Waiting Game

Look at this cute blazer from the Gap. Adorable. And I love blazers - plus, I needed a navy one. I spotted it in the store about a month ago and was a little shocked at it's price tag of $98.

Gap, who do you think you are? Banana Republic? J. Crew? I was expecting something more like $60. Not that I would pay $60, but when it went on sale it would be decent.

So I waited. Since I have a Gap credit card, I sometimes get coupons, and occasionally get my $10 rewards, but you aren't allowed to use a coupon and a reward in the same transaction (who knows why) so this 25% off went in the trash.

Then last weekend I noticed a 25% off clearance sign, so went in to check it out.

I found a freshly reduced price tag! The extra 25% would make it $45, and with this discount I could actually use my reward, so that made it a respectable $35.

It's always a toss up for me, do I buy something when it first goes on sale and there are still lots of sizes, or do I wait it out, until it gets to the really low closeout price, and chance that my size will still be there?

Some times I wait, sometimes I just want it enough not to take a chance.
Have you ever heard that saying "If you didn't want it at full price, you don't need it when it's on sale?"
I don't believe that for a second! I'm always waiting for my right price.

Do you wait for a good sale, or do you just buy it because you love it, no matter what the cost?

Stripes Stripes Stripes

I also picked up the braided leather belt I'm wearing, which had been reduced to $12, and today is the third day I've worn it since I got it!


Today's look was really based off of the blazer. That was the only piece I knew I was going to wear, and then I decided on the striped skirt, but was stuck on what color cammi to wear. I tried mustard, I tried red, then I thought light blue would be perfect! But I don't have a light blue cammi. Neither does my sister - I looked! So I went for more stripes!


It still amazes me how I went from hating (horizontal) stripes to all out loving them, and now my closet is filled with them!

The Rundown
Blazer, Cammi, Belt Gap - Skirt H&M - Sandals Unlisted - Earrings Taken for Granite - Necklace Macy's


  1. : D !!!! I have that exact same blazer! As to your question- since i do thrift buy most of my clothes- when I see an item in the store (that blazer for instance) and they have it in a size xs I buy it. Because for some reason the xs's sell out really fast. But I try to be good about it and only get items that will become staples, or that are really well made.

    I needed a blazer for work and this one fit the bill.

    I really like how you've styled it !

    I may try something similar and wear it with my striped dress for work and state it as inspired by you!

  2. I remember trying that blazer on once! I loved it! If I am in absolute love with an item, I'll usually try to wait for a coupon or look up a discount code before buying, but if not, I'll still pull the trigger. If I wait for the item to go on sale, I usually lose out with finding the item in my size.

  3. Great blazer and great price! Yeah, no way would I buy anything from The Gap for $98 but $35 is a reasonable price, considering you can probably wear that blazer a whole bunch of ways!

  4. I always wait for the big sale, baby ;) :D

  5. Love that blazer!! Good work snagging the sale!

    I tend to be an in-between buyer: rarely full price, but if I stalk it long enough to go on sale, I pounce!

  6. Ahh I saw that blazer at Gap and LOVED it. It really is a quality piece. I can't believe you snagged it for $35! awesome!

  7. Fantastic look today! I think I bought that same belt in black :)

    I almost never buy things at full price, especially at places like the Gap. Everything goes on sale there, and I figure if something runs out before I can buy it, it wasn't meant to be. I think if you are patient, you can find almost anything you want at some kind of discount!

  8. I agree! I always try to wait until things go down in price!! Its soo hard though, haha

  9. You look so beautiful Lyddie! This blazer fits perfectly, it's like a sailor look. Now on your question, If I really REALLY love it then I buy it, but I usually don't spend too much on new clothes, in fact I cannot remember the last item I bought new, I thrift almost everything (except underwear!). Shoes are usually my thing and on those sometimes I do wait till they are reduced a bit. You are such a bargain genius! I can't believe you got this blazer for that awesome price!

  10. such a cute blazer! I think you should always wait for a sale (some exceptions) I saw a dress at target I just had to have but it was $30 (wasnt really worth that though) so I waited and it went on sale for $15 woot! (then it went on sale for 9.99 but oh well) so I think you should always wait it pays off! literally!


  11. Beautiful jacket, it was worth waiting for.The outfit looks all very good.
    I have the same cammi :)

  12. You look great!:D I like the blazer on you.:D

    When I LOVE the product, I buy it right away.

    When I LIKE the product, I would wait for it to go on sale.


    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  13. Oh, wow, I really love this outfit of yours! And I agree, sometimes I'll see something and be love at first sight (Jeffrey Campbell shoes, for example) but then see the pricetag and realize that no, I'm not going to pay $150 dollars for a pair of shoes. ; 3; anyway, cute cute blazer and skirt, you look most fabulous!

    && yes, my dog does give that look all the time. He is always looking for trouble and for someone to chase his dastardly self.

