A Bittersweet Beginning

Today marks the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. I can still remember that day in december, the shortest day in the year, when I told myself, "It's only getting better from here!" And now, here we are, starting up the shortening process again!

Longest Day of the Year

The Rundown
Top Avon - Pants Gap - Sandals Nine West - Belt Gap - Ring LuShae - Earrings My Mom's - Bag Charm and Luck

I think that is why summer always goes by so quickly, with each day slightly shorter than the last. I wish today was in August instead of June.

But it is still the beginning of summer, and there are still eight more days of June. June always feels like it has the most potential, like you could do anything this summer, late nights swimming, long days at the beach, four day weekends on Block Island or day trips to the city, or icy blended cocktails with live music during steamy hot nights... It could happen. I hope it happens.

So I had meant to do a post last night to wrap up my weekend, but it was a long busy one, with my towns annual festival and then Father's day with not one, but two birthday parties to attend. (Neither of which were terribly exciting, friends of the families babies... had to make an appearance though.)

I like my town's festival, it's pretty much the same every year, but there is joy in tradition. Friday night Vonda Shepard preformed, who I only really knew of because she was on Ally McBeal. But I liked her music and it was fun show.

Saturday all kinds of vendors cover the green, tons of jewelry. Almost to the point of boring. But I did see this: 

After all my hard work of creating my own, why did that damn necklace have to go and show up? Just plopped on the table, like it's nothing. It was $25 too. Not too bad, considering it's $57 counterpart. Part of me wanted to buy it. Part of me said I could just go and sell it on ebay for $100, which I could. But I knew if I brought it home it would stay, and that it would be insulting to myself if I did. So I snapped the picture and walked away.

The vintage store that opened recently, Coco's on the Green had a tent, and everything in it was $10. You know that is my heaven and while I had an armful of items, sadly most didn't fit. I did come home with one dress, and here is a little preview:

I have no idea where I'm going to wear this. Anyone want to go for cocktails in swanky club in NYC? Anyone?

I indulged in my yearly strawberry shortcake, just layers of goodness.

Eating strawberry shortcake and looking like a goof

And I wore my cute turquoise floral dress, which is somehow so much shorter than I remember it being... Any ideas on what might look good layered underneath it? I felt like when I sat down a little too much was on display!

floral saturday

The Rundown
dress tjmaxx - belt gap - sandals nine west - hat market in italy - necklace lia sophia

That evening a Fleetwood Mac cover--oh sorry, Tribute Band played, and they sounded really good. True, I can't exactly compare to the real deal, but I had a good time, save for this creepy old dude who kept trying to dance with me! He put his hands on my waist, kept trying to take my hands, eventually I just had to leave!

Why is it that I always seem to attract the creepy old dudes? Cute young men, I implore you -- Flirt With Me!!!

Sunday morning was the Road Race that I neither partake in nor watch. Town Pride!! I do partake in the pancake breakfast however, which is tasty. Almost anything covered in butter and strawberries is pretty darn tasty though. It's tradition, and I enjoy it.

Breakfast dregs
These are my leftovers, as taken for the MacroMondays theme of Trash.

And that is all. Until next year. I'm already looking forward to my shortcake.

Sunset of the Longest Day of the Year
Happy Summer everyone, I hope it is everything you imagine.


  1. That dress is so cute, I'm always in such a conundrum about dresses that are too short (do I take the 7th grade approach and wear leggins??) but it's cute!

    Also, I am with you with creepy old guys. Where do the good ones hide? Question of the day....

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! That dress is really pretty; it doesn't appear too short at all. You could wear a lacy slip or another skirt or leggings under it if it feels too short. I usually try to find a slip or something if I feel like a dress is too short.

  3. "Why is it that I always seem to attract the creepy old dudes? Cute young men, I implore you -- Flirt With Me!!!" -- This made me laugh, you're funny!:D

    Can't wait to see you with your new dress.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. cute! are those denim pants or linen?

    I'm totally eye-ing that shortcake. I may need to make one soon!

  5. I love that ruffly pink shirt! Such a pretty color and design.

    && I'm proud of you for walking away from that necklace! I like yours better, to be honest, something about that one seems too chunky and bright and short. o:

  6. That's so weird... I was just thinking of a dress today worn by someone from my high school during Spirit Week 80's theme. It was green and had sequins all over just like yours!! I thought it looked kind of cool and could've been worn at a cocktail party as a real dress and not just a costume.

