Now with even more style challenge

I was way off about the dates of the wardrobe capsule challenge. Not entirely my fault, as it was a typo on one of Jane's posts. So rather than being an eight day challenge it actually started Monday and was meant to be just five days! I've just decided to do seven, because I like the challenge. Or I'm crazy, as my sister said, when I told her what I was doing. The conversation went something like this:
Sister: Didn't you wear that romper the other day?
Me: Yeah, but I'm doing a challenge and only wearing five things this week.
Sister: WHAT? You're recycling outfits??
Me: *silence and a smirk*
Me: We actually call it remixing.
Sister: When you say 'we', you mean people on the internet, don't you.

But this is coming from the girl who thinks that an entire month needs to pass before wearing the same top again. Which is why she is constantly raiding my closet, and its becoming quite a source of exasperation for me.

Day Three
More black and gold

My second dress, also a print (because a solid would just be boring, hahah.) Keeping things very simple to deal with the heat. Barely there sandals, two tiny necklaces and my twisty belt, since without it the dress is a bit shapeless. Even then, I only wore it to go out of the house. While I was hanging around, I embraced it's loose moo-mooness.

The Rundown
Dress Avon - Sandals Unlisted - Belt Thrifted - Necklaces Etsy

Day Four
Wardrobe Caspule Challenge day 4

The romper makes it's second appearance, this time as a top! I don't mind it as a top at all, save for the fact that wearing a skirt over it transforms the skirt into a skort - an item I have not worn since middle school and really never cared to encounter again. That aside I think the two work well together.

The Rundown
Romper NY&Co. Skirt Made by Me - Wedges Macys - Earrings Kohls - Necklace Lia Sophia - Belt Thrifted

Also, since Already Pretty is doing a week (five day) challenge of not wearing any black, and my items aren't black (patterns are okay as long as black isn't the main color, so I think my dress is okay) I figured I might as well do that too!

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  1. woo hoo! go challenged - since I was out of town I missed out on the start date for these! But I may do a shorts challange of my own to get those li' guys out of ny drawers and out on the street.

    I love love love your dress- the print is fantastic!

  2. love the romper with the skirt! Great idea ... and you look so cute :)

  3. Pretty green skirt!

  4. i love your outfits! and i agree, i have to let at least a month pass before i wear my clothes a second time. ;)

  5. Great stylings! Very clever way to remix the romper.

    Funny about your sister - when I told the hubs about the challenges, he was like, "Is this a personal challenge" and I replied, "No, blogging challenge :)!"

  6. Great style ! You have the best OOTD's ever absoulutley gorgeous :)



  7. Man, you're so good at challenges! The romper as a top is genius!

    And, yes, us people on the Internet prefer to "remix"! teehee

  8. I love your day 4 outfit. That skirt is so adorable!

  9. Great green skirt!!!

  10. OhMyGoodness, cute. I love the green skirt.


  11. That green skirt is great and a great shape for you=D
    Boy I wish I could do the 5 things challenge but I just couldn't pick 5 items, I'm don't have much imagination. Two challenges at once? Wow! I can't even do one. But I'll be watching how you do it. =)

  12. I like your blog and your pictures I'm now following you.


  13. I love your romper re-do here. The color goes perfectly with the green skirt. Adorable!


  14. Great style doll! Loving both outfits on you! xo-karrie

  15. Such cute looks (that green skirt!), if I wasn’t so into black at the moment (I usually am not at all) I would be doing Sal’s challenge for sure

  16. Ha ha "people on the Internet"! That's really funny! You're doing great! I'm impressed, like putting that romper under the skirt, great move! Lovely little world here, I'm your newest follower! XO!

  17. Great outfits! I'm all about moo-moo dresses in the summertime. Sometimes it's too hot for fabric to touch your skin. And of course I love your Marie skirt!

  18. i loooooove the green skirt--what an awesome color!

  19. I adore the romper with the skirt...Looks so great sweetie! The green skirt is soooo cute:)
    Kisses sweetie:)

  20. I am SOO laughing at the conversation you had with your sister, some people don't get it :)
    I have to say that idea with the romper was super, I would have never known if I had not read the text... and your Avon dress is fabulous.
    I am also in the summer capsule challenge and every time I visit another blogger who is in it I feel worst as I shall be known as the lazy one, who picked 5 dresses for 5 days.

  21. Hahaha, I love the convo with your sister. I know I say that to my parents lots and they're just like.. "we?" haha! I love it.

    And I loooove your superduper outfits, of course! The romper as a top is quite ingenious. :) I just bought my first romper yesterday (at Ross!) for 12 bucks and I can't wait to wear it. :D