Dressed like a million bucks with my all blue Chucks

One of my coworkers asked me if I was paying homage to Snoop Dogg with my 'all blue Chucks'. I stared blankly, I had no idea. So I looked it up, the song is Lodi Dodi, and I borrowed the title from it. I don't really care for much rap, but I can appreciate this particular verse.

turquoise chucks

I finished up June with my last Lucky inspired look. Unlike Lucky suggests, I don't think that a white sneaker is ideal, even a white converse. For me, a white sneaker with a skirt makes you look like one of the women who commute to office jobs and wear sneakers on the street with their sensible heels tucked away in a shopping bag. Most of those women wear very athletic white sneakers, and I think they just look so silly.

White sneakers could work with trousers, or shorts or jeans, of course, but not a skirt. Cream, I think I could wear with a skirt however.

I should put cream converse on my list. Cream Chucks make me think of the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. I loved him so much. And I pretty much attribute my interest in Converse in the first place to him. Before that, the only person I knew with them was my good friend Abbey, who rocked middle school in a pair of bright red high tops.

But I love how the Tenth Doctor wore them with his pinstriped suits, and occasionally he'd be seen in tux, sporting a black pair - proving their true versatility, day to evening, casual to formal...

 Look how cute! I'm going to be good and only put one photo (you know I secretly want to put 20) of the gorgeous David Tennant and his Chucks - they were in fact, his.

Another part of Lucky's look I had issues with was the wide striped shirt. Not the stripes themselves, but the actual shirt. Horizontal stripes + wideness = extreme wideness. Sure, the model looks okay, but I didn't think there was enough balance in that look for me.

Skirt and Sneakers and Puppy

The Rundown
Skirt (which is a dress) Kohls - Top Gap - Turquoise Converse customized by me and gifted by Abbey - Necklaces Etsy

I realized after wearing this, that a skirt with sneakers was not a look I hadn't yet tried. I did it in Italy. Twice. And I think my blue skirt with the floral cardi and black converse is way cuter than Lucky's suggestion.

Day in Venice

So here is Lydia's How-To Wear a Skirt and Sneakers:
  • Choose a short, full mini skirt. You need a lot of leg to work with a flat shoe, and anything like a pencil skirt would make it look like you were running to the office.
  • Keep the top close fitting to balance out the fullness of the skirt.
  • Make sure your sneaker is non-athletic and looks deliberate. No one should think your cute shoes got stolen at a party and this all the hostess could supply you with.
Now you are perfect ;)

Oh hey, this is my 200th post. Cool.


  1. Your version is definitely better!:D

    Loving the floral cardigan, Lydia!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. I like your version a lot better. I'm going to try it. Oh! and I'm wearing the shorts outfit with the floral top & white shoes on the 4th!!!! I'm excited to debut it : )

  3. "Make sure your sneaker is non-athletic and looks deliberate. No one should think your cute shoes got stolen at a party and this all the hostess could supply you with."

    Someone's been watching SATC... ;)

    I agree with the above. Your version is cuter! I'm not a big fan of converse myself, but sneakers and skirts can be oh-so-cool and casual.

  4. I love your converse, I did my own version of this outfit a while ago, but I switched the sneakers for vintage oxfords and added the belt, because like you said I looked very VERY wide and shapeless, you have a curvy figure so you can definitely wear stripes more than I can. I love that look from Italy, I think it looks even better than the lucky inspired too. I hope you do this again, I would love to see more of these magazine inspired outfits =)

  5. You look really nice! I love the skirt your wearing! & Awwwh your dog is so cute :)

    Nicola xo

  6. I like both looks, but definitely think your ultimately wins out - I think I like the way the blue skirt drapes better! Love your blue Chucks tho :)

  7. I like your Italy look better too. I find the Lucky look was too bland. The Italy one looks more you, more personality!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  8. Yay congrats on your 200th post! I'm on the 143rd post! Woo how exciting? I love floral and stripes, soooo good! :)

  9. 200 posts?! AWESOME!!!

    I agree - those 'white running shoes' for the 'commute' - EWWWWW. I HATE 'cross trainers' anywhere but the gym. *shudder*

    I 'm also feeling the idea of cream Chuck Taylors - ya!

    Mott's Clamato is mix! It's ultimately clam-tomato juice (hence the clam-ato). You use it to make (bloody) caesers!! So delish! :D

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  10. i think when pulled off right - sneakers look so nice for the summmer

    you look great hun

  11. This is a great outfit! Love your skirt more!=O

    Off The Wardrobe

  12. yeah, I never get that david tennant thing. He's nice, and funny, and Scottish in the best possible way, yeah, but gorgeous? hmmm.

    Love your outfiots though!

  13. I go back and forth with cons and skirts too. I have a pair of white ones (that I bought when I was required to have white shoes for a hospital job, so I said alright I'm going to go all Grey's Anatomy on you) but the problem is my feet look huge in all cons. I love your blue ones in this post, they pop!

  14. Lol! Too funny! Your look is awesome! Mind if I borrow the skirt :) Cute dog!!


  15. Cuuute! I love your stripy shirt with the flower skirt. :D I don't think white sneakers are really that great, either.. unless they're really small, but still, I wouldn't wear any. There is something about them that screams AWRAWRsjfksdf. <--that

  16. I love the trainers with skirts looks.

  17. I have my mum's Keds from the 90s. They're borderline hideous, but I LOVE THEM. You rock both your looks! But I REALLY like the first one -- stripes + florals = SUCH A WIN.

    And Bichon Frise?! (Dog twins?!) (Aw yeah!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! QUIRKYEXPLOSION.blogspot.com

  18. i love dr who..LOL that show is graet. actually comes on in 2 hours! ♥ great post

  19. wow, you look stunning in both looks! but i think the last one looks cuter ;) thanks for sharing the tip!

    Castor Pollux

  20. Nautical tops are my favorite and this one on you is perfect! And the accessory of the pup - well the best accessory =) Enjoy your weekend.

  21. I love both of your skirt/Chucks combos, especially the one with the flowered top. I always want to make this work and end up chickening out at the last minute.

  22. Congrats on your 200th post! Great outfit. Love those blue chucks!

  23. Love both looks, and your skirt with the red flowers is just amazing:) Oh, and the dog is super-cute!
    *off to look for my sneakers, now I really have to try this look*

  24. i loved this lucky look also--you've pulled it off so well!

  25. i <3 david tennant. he was the doctor when my fiance got me into Dr Who. matt smith is doing a good job as the new doctor, and i love amy pond, but david tennant will always be MY doctor. :)