Pile on the Pepper

I've never felt that layering jewelry was something I could do well. So today was a bit of an experiment, perhaps a bit over the top, but not in an outlandish kind of way.

I started out safe - two necklaces, one long, one short. I've done this combination before, only this time with two unique and bold pieces - the rhinestone carrot, and the pocket watch.

Then I went on to bracelets, three of them, a silver cuff, a gold cuff, and an orange bangle. Each is fairly ornate - again pieces that don't necessarily need any accompaniment.

Since I really wanted to layer it on, I twisted two skinny studded belts together, adding even more orange to the outfit.

And to top it off, my layered ring, also featuring orange stones, and the fedora. Why not, who doesn't love a fedora?

It seemed like a wise idea to keep my canvas otherwise neutral, so I chose a denim skirt and a white top. I don't really own any plain white tops, so the huge flower applique is about as sublet as I've got. Haha.

Pile on the pepper

I tried to think of some rules for layering, but every one I could come up with, I broke; such as layering in the same color metal, or layering small dainty necklaces or thin bracelets. But who says fashion needs rules anyway?

pile on the pepper 1

The Rundown
Skirt Gap - Top Gap - Sandals Ciao Bella - Fedora Market in Italy - Carrot Necklace Betsy Johnson - Pocket Watch Necklace Etsy - Gold Bracelet Avon - Orange Bracelet Kohls - Silver Bracelet NY&Co. - Ring Lia Sophia - Belts Gap

Rundown (get it?)
Excuse the goofy face!


  1. I love love love that outfit...This hat looks great on you and I adore the rings and the whole outfit...Kisses sweetie and enjoy your weekend:)

  2. Aww, I love your piled on jewelry. And your goofy face in the last picture, hehe. I know I have so many goofy face pictures in the ones my mom takes.

    But anyway! Yeah, your jewelry looks really good. :) it works gerat since your outfit is fairly simple. I love that gold cuff!

  3. You did an awesome job layering and it doesn't look over the top at all! I have that same top! I think your outfit looks great especially because you kept the outfit pretty simple and cool. Great job with this outfit, I love the fedora on you! =D

  4. I wish you could have heard the big groan of disappointment that I let out when I read the fedora was from Italy! I love it! And I love the layered necklaces... I find it to be an intimidating style since it seems like you have to get the lengths right.

  5. Lol! I like the last picture! :)

    I was going to do a post on layering jewelry. I just recently got into it. I've seen a couple of really great fashionistas who do it pretty well. I don't think there are hard rules... just have fun with it and do it as you do with clothes!

  6. love the vintagy accesorries u piled together! loving the look!!

  7. Great layering - it's all pretty subtle so it works!

  8. so effortlessly chic darling! you look so pretty on your fedora.


    PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit it our blog (and feel free to follow!) :)

  9. great hat. :) and i love the golden cuff. :)

  10. cute look!!! i love your necklaces and that pop of red from your belt! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. Love layering necklaces. It looks so nice with outfits that are pretty plain otherwise.

  12. great outfit!!thanks for your visit!!!;P

  13. you looks awesome , nice top ,

    happy weekend

  14. How pretty !
    If anybody knew how muc thought we put into putting a cute assemble together!
    It came out perfect -

  15. This looks like a great casual and laidback outfit!

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  16. aww you look cute! love a bold color skinny belt!

  17. I love how your accessories work together even though each is so intricate :)
    xx miss anonymous.

  18. LOVE your accessories...

    and that tank is gorgeous!


  19. LOVE IT!!! I think braking the rules is amazing, as mixing especially gold and silver creates such a great effect. Seriously love your result

  20. I love how the accessories make this outfit very special! The hat is awesome, and I love all the jewelry!


  21. Great outfit. Your hat is so cute

  22. such a cute outfit! I think its darling! you did a great job! :)

  23. There is nothing nicer than a simple vest and skirt with layered jewellery - you have done a wonderful job.

  24. You are so cute. I love the necklaces especially. Sometimes I like to wear a lot of rings at once. I, too, am normally a bit of a minimalist. It can just be fun, right?
    By the way, your story made me sort of laugh because she must have though you were being obnoxious to have reacted that way, yet she failed to recognize that she was by far much more obnoxious. And, I can't imagine you being obnoxious in the slightest anyway. She must have been quite high strung!

  25. LOVE the necklaces especially the little carrot one too cute! I always forget to buy/ wear jewelry- must try harder! xx

  26. I've never really been one for layering either but I am loving what you did here! The two belts, genious. I also love that you kept the outfit simple, it gave me a chance to take in every accessory. I seriously have looked at this post multiple times and see something new everytime. Today: Those shoes!

  27. I loooooooove layering jewelry...and you pulled it off perfectly!

  28. Cute accessories!! It can make even the simplest outfit something cool.