The library has become my new favorite spot for outfit photos, though I'm feeling a bit guilty for having once again put reading on the back burner.

knotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-1.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-3.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-7.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-2.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-6.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-4.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag-5.jpgknotted chambray shirt, dalmatian print skirt, linea pelle bag.jpg
The Rundown
Chambray Shirt Gap c/o ThredUp similar
Animal Print Skirt Loft thrifted similar
Sandals MRKT via DSW similar
Grayson Bar Bag Linea Pelle
Ear Jackets TJMaxx similar
Gold Twisted Bracelet The Cavernous Jewerly Box similar
Fatima Bracelet c/o Gorjana similar
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
Gold Ring Thrifted similar
Sunglasses Quay via TJMaxx
Nail Color "Lion Around" Essie



  1. I like the polka dots with the chambray. I haven't read too much either lately.

  2. I hate to admit this, but as an adult, the only time I seem to truly find time for reading is when I go on holiday - when I promptly devour four to ten books and wonder why I ever gave it up. It sounds silly, but it's true. The rest of the time, I just can't quite figure out how reading fits into my routine. I really should work on that. But the truth is, most of the time I'm a lot more interested in blogs and, whatever anyone says, that is reading, too. On a fashion-related note, I never tire of this skirt. Every time I see you ear it, I wonder why I don't have any white skirts with black print.

  3. I have only been reading stuff for school :(
    You know I finally got to see the Cheapskates episode you were in…. I have so many questions.

  4. You dotted skirt is adorable.

    Almost a year ago I joined a book club and it has done wonders for how much I read. I loved reading but since I graduated college it almost stopped for me. Life just seemed to busy. I am so glad I have picked reading back up as a hobby.

  5. I love that chambray top!
    Yea, I was doing so good with reading a couple months ago. I do have the next book on my list, going to start it tonight after I finish Dr Quinn (borrowed the last 2 seasons from my sister to finish my rewatch of that, haha...slowly checking things off my extra curricular activities list

  6. It does seem like a pretty lovely place for photos - and there's always time for reading later!


  7. I love the dotted skirt! Looks super cute with the tied chambray top! I also really like those earrings!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  8. I can see why this is your favorite spot! The background is so pretty! Love your gorgeous skirt today!

  9. Ugh, I feel you--I go to the bookstore rather often and seem to have a pile of books just, well, piling up on my bookshelf that I need to start tearing through. What's with us?

    Anywho, I love love love this look. Polka dots and denim... can it get any better?

  10. Great outfit - I love the knotted top. I am such an avid reader, I can't go a day without reading a book.


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  11. That chambray shirt looks amazing on you, sweetie. xoxo

  12. such a beautiful skirt! absolutely love this look :)


  13. Oh the irony. Favorite place to take pictures, yet haven't read in a while. I love it.