Ikat believe it

In the two years I've had this skirt I've managed to pair it with cream, blush, and chambray. Way to think outside the box, right? But I'm afraid too much color will make it look gaudy, and a darker neutral will detract from it's summery air. Any thoughts on future pairings?

orange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-2.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-3.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-12.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-4.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-6.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-11.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-9.jpgorange ikat skirt, beaded silk shell, brown sandals-5.jpg
The Rundown
Beaded Top Kate Hill thrifted similar
Ikat Skirt J.Crew thrifted similar
Sandals Franco Sarto via TJMaxx similar
Bag IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson c/o Serendipity & Grace
Earrings Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Agate Stone & Tassel Necklace c/o Serendipity and Grace
Cloudy Agate Bracelet J.Crew
Gold Ring Thrifted similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Lion Around" Essie


  1. So it looks like a peachy orange, yes? I think a lightish grey would be a nice neutral but not too dark! As a crazy option, you might try a burgundy or dark red!! jodie

  2. That skirt is super cute! I love how you keep it the star of the outfit!


  3. I have to admit, although it will surprise no one, that if this skirt were in my wardrobe, I would only pair it with white and chambray... or possibly grey if I were feeling brave. That said, I think if you wanted to transition it to fall, the orange shade would look lovely with navy. I had a burnt orange skirt a few years ago that I never quite knew what to do with in and in the end, navy was the shade that looked the best with it by far.

  4. Bright skirts sometimes stump me, too. What about a soft mint? It looks wonderful with the soft white though!

  5. You probably could pair it with colors but I like the neutral tops. I think I would just stick with neutral tops w/texture - like the one you are wearing now! I really love that tassel necklace too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. Neutrals were a great way to go with that skirt and man, I love that bag.

    District of Chic

  7. I think it would look fabulous with a solid teal or turquoise. It is a cute print.

  8. I love ikat print, and that skirt is gorgeous!


  9. Well it's definitely a pretty combo! I would probably try it with a nice navy! :D

  10. I think if it works well with neutrals, keep wearing it with neutrals :) If you did want to branch out and try more colours, brown or yellow, or as others have said, navy, would look great with the orange! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Such a cute skirt! Love it. A tiffany blue or a mint green would be super cute for summer. And I think for transitioning to fall, you should do black. You could do some brown booties, and it would be adorable. Also, navy! I love pink/coral and navy together any time of year.


  12. What a lovely soft look for summer! Gotta love a skirt with versatility!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. I think a heather grey would look really effortless with the orange/coral print. For summer/spring I think a bright yellow or cobalt blue would look fashion forward. As for transitioning into fall; maroon or even a burgundy would pair nicely-any sort of redish brown. I can see a ribbed burgundy turtleneck with this skirt and some chic brown knee high boots! Killer!


  14. That skirt is so pretty! I love it when a piece can be styled with different things :)

  15. I know navy isn't summery but if it's a light fabric and with a bright necklace, I think it could work. Love the color and print of this skirt.


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  16. I love this skirt there's such a variety is colors it could be paired with depending on the season. The necklace you've paired it with is beautiful

  17. this is a pattern that i love, but don't own in clothes other than in accessories. love how you styled it, lyddie!

  18. I love that skirt and it would also look awesome with a navy blue top for autumn:) Kisses, sweetie.

  19. Well, I like it - I think that simple grey top would work too or something in the browns…

  20. Very nice look! The skirt is co cute!

  21. I love that skirt, and I don't think you can go wrong with pairing it with light neutrals. It looks so fresh and pretty! But if you wanted to do color, my vote is for turquoise. I love the turquoise + coral color combo, it's one of my favorites!