - Top Ellen Tracy via TJMaxx - Sandals Onex Puffy - Starfish Cuff St. Thomas via TJMaxx - Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box, Coco's on the Green, Kohl's - Earrings Avon - Bag Charm & Luck - Sunnies Old Navy

Spin me round

When I saw Delayed Missives' new pencil skirt with an exposed zipper in back, I immediately knew I had to take my front zipper pencil skirt and spin it around to the back. It felt instantly sexier. One of my coworkers told me I looked like a Dolce and Gabbana model. I'm not sure if this look really fits in with their current add campaign, but it's a compliment and I'll happily take it.

Also, I am aware that the elements of today's outfit are identical to those of yesterdays outfit. I actually didn't realize that I'd put on a dolman sleeve top with a pencil skirt, statement necklace and thick strapped sandals until it was too late to change - but you know what we always say, when a silhouette works...

Spin me 'round Spin me 'round Spin me 'round Spin me 'round Spin me 'round Spin me 'round
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What I wore when the earth shook

Today I experienced my very first earthquake. At first I honestly thought it was just me, having some massive dizzy spell, but then my coworkers started asking if everyone was feeling the building moving. My immediate next move was to check twitter (obviously), and sure enough, about a dozen tweets about #earthquake appeared on my feed. I of course added my own, about thirty seconds later I saw one from my brother, before you know it I'd gotten the entire lowdown in 140 characters or less.
Before my coworkers could find anything on the news sites.
This world is becoming an interesting place.
fuchsia mix fuchsia mix toned boats fuchsia mix fuchsia mix fuchsia mix
The Rundown
Top TJMaxx Pencil Skirt Talbots - Sandals MRKT Holly via DSW - Necklace Simply Vera for Kohls - Bracelet Coco's on the Green - Earrings Thrifted - Sunnies Old Navy

As promised

The striped tank dress that was back ordered from Urban Outfitters finally arrived the other day, and I could not have been more excited to wear it. The dress is a comfy jersey, and the medium (thankfully) fits, except the straps need to be shortened (story of my life).

As I wrote in my email to UO customer service, I'm wearing it with my cognac wedges, orange cross-body bag, and floppy hat. The puppy is a bonus accessory, and no, she is not mine. Chloe would not be down with having a sister anyway.
Striped Striped Striped Lulu clinton beach pinwheel bangles Crab watering can Crab watering can
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Striped Dress Urban Outfitters - Sandals Ciao Bella Petunia - Hat Target - Bag Avon - Bangles The Cavernous Jewelry Box, Kohl's, Coco's - Sunnies Betsey Johnson - Dog Lulu

That place I should visit more

This weekend I went to New Haven to visit the Yale Art Gallery, which had some very beautiful paintings by Van Gogh and Monet and a particularly intriguing piece by Christian Marclay that was a collection of movie clips in which the actors were interacting with telephones. It was seven minutes long. I watched the whole thing.
Urban safari Sculpture garden
After the gallery, right across the street is a restaurant called Scoozi, which has the most inviting outdoor eating area ever. There is flight of stairs that spans the width of the dining area, and you head down them so you are not sitting right on the street, but rather below it. There is a big tree growing in the middle, and lots of flowers. Plus the food was good.
Urban safari Urban safari Urban safari Urban safari
And then I saw this adorable bicycle as I was passing by and had to snap a photo of it. I've decided I really want a cute vintage looking bike. I realize it's a bit late this summer, so I think next year I will get one for myself as a b-day gift. The exact bike I saw can be found at Target, of all places.
Urban safari Urban safari
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