June Lucky Checklist

Lucky is the only magazine I currently subscribe to. I used to get Vogue, but my Vogue dreams so rarely came true, and they took up so much darn space that I just let it run out.

Lucky however, is very attainable. When each new issue comes I like to save it for a Saturday morning when I can sit in the sunny part of the house and sip my coffee and look through it. Back to front (since I always like what is in the back more than the front) littering it with the little 'yes' stickers.

June was a particularly good month, there were tons of looks I wanted to try and items I wanted to acquire. June is nearly over, so I thought I'd share everything I loved, and everything I actually did/bought.

On this page, I love the black and white dress. As a result, I ended up with both this zigzag skirt, and this dress:

Yup. I bought it. You'll see it later this week.

I wanted both blazers on this page, and the bright floral shorts! I went to Ami Club Wear to check out the blazer, since it was only $27, and I was super turned off by their photo:

Sorry, that's just awful. Incidentally people liked it, as it is sold out. I got my really nice Gap blazer anyway. Plus, I'd rather have a wool/poly blend than a rayon/poly blend.

I was also disappointed by the looks of the k-mart blazer on their website, and I don't have a k-mart anywhere near me to check out, so I'll be looking for a white blazer else where. Anyone know where there is a good one?

The floral shorts are $64 at Miss Me, and I was hoping to find something for a little less. Still looking.

I love lace, and the necklace, bracelet and earrings were very appealing to me because they had the "I could do that" factor.

A fringe benefit of dedicating the better part of five years to costume making is that I have piles of left overs. Three of my costumes involved lots of lace appliques and I would go around thrifting wedding gowns and other dresses for $15 and harvesting all the lace. I sort of felt like a butcher, but trust me, they were ugly.

Maybe I went overboard. Anyone interested in a lace jewelry giveaway?

I wanted those oxfords. I wanted them now! (and by now, I mean the beginning of May, when this issue arrived at my door.) I went to GbyGuess.com and found no oxfords. I kept checking. No oxfords. I decided to email Lucky, surely they would know. I got a prompt reply"

Fine. I can wait. June comes. No shoes... No shoes! I finally decide to email Guess. Another prompt reply:

ARG. Patience is a virtue. I suppose. But I wanted to wear that outfit, since I totally could put it together. Since that's not happening until the fall,  I wore this instead:

Neon Floral

More blazers. I spotted this super 90's bright yellow silk blazer by Anne Klein II. I surgically removed the shoulder pads. But I'm not sure. I don't know that I can pull of such a big, bold blazer. I decided to style it just like in Lucky.

What do you think? 
ps. this look is about a million times too hot for summer.

I love this cosmos dress. But at almost $400, it's not going to happen for me. Instead, I picked apart the elements of the look and made my own from what was in my closet.

This skirt is not a skirt

Strapless dress with uneven hemline: check.
Metallic flat sandal: check.
Gold cuff bracelet: check.
Something shiny: check.

Still on the list:

I still have three more precious June days, so there.

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  1. I don't subscribe to Lucky, but I agree with you - very attainable and I think they have a great editor!!!



  2. I love Lucky mag. You did a great job finding all the looks. I also love InStyle because I can actually afford things!

  3. This is such a fun post to read and those are lovely buys you got there!:D

    I love Lucky Mag too and those lace jewelry, I want!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I love the girl's outfit at the end with the stripes and floral skirt! Her hair is amazing!!! I want long straight hair with bangs again! I want those cosmos maxi dress, whoa stunning!!! Love your canary yellow blazer, great color with the scarf!

  5. I love Lucky! It's also the only magazine I subscribe to, plus I've won some shoes in one of their giveaways. I adore your lace crochet, and would love to enter a giveaway for such an item!


  6. I love this post, I always love to see how other ladies wear the outfits inspired by the magazines, I totally agree on that bright blzaer look for the summer is too warm to wear but I do love the bright color of your blazer. Great post once again, my favorite look for you is the floral top with the shorts. =)Have you checked at DSW the store to see whether they have oxfords? or even at Ross or TJ Max. I saw lots of oxfords at Ross and DSW some time ago.

  7. Holy moly!

    What a thorough post.

    Bummer about the AMI Clubwear blazer - ha, yes, some of their shots are VERY over the top :P

    Loooooove that lace cuff! YES! Give-away! LOL. Do it! :P

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  8. Lace giveaway, um yes! I love the yellow blazer look, and no oxfords! the shame! p.s. you mark with "yes" stickers? the adorableness of that is insane!!