    I have a lot of dresses that are much shorter than I remembered them to be! I guess for that just use a petticoat or another really light skirt.

  7. Happy summer to you! That floral dress is darling, love the peplum! And wide legged bell bottom jeans are the best!

  8. love your top in the first pic and the floral dress!
    i'm so curious about the green sequin dress you bought, the preview looks really cool :D

    "Why is it that I always seem to attract the creepy old dudes? Cute young men, I implore you -- Flirt With Me!!!"---LOL :DD

    Castor Pollux

  9. yay for the first day of summer!!! :)
    i adore that brightly colored floral dress on you! and how gorgeous are you in that light pink top? it's definitely a great color on you :)

  10. It doesn't get fully dark until after 11 pm here in Ireland!! I love it!

    I like your floral dress from tjmaxx, beautiful colours!

  11. I completely agree when it comes to summer. I feel like it's going to be over in a week of two when we really have two months left but, the only thing left to do is enjoy every minute of it!!!

  12. summer passes too quickly, like other pleasant things... lovely dress!

  13. I like your sets... very simple and pretty.
    I guess its all about choosing the right pieces.
    Oh, dont you hate those old guys ? It seems like they are everywhere!! I dropped out of French class a few years back because of this old dude. He once showed up in MY OFFICE ??!!! Can you believe that ?
    Also he would stand in the street from where he could see me working ( i have a corner office and all my shades are up) . he would do that once a week and then send me creepy emails...

  14. i LARVVEEE your outfits!

  15. Beautiful pictures Lyddie, I wish we had come sort of festival here, oh wait we do! =P but I never make it, anyways, that food looks delicious! And I totally second you on the creepy guys! Yikes I can't believe he had the guts to grab you by the waist, that jerk! Well yesterday it was super hot here so I'm not looking forward to Texas' summer heat, but I guess I can find things to do inside like watching movies, going to the mall or reading a good book. =) Hope you have a great summer, that print on the dress is so pretty, I would say try the dress over skirt layering? or maybe shorts? =)

  16. I have exactly the same feeling on June, anything is possible and so. But, then July it's like EER it's my last month on vacation! Damn, why time goes so fast?

  17. You look gorgeous...and how yummy is that strawberry shortcake? I want some, hehe!

    And summer has been everything I imagined it would be...hot as hell!

  18. Your weekend sounds awesome, especially the shortcake!! Geeze, it seems everyone is eating that deliciousness, I might have to cave and just make some! Great photos and outfits! xx

  19. LOVE your summer analogy! Definitely makes sense. I'm so full of hope - "ahh, there's so much I'm going to do this summer" but, at last, i've barely accopmlished any of it thus far. OH LAZY DAYS.

    You look really fantastic and isn't PILES OF JEWELRY AT VENDORS THE BEST?! Makes me happy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  20. I love your jeans, you look so chic

  21. I know what you mean, it’s sad the whole summer gets shorter.

  22. Great turquoise floral dress. And that sequin dress is certainly good for NYC cocktails!

  23. Great pictures! I really like the blue and pink together in the first outfit pic...and that floral dress!

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  24. Great photos. Always nice to see people having fun.

  25. Great post and photos! I really like your blog! I really like the bag you have in the first picture. The sneak peak of your dress is AWESOME. Green is my favorite color. Great floral dress!


  26. I love the dress - the colors are amazing and so summery!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  27. Sweet dress! You always look beautiful!

  28. I love love love this dress...Its so cute and yuppiee to the summer...:)
    Kisses sweetie and see you soon:)

  29. love your jumper! :)and everythign looks delicious :)

  30. I bought a very similar sequined green top and have found it a bit difficult to wear. I think sequins may be a bit heavy for the summer. But I can picture the colour to be gorgeous on you.


  31. cute outfit photos!!! i love the pink ruffled top and that dress on the second one!!! i love it when festivals are in my town.. they bring cute pieces and items for sale!

    Animated Confessions

  32. I love that patterned dress with the belt. So very chic!


  33. i love the color of your top in the first picture and your bag!

    ive never thought about that possibly being the reason why summer goes by so quick. it makes sense though!

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  35. Oooh, awesome photo of you by the tree! Love that dress with the belt.

    ♥ V


  36. I have that Niteline dress in black, I'm so jealous you found it in green!