A horse, of course

Now these photos did require a bit of editing of the sky, and let me say, so far as I can tell, layer masks aren't very easy in Lightroom, where is my trusty magic wand?

As usual, I'm not really one for instructions users manuals, I'm more of a figure it out as I go along kind of person.

So far it's been working out okay with the camera, over the past two years I've had people in through both the internet and in real life show me all sorts of things, like white balance settings and flash power settings and what that weird button on the lower left side of the lens does (depth of field preview).

So that's what I'm doing right now... figuring things out and asking for help!

IMG_7273.jpg IMG_7278.jpg IMG_7237.jpg IMG_7284.jpg IMG_7241.jpg IMG_7255.jpg IMG_7231.jpg 
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Purple sunset

Today my copy of Lightroom arrived and I was excited to give it a try. I'm definitely a bit flummoxed at the moment, since I had my previous workflow down pat and could get my outfit photos processed in as little as 20 minutes.

Tonight I've been fussing over them for the past hour, because everything from how I select the photos to how they get uploaded to flickr changes with the switch to Lightroom.

I'm sure once I get a feel for everything I'll get my new rhythm setup... so I let you know how I feel about it in another week or so.

I will tell you this much - that sky didn't need a whole lot of editing, it really was that gorgeous purple. Truly one of best sunsets in a while (definitely the one I was hoping for the other night when I was wearing the pink capris). But I'm lucky to have caught it!

And yes, I did get myself that leopard fedora from Target. I feel like the way it looks online is a little misleading - this is not a typical stiff fedora, it's floppy. Also, the web page says it's 100% wool, and well, there is not even 1% wool in this thing! It's combination of rabbit hair, nylon and poly.

IMG_7177.jpg IMG_7163.jpg IMG_7178.jpg IMG_7139.jpg  IMG_7101.jpg IMG_7158.jpgIMG_7118.jpg
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The color blocked skirt finally makes an appearance! I don't know what took me so long to wear it, or why I tried three other tops on before I finally settled with the ever versitle leopard button down.

This is what I wore on thanksgiving, even though by the time I ended up getting dressed (after cooking and food prep from 9 am to 2 pm) what I felt like wearing was a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater.

Ah well, leggings and huge sweater, satin skirt and five inch heels - tomato, tomato.*
*It has occoured to me that doesn't really work with out the proper inflection. But how would you write it? Tomato, tomahto?

thanksgiving thanks - look down thanks - jewelry
thanks - full
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I mostly documented my thanksgiving with iPhone photos, so if you don't follow me on Instagram, I thought I'd share them!

PieTurkeyCranberriesDark by fiveWet

That's Chloe after getting a bath, because she managed to get her head covered in turkey grease... it was dripping off the table and she was under it licking the floor, for at least 20 minutes before anyone noticed.

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Triple Stripes

Not quite sure what it is about a holiday weekend, but they always just seem to fly by, even though I barely do much more than spend time with family, eat too much (turkey, lasagna, apple pie, pumpkin cheese cake, boxes of russel stovers), and watch a lot of movies (Super 8, Elf, some Hallmark Channel Originals, haha).

The weekend was blessed with some unseasonably warm weather as well - for the most part I didn't wear tights, but I did throw them on if I was going out after the sunset. I just have to say that I am loving mid fifties - sixties in late November! Fingers crossed we have a mild winter, for a change.

It's always fun to see the rapid transformation after Thanksgiving into every and all things Christmas, especially with all the Black Friday hype and insanity. I didn't go out, and I only made one purchase, Lightroom, which was on sale for $100. So now I can finally do something with all those RAW photo files hogging my hard drive space.

Did you brave the crowds to score some discounted goods this weekend?

Triple Stripes Triple Stripes
Triple Stripes
Triple Stripes Triple Stripes
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Triple Stripes
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Again, in the Fall

This would have been a great outfit for the day before thanksgiving. I actually wore this way back when on November tenth, and I hadn't been planning on blogging it because it's a repeat of something I wore in April.

On the day before a holiday we get to duck out of work early so I was supposed to get to take good outfit photos this afternoon, only today was a cruddy rainy day. I wore jeans and a plaid top. One of my coworkers commented on how casual I looked.

So I'm posting this instead. I really do like it, ya know, since I repeated it and all.

Worth Repeating worth repeating fall repeater fall repeater
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If you are in the States, I hope you all have wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgivings!

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Polka Dotty

For someone who claims they hate how they look in pants, I've certainly been wearing them an awful lot lately. I'm still in my tights rebellion I suppose, and I still haven't unpacked any winter things (including my eight million pairs of tights). I was really beginning to think that I just wouldn't at all, but I am kind of wanting to wear this sweater dress, so maybe I will soon. Maybe in December.

Polka Dotty Polka Dotty
Polka Dotty rings
free people coat

Let us give the coat some attention. I love this coat. I got it on clearance a couple of winters ago for $50. As much as I adore the navy and black brocade on the shell, it was that gorgeous paisley lining with jacquard trim that really had me over the moon. I always just want to walk around with it open, so everyone will be privy to it.

When I shop, I always check out the linings of garments. I think this is one of the best ways to evaulate the qualtiy of a piece, because when corners get cut, lining is the first to go. Well made garments always have beautiful linings.

Polka Dotty
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Love like a sunset pt. 2

I wanted there to be a gorgeous pink sunset behind me, but it turned out to be one of those overcast evenings when the sun simply disappears without any brilliant fanfare.

I guess instead of having an outfit to match the sunset, my outfit will just have to be the sunset. And oh, these early sunsets are killing me! Dark by 4:30... I wanna cry.

Over the weekend I went to the movies... twice. I haven't been in months so of course I end up going two nights in a row. First for the obligatory viewing of Breaking Dawn, which I enjoyed as much as one can enjoy a Twilight movie - I dig their soundtracks and their eye candy and have been a devoted fan of vampire love stories since my Buffy days, so I go. I laugh, I have a good time.

The other movie I saw was In Time, which I enjoyed, even if Matt Bomer's role was regrettably small and Vincent Kartheiser's wasn't. I just can not like that guy - I hated him on Angel, and I can't stand him on Mad Men... But overall I enjoyed the concept of the movie and the Bonnie and Clyde/Robbin Hood motifs with the sci-fi backdrop.

In the pink
In the pinkIn the pink
In the pink
In the pink
In the pink
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How to look taller in photographs

For whatever reason, whether fate or genetics, I am short. Unlike those blessed women who seem to have legs that go on for days, I will forever be stuck with my petite 5'2" stature.

While that means I can throw on my highest heels and never have to worry about towering over anyone, should I decide to trade off my she-devil stilettos for some nice comfy flats, I am right back to being the shortie again.

That does not mean, however, that I have to look short when I take outfit photos.

The camera is wonderful, unlike the naked eye, it can be tricked. After years of practice, here is what I've learned:

Tip 1: Position your camera at hip level, or a little above, just don't ever shoot at a severe downward angle.

Tip 2: Angle your body.

Tip 3: Bend your knee and point your toe, this little trick makes your leg look sooo much longer.

Tip 4: Stand up straight! (Obvious, I know, but sometimes we need the reminder.)

Now, see what I mean?
Stud Muffin
Stud Muffin
Stud Muffin

And if all else fails, you can always use a set of disjointed photos, and no one will ever be the wiser.
stud head 2 Stud Muffin Stud Muffin
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