Summertime and the linens easy

I purchased these linen pants much earlier in the summer for a steal, but in my efforts to wear pants as little as possible I failed to get photos with them until last week.

Today is the last day of summer, and I had to make sure that at the very least they made it to the blog before it was too late to use the awesome title that Sean unintentionally came up with.

white linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-11.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-8.jpgsea dog.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-5.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-10.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-1.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-3.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-7.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-9.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-2.jpgwhite linen pants, striped tee, panama hat, jeweled sandals-6.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Tee Gap
White Linen Pants Anne Klein via Coco's similar
Jeweled Espadrille Sandal Dune London
Canvas Bag Otis thrifted
Panama Hat J.Crew
Pave Chain Necklace Monet
Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova via Lucky Fabb
Knot Ring c/o Emitations similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "No Place Like Chrome" Essie
Dog Chloe
Chevron Leash Dabney Lee via TJMaxx
Chevron Collar Dabney Lee via TJMaxx

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  1. Haha! How clever of him!! And wow, it's so weird seeing you in pants, they look good though, perfect for Summer (or the last day of Summer ;) )

  2. What a cute title! LOL I have very similar linen pants that I wore the other day. I put a picture on IG of my husband ironing them because he was getting all flustered with how I was doing it since he is military he is the best at ironing! LOL

  3. You are totally teasing us with the summer theme!!! Love the whole look! -R

  4. I'm glad you worked in some photos of these (and you're so right, the title to this post is pretty much perfect).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. What a fantastic title! So glad you were able to get outfit photos of these. Those pants are fabulous!

  6. I love linen! The wrinkling drives me crazy, but I just try to accept it.

    These are like the quintessential linen pants. I'm glad you finally showed them to us!

  7. Oh Chloeeeee and you look fab - just like you are ready to get on your yacht in the Hamptons and sail to Mikonos..

  8. I love this look and glad you got to wear them before it got too cold. I bought a similar pair of linen pants that I wanted so badly and have only worn once all summer. I may need to pack it with me to Hawaii.


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

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  10. Great outfit for the last day of summer. I always think you look incredible. Now I am questioning why I have never owned a pair of linen pants.

  11. I absolutely love these pants!!! The wide leg linen is so perfect.


  12. I like this summery and nautical outfit. Well done to Sean for coming up with that title! :)

  13. This is the perfect farewell to summer look! Your post title is too cute (good one Sean!) and I love the "sea dog" pic :)

  14. the title! I'm also loving the cute buttons on your top! This whole look is so summery - I love it!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Really nice summer outfit! My favourite photo is of your dog with the sea dog ship, so funny.

  16. Such a crisp summer look. Love those pants,and such a great name!

  17. Love the nautical vibe of this outfit. It's such a charming look. I really need some wide legged pants.

  18. This look is super stylist and fits your body perfectly! By tucking in the shirt you're emphasizing your waist and by the use a wide legged pant, you are creating a longer leg. Lovely!

  19. Great nautical look for a day out on the water! Your dog is so adorable!

  20. That is the perfect last day of summer outfit! Props to Sean for the title.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  21. White linen pants are always classic. The blouse and Panama hat here add more that nautical feel this outfit has!

  22. Of course I'm biased, because posts featuring Chloe are always my favourite - she is the most adorable accessory possible. But I'm also biased because I have a very similar pair of pants that I love and just wore recently. They would, I think, have been even better in a beachy boating type setting, but I worked with what I had and I'm filing this post away as inspiration for next summer (because it's far too cold here for linen pants now, sadly.)