100 Followers Giveaway!

I'm so pleased to be announcing this - when I first started this blog the idea of having 100 readers seemed impossible, I still remember the first time I got a comment from someone who wasn't a family member and how exciting that was!

So to thank you all, someone will win this necklace:

Okay, that's enough photos right? Do you like it? I know mine was quite popular, and believe me, if there had been more beads like those, I would have bought a hundred! But this is it, the only others I could find - and now you have a chance to make it your own!

To enter, simply be a follower and leave a comment telling me something about yourself. Anything - your favorite pair of shoes, what song is the most played on your iPod, why you think your puppy is cuter than mine... and please be sure I've got a way to reach you!

This will be open to all, and will run until Sunday June 13th, 11:59 PM, EST.
Good Luck, and thank you all for reading!


  1. I'm a recent follower- I found your blog via Jane's post :) I'm also doing the capsule challenge! you can take a look at my humble blog if you choose to ;P

    A little bit about myself? Hmm. I am infamous for my infactuation with Jewelry- necklaces and earrings in particular. My hairdresser asked if I wear necklaces a lot- apparently the hair at the back of my neck is feeling mistreated and broken (not that I care) lol! I also love to MAKE jewelry, but I never have time or ambition, and I always end up making my necklaces too small for my taste for lack of time/more beads/worrying about making it too large/etc!


  2. Wow...congrats on the 100 followers mark!!!! I love this necklace!! Such great beads and colors :)

  3. I love platform heels especially sandlas in the summer time. Just becasue I'm 5'2 and it makes me look super tall

    Follower! Congrats on the reaching 100+

    Enter me

    makeupbykimporter at gmail dot com

  4. Oh, love the color of those beads!

    I recently became a follower; found your blog via Wardrobe Remix on Flickr. Which I look at all the time for ideas since I had a baby six month ago and NOTHING fits anymore.

    ang (dot) kunkel (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Please enter me.
    It's my Birthday today, but things keep going wrong, I had to wait 45 mins for my bus to work, so was late, plus the fact I had to work on my Birthday, then I just missed my bus home and now my laptop keeps playing silly bugers.

    So maybe winning your giveaway will cheer me up wink wink :)!!!!


  6. please enter me!
    about me, my favorite color is purple and i love the winter! xaxaxa!
    my emial is sofimoukidou@windowslive.com

  7. awww, lyddie, that is such a wonderful necklace! :D

    i am a happy follower. my favorite color is yellow. the song breakeven by the script is stuck in my head right now. ;)



  8. I'm a follower, have been for a bit. And a bit about me, I'm a stay at home mom who likes inexpensive, low-maintenance fashion. So nice, so good. That's why I like your blog.


  9. il est magnifique ce collier

  10. So cool! And, I don't think there are many puppies out there that are cuter. Can you believe I lost my ipod! Still haven't replaced it - but let me tell you, it's tough without it because I like music on my walk home from work.

    Also - your blog is great, and your style is always inspriring - especially to someone like me who is just learning to play around with color.

  11. YIPEE!!! Your first give-away!

    Congrats on the 100 followers, Lyddie - that is UBER exciting (I KNOW!) and well deserved!

    This necklace is AWESOME, and I saw the original and loved it just as much... well, I may just love this one more bc I'm a huuuuuge fan of turquoise (it IS our wedding colour! :).

    Something about me: I love all types of foods and will pretty much eat anything, but I do NOT like gargonzola cheese.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  12. Congrats on your milestone lady. That neck candy is gorgeous!

  13. Congrats on 100 followers! I love hunting for vintage finds at this hole-in-the-wall thrift store by our house -- I've gotten earrings there for .75!

  14. i love pizza hut's stuffed crust pizza. its amazing! :D

    congrats on your followers. and i'm already a follower!

  15. i am a follower because i just moved and wanted to change up my new space! you have given me some great ideas!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  16. Nice! I like seeing blogs for the first time and finding out they are hosting a giveaway. I took it as a sign to enter :)

    I just followed you on Google Friend Connect seeing that your blog is quite of the interest in general!

    I think that my puppy is cuter than yours because mine is almost 11 years old, but he still looks like a puppy. He doesn't like it when I say this because it insults his white fur and the wisdom that comes with it.

  17. Here's a random fact: I can't whistle. I've tried and tried to no avail.

    You know I'm a follower!

  18. Congrats on 100 followers. Yay!

    I follow your blog.

    1 thing about myself... I really love warm summer nights. It's one of my favorite things.

  19. Congratulations!

    I'm your newest follower and I absolutely LOVE that necklace. Something about me: I get the giggles at the most inappropriate times.


  20. Hi, I want to win! Hmm...something about me....besides reading and writing, my favorite thing to do is cook!

    I'm now a follower!


  21. ohh yes please--that necklace is gorgeous! did you make this one, too?

  22. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support youve given me with my blog, I never forgot that you were my first follower =)Congrats on 100 followers! you deserve it ;)


  23. Beautiful necklace! I was just thinking that I needed to own more statement jewelry. So fabulous.

    I'm a follower, and something about me? I can't believe that my daughter will already be turning one next month!

  24. I'm already a follower :) So glad you reached the 100 follower milestone! Interesting fact about me: I am an identical twin! I miss my sister :(

    Love the necklace, it's gorgeous!

  25. Congrats!!! enter me, please! AND... what to tell you... um, I miss my doggie? yeah! I miss my dog!!

    Reach me at my blog!

  26. Yay, congrats!! About me - I get the hiccups pretty much every day. It's annoying!

  27. Such a wonderful necklace. This is such a cute giveaway

  28. I'm a follower on google reader! I am proud to say that I am the owner of TWO lydia creations, a kimono-type top and a nautical rope bracelet my sister had made for my birthday. I'm waiting for you to hit it big as a fashion designer and I can be like "oh this is an ORIGINAL" and be all haughty and stuff with my $10 purchase:) Also I love the necklace. Also, I love diet coke. It's a sickness. And cats. And monkeys. And shoes (but you already knew that!)

  29. Very pretty!! I'm a follower! and I love that necklace!! My favorite thing would have be all the baby stuff I'm buying to prepare for my bambino. shes due on december 24, i'm so excited.

    anyway I hope the future brings you 100's more followers!!


  30. Following :) Congrats on breaking 100! Such an amazing accomplishment! And something about me... I am a shoe person. I have more than fifty but not over 100. And I can't get rid of any! I love them all.


  31. I'm a follower and I LOVE strawberries even though I'm allergic.

  32. Congratulations on the mark! And this necklace is really beautiful (great pictures, too, especially the last one, definitely my favourite):)

  33. I'm a new follower and this is my comment.. hmm a fun fact about me? Let's see.. I love sloths.. I just think they're so adorable :)

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  35. Typo in last post that bothered me, sorry about that, haha! I like this necklace, it's my favorite color!

    Sometimes when it's storming really bad and I get scared, I have to poop lots. :) fun fact ahaha.

  36. what a gorgeous necklace! here's my fact - i've kept every single issue of vogue since sept 2005. and i would have more if i didn't purge before moving away to college. biggest regret of my life.

    I follow your blog via google reader :)
    -preppywithatwist at gmail dot com.

  37. hi lyddie, the necklace is so cute! we know us already from flickr, but let me tell you something we have in common: sometimes half of my closet is on my bed too! ;-) (to be honest, very often)
    have a good day!

  38. Awesome give-a-way! Hmm...well the best I can come up with (early and caffeine deprived at the moment) is you are definitely one of the blogs I check out everyday, and I always enjoy your posts! You are an inspiration to this thrice weekly (if I'm lucky) blogger!