  14. awesome blazer(^^)...if i really in love with the item + it was worth it as a timeless fashion then i'll buy no matter what the cost...but usually i rather wait till there's DISCOUNT (that's everyone's wish)


    (following u now...please do follow me back if u like)

  15. I never buy anythign full price at Gap. I always wait for the sales. The blazer is fab. So versatile.

  16. The outfit is adorable, the blazer was a stellar choice, and you are so beautiful! Especially great photos today.

  17. nice blazer!!! i almost never buy full price if it a very expensive item. always wait for sale!!! then im happy and guilt free plus i get to brag that something nice for cheap hahahhaa

    xoxo jenna

  18. I'm a sucker for a sale, I generally buy from sales more since I figure you can get more bang for your buck then :)
    xx miss anonymous.

  19. YAY!!!! Good for you - and you look AMAZING in it!

  20. Score !
    You got a good question.
    For me, it depends.
    If its an item that I just KNOW I cannot find a similar one to I MIGHT get it right away. It also depends how much I have in my wallet. I do not shop on credit.
    Only when I travel... and
    I almost never pay full price.

  21. Love the blazer! <3

  22. What a great deal you got! Most of the time I wait for a sale, but whenever I see something I can't wait to have I pay the price.


  23. oh and it looks fantastic on you!! I have reservations about buying new online because I like trying things on first to make sure they fit, but this fits you perfectly.

    And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, when you said for this summer you'd like to spend less time on the computer and more time with friends it put things into perspective for me as a goal I should have too, thank you!

  24. If I see something really expensive I'll wait to see if the price goes down, of if it's something really special I'll save up for it.

  25. Great sale find! $98 is wayy to much for a Gap blazer!

  26. lydie! omg u just know how to look fab dont u! love it love it love it!

  27. That blazer is FAB! Nice job finding it on sale!


  28. That blazer is awesome. Actually, the whole outfit is awesome!

  29. You took the words exactly out of my mouth. I wonder this stuff all the time. Your outfit is very cute. But to answer your question YES!!!! Sometimes I get scared that some how it won't go on sale so I buy it. Your blog is amazing

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  30. Sometimes I buy it... sometimes I wait and it's miraculously on sale a few months/weeks later! :) So yeah it really depends! Love your striped skater skirt! I was going to buy it from H&M but it was kind of expensive for a jersey skirt...

  31. i live for salessss!
    whenever i go shopping, i check those out first before anything else. and then i work my way up! but usually, i dont walk out of the store without anything on clearance or on sale.

    well.... maybe for an exception of shoes... shoes! ill pay big money for! :]
    anywhoo, i love your blog!


  32. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You did a great job mixing stripes here!

    ♥ V


  33. Bravo on waiting for the cost of the blazer to come down - such patience. I have to admit, if I want something badly, I usually purchase at full price which is gut-wrenching at times when I do know how much they are marking things up. You look lovely lady - that necklace is beautiful as well. =) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

  34. But where is that lovely necklace from???

  35. Great find! I swear, Gap have one of the best sales racks ever. You look awesome and are going to get a lot of wear out of that piece.


  36. Nice outfit, I really like your necklace! :D

  37. Wow, fantastic find. Such a wonderful blazer at such a great price. I aoften try to wait until items go on sale, but if I know I really want to have it I buy it before, just to make sure it's not sold out

  38. That is a really nice blazer.

    I get most of my clothes in thrift stores, I barely even look in high street shops anymore, I can't even afford their sale prices!

  39. i saw that blazer before too and was so shocked with the original price!! good job on getting that deal on them!! :D

    i always always wait until a sale is up for the pieces that i see in the mall. although, at times.. maybe once in 2 months, i'd find something that i really adore and i know i wouldn't find anywhere else and would splurge a bit, paying for the original price no matter how high it might be. hahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  40. Lucky girl and you look so stylish and cute...I love that blazer:)
    Have a fantastic weekend,sweetie and see you soon:)

  41. The stripes worked! :) I do have this one belt I just got which I wore for one week straight. I loved it so much. It's simple and versatile enough to wear with different outfits!

    I always wait for sales or get something that I like that is already inexpensive. Truthfully, I don't go shopping as much as other fashionistas do! That always surprises people. I probably go on shopping sprees three times a month then small item shopping maybe a couple times within that month. I don't try to wait for something to go on sale because sometimes they just don't or not to the price within your budget, so I look for similar looking items elsewhere that satisfies that CRAZY WANT in me for that one thing... then buy whatever I wanted elsewhere for so much cheaper. I usually go by design and not so much by brand.

    I do like that navy blazer on you-- especially the white cuffs! I don't have a navy one yet!

  42. Cute outfit. LOVE that blazer! I wish I had a really cute one too. I have the same dilema of should I buy it now or wait for it to go on sale and chance that I won't be able to find my size. I usually risk it and leave it to chance!

    Thanks for the comments.


  43. Wao! I'm so glad you were able to get the blazer at such a good price! You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit!! I love all the stripes, and the cardi fits you beautifully!


  44. The blazer is perfect and looks fantastic on you. And what a great sale. Gap always has the greatest sales and they're a great place to shop for basics.


  45. Kinda wanna gank your blazer. HA! Love the skirt too!

  46. Ahhh, all those things are so amazing! I can point quite a few of them that I would gladly own myself:) Great choice!

  47. Sorry, I take it back. I like the yellow blazer, but I ADORE this navy one even more!