  9. Great post. I don't even know where to start, but I do have to say LACE JEWELRY?! Awesomeness! I want!

  10. I LOVE the lace jewelery you made, especially the necklace

  11. I LOVE your look with the yellow blazer! I pulled alot of inspiration from Lucky as well. Bummer about waiting for the shoes!


  12. I love the lace necklace, very crafty!

  13. Wow. I LOVE those coloured blazers. Especially your yellow one! I'm so jealous, I could never pull that off!

    K xx

  14. I am a Lucky fan as well (for the exact same reason). In fact, I have a lot of the same pages torn out from that issue. The Lace Crochet page was one of my favorites - the accessories you made were fantastic.


  15. There's a magazine called "Look" that I get weekly and I get so much inspiration from. They show high street store items and designer so most of it is affordable.

    I love the cosmos maxi dress and the dress you are wearing.

  16. Great post! I haevn't heard of the mag Lucky, but it looks pretty amaze!
    Off The Wardrobe

  17. I"ve never even flipped through a LUCKY magazine ... thanks for the info!

  18. Oh i really loved everything you paired in, specially the 2nd outfit! And i also want a floral shorts, i bought some textiles and i'll see if someone can do them for me. Good luck with the last things. Oh and i'm on that giveaway!

    p.s. thanks for sharing your tjmaxx love :D i'm gonna find a store near me.

  19. Oh How I enjoyed this post.
    and Lyddie.. I AM IN ON THE GIVEAWAY !
    YAY! I loved every single thing you made !!!!!!
    WOW you got me excited !
    I adore Lucky but here I get it like 2 months late which totally sucks -- that is WHEN I can get it.

  20. love this post! it is always so neat to see how people take looks and make it their own. and really great job on that jewelery! i like yours better then what lucky was showing us!

  21. I love the lace jewellery! And I am a fan of blazers too, can't get enough of them!

  22. i love sitting down with a good magazine and just relaxing. :)

    i loved reading this post and seeing your take and inspiration from lucky! that yellow blazer is so fantastic. and i'm going to say YES to a giveaway! those lace pieces are gorgeous and i'm especially loving the black necklace :)

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog<3
    I love yours, I am your newest follower!

    xo Lynzy

  24. I stopped subscribing to Lucky (no specific reason really), but I've been considering resubscribing. I do believe that the clothing/styles they suggest are attainable. Not always in price, but you can always recreate the looks for less on your own!


  25. I do love your style and that blue scarf is perfect with that outfit. Great purchase on the black and white dress. I can see why you like Lucky magazine. Fabulous inspiration. And you my dear have lovely taste. =) Enjoy your day.

  26. I realllllly love your floral tank and shorts look!

  27. I love that mag...and you did sooooo good finding all those looks...You look amazing in that jacket:) Kisses sweetie and have a fun MOnday

  28. Love the lace necklaces! I think a giveaway is in order for sure!

  29. I would be in a lace jewelry giveaway. I'm learning how to crochet, maybe I could try my hand at the jewelry featured...

  30. Looks like Lucky has gotten a bit better, I find all my magazine wishes are fulfilled through blogs now :)

  31. Haha. I enjoyed reading this entry! I agree. That photo was awful!! There's nothing I can stand more than seeing fake boobs on models. You can seriously tell. If they do show boobs, at least use models that look like they have real boobs. Anyway. Fake boobs are just gross.

    I like that yellow blazer! Bold colors are beautiful on blazers. They remind me of Heathers, the movie from the 80's. You did a good job :)

  32. I love Lucky - but that Ami Clubwear stuff...they've been featuring that site for a couple months now and considering the quality of that site and a lot of the crap on it it's obvious Lucky is getting some pretty serious kickbacks...Blech. They style it well, but just...blech.

    On a different note, your outfits are fabulous and I love the lace jewelry!


  33. congrats for completing a lot of items from your checklist!

    you look great in all your photos! my fave is the 2nd one, the pic of you wearing yellow blazer :)
    aaaah, i'm a big fan of bright blazer; sadly i can't seem to find it anywhere in my city. at least, not with an unreasonable prize. :(

    Castor Pollux

  34. great outfits girls are very lucky to they have several outfits

  35. I've been getting Lucky mag for the longest time! I love it. It's so fun to see what's new out there. :)

  36. I adore the bright yellow blazer!

  37. Love the way you rock the yellow blazer!


  38. This post is really helpful! I also love your top.


  39. Ahhhh, your yellow blazer.. <33 I have been looking for bright colorful blazers but I can't seem to find any that cost less than $70.00.. haha. You look so cute in yours!~ and I can't wait to see your new outfits you make with that skirt and top. :D