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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Evening Air

My last post was so long, this one will be short, I promise!

I think I'm one of the few people who actually loves the fact that it's 9 pm and 82 degrees out. I can think of far too many cold dreary summers that make me thankful for this weather. Even with the humidity, even with the intense heavy rains we get every other afternoon which drench everything in minutes and clear up within the hour.  I was a little mad I got caught in it yesterday in my suede sandals, but they'll be okay.

I wanted to finish up my Lucky inspirations so today I wore the 'downtown style' look.

Downtown style

I really love this skirt. It hasn't been out since my style challenge with it, and I think it's had enough off time. I always feel very classy wearing it, and it was one of the first high waisted skirts I ever bought, back when I wasn't actually sure it was something I could pull off with my short torso.

I really like her leopard scarf. It's $25 at HSN. I think I'll keep an eye on it and get it if it goes on sale. It's kind of too hot for that big a scarf right now anyway. Except for at work and in the grocery store, where I am always a popsicle.

downtown style
The Rundown
Skirt Ilsi NY - Top TJMaxx - Wedges Macys - Scarf Belonged to my Great Aunt - Belt Gap - Ring Lia Sophia - Earrings TJMaxx - Sunglasses Borrowed from my sister

lia sophia ring

I've worn this ring quite a few times, but I don't think I've ever shown a close up. And did I mention how much I adore this lavender polish?? I haven't worn purple nails in probably a decade and I couldn't be more pleased with them now!

This post title is taken from the Future Islands album of that name. It's been raking in the play counts lately.


  1. Love the skirt. It looks great!

  2. great look - I also love seeing your inspiration!

    I was going to ask if you live in Houston because you are describing the weather we are having down here to a tee (well, except you left out the possibility of a hurricane!) :)

  3. Your look is so neat! That skirt looks great on you! I love your poses too!


  4. I really like how you added the orange belt as a pop of color, besides the scarf which is also lovely, and the way that you looped the belt is a great idea. You look lovely, keep these outfits coming i love to see the blogger's versions =D

  5. You look so put together and classy! I love the inspiration (especially the skirt) but I think I like yours better!

  6. I like this outfit on you, very polished and relaxed.:D

    What nail polish is that? So cute!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  7. You nailed it Lyddie !
    I love the results....

  8. great skirt, especially w that belt.

    i'm also loving the weather.

  9. I really love the outfit, specially the scarf and looks a lot like the one from the inspiration.

    I love the weather of my town too!

  10. Great outfit, wonderful nail polish!

    LOVE, minnja


  11. I like the warmish nights. I'm glad they're not too cold, but the humidity is what bothers me.. it makes my face so shiny! >__<

    Anyway.. your outfit is much too cute! <3 I love the neutrals and then the red pop from your belt.

  12. Awesome outfit- I've been checking lucky online : ) thanks to you suggestion. And yes there is nothing better than warm summer evenings. For walking at night. late night talks on porches, night car rides to the lake. Gosh I miss New England : )

  13. i love this whole ensemble! :D


  14. Ahh! This outfit is fantastic. This is the first time I've read your blog so it's a wonderful introduction to your personal style.

    (ps - skirt definitely suits you, torso doesn't look short at all!)

  15. The outfit is gorgeous but it's the belt that makes it perfect! An awesome pop of colour, lovely touch! xo

  16. Gorgeous outfit as always! I adore your purple polish :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  17. The skirt is fab! I love the skinny belt too. And that nail polish is gorg!

  18. This entire outfit is brilliant. I love how you use Lucky as inspiration and make the outfit your own. That shows true creativity!

  19. I absolutely love this look! Perfect styling!

  20. your scarf is beautiful and that ring is gorg!

    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway (gaga inspired shades)

    xo elena


  21. I love this outfit, the leopard print adds the perfect touch! But would you mind sending some heat north, pretty please! I could do with a balmy evening!

  22. I love this look! Totally something I'd wear to work, so chic!

  23. Your nails are soooo long!! NICE!!!!

    I think you did VERY WELL for this style challenge! Bravo! (btw, who says 'bravo'?! wtf- lol)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  24. What a gorgeous outfit, love the belt <3

    xo Lynzy

  25. Hey,

    Just ran in to your blog. I think it looks great and your banner is so funny!

    Stop by to check our blog sometime!

  26. come to GAand you will not like 82 in the evening. so humid! ha

  27. Lovely classy outfit. I really like the shape of the skirt, and the scarf!

  28. hi
    how are u great to see you
    nice scarf lovely skirt looks really cute

    great post
    i ;like it

  29. This was a great interpretation of the ad! I think the small leopard print scarf was a great touch to this outfit!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  30. i love these inspired looks! it's so much fun seeing your twist on a magazine look. you look so lovely :)

  31. This outfit is simply amazing! I love the way the coffee and the coral work together, in fact, I never knew these two colors can match up so very well:) Now, I really need to try it out for myself

  32. Absolutely lovely outfit! You look amazing!

  33. I like this outfit lots! High-waisted skirts actually hide short torsos... or just torsos in general. I have a long torso and short legs, so the high-waisted skirts make my legs look longer. Double score for the disproportional!

    I hear ya on the work and grocery store temperatures!!!

  34. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment :)

    I love this outfit! Very nice :)


  35. This whole look is fabulous. You look beautiful and I think I'm inspired to pull out my leopard print scarf soon....

  36. love the leopard print scarf! you look so chic!


  37. I love how you take outfits you love and really take them and make them your own. Love this outfit! :)

  38. loving this look on you! Do you want to swap links?


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