The sun keeps setting

Earlier and earlier each day, the spin of the earth is almost palpable as I stare at the huge ball of a sun sinking lower beneath the horizon. No end makes me sadder than the end of summer.

kaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-6.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-2.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-4.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-7.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-9.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-5.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-1.jpgkaleidoscope print swing dress, pink clutch-8.jpg
The Rundown
Kaleidoscope Print Dress Target
Sandals MRKT via DSW similar
Pink Envelop Clutch TJMaxx
Ear Jackets TJMaxx similar
Necklace Kendra Scott via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Cuff Gorjana via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Ring ECRU Metal via Rocksbox (one month free with lydiaxoxo)
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses Vogue via Sunglass Hut
Nail Color "Bikini So Teeny" Essie


  1. I also cant seem to say goodbye - you look absolute flawless in this dress!


  2. For me, it's not so much the early sunsets but waking up in the dark. There's nothing I love more than having little rays of sunshine wake me up slowly before my alarm goes off... but as summer ends, the opportunities for that becomes fewer and fewer as moments of daylight grow rarer. It is sad, even if I'm happy to be back in my sweaters. I have to say, though, I'm also sorry that we won't be getting to see your glorious collection of printed dresses for the next several months. This one is definitely one of my favourites, because I would never know how to wear it myself but you make it look perfectly natural.

  3. Well that dress is definitely the way to brighten up these end of Summer days! So fun :D
    But yes, makes me sad that the sun is setting quicker...

  4. The days are getting shorter, indeed but your dress is so beautiful, darling.

  5. Well, if summer is almost over… you better start pulling the maxi dresses out before its too late!
    This is such a pretty kaleidoscope dress and your backdrops are always the best.
    I wish I could take pictures like yours.

  6. I love that beautiful print on your dress. I saw this Kendra Scott necklace on another blog in another color a couple months ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I think I will end up having to purchase it.

    I am actually excited to say goodbye to summer. Fall has always been my favorite.

  7. Ooh, love that dress. I can't believe it's from Target. While I love fall, I too am not ready for summer to end.

  8. As long as the weather stays warm I will still be enjoying summer! Love this cheerful. bright print!

  9. That dress looks so pretty on you. Love the print. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. LOVE this look on you! Sweet, colorful and fun. And yes, the end of our summer affairs...

  11. Such a pretty dress. Love the colors!

    ~Whitney 'Nic' James

  12. I agree but I must say I'm loving the lower temps so much more bearable! Love the print on your dress, gorgeous.

  13. Love the bright colors! That dress is so fun and flirty :)

  14. You caught the precious golden hour - your photos are beautiful! Love the fun bright dress.


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  15. love the print of that dress, yup summer is almost over :)


  16. This is such a cute dress! Love its colors! The sandals are also very pretty and seem very comfortable.

  17. That dress is one of my absolute favorites of yours, and I love it with the pink clutch--these colors are fantastic! Yes, even though I won't miss the hot weather, I will miss the long days terribly! Nothing's worse than leaving when it's dark out and getting home when it's dark out...blech.

  18. I hate that it's getting darker earlier and earlier! At least this dress got to make another appearance! Hopefully it's bright colors will keep the sun out a little longer!
    Jeans and a Teacup