Thrifted Joie Jacket

This Joie jacket was mentioned in my October budget post, and thankfully the weather was good for a bit and I got to wear it! Joie is one of my favorite brands to buy secondhand. Well, I only buy Joie secondhand (or at TJMaxx) because their retail prices are far to high. However $14 for this jacket, which retailed somewhere in the $400 range is a steal.

Also worth mentioning, no I didn't buy a designer bag - I was taking photos with Caitlin and left the purse I'd planning on carrying with this outfit in the car. Rather than go back I just borrowed her cute Louis Vuitton pouch, which did happen to match perfectly. Someday I might have a designer bag of my own. I just keep telling myself I need to stop buying everything else - the $20 Target shoes, the $100 J.Crew dresses, etc., - for a year, and then I'll likely have enough to get a designer bag. Secondhand, of course. I just need to find the willpower to do it!

 Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-1.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-12.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-6.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-14.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-2.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers, distressed jeans-5.jpg Joie jacket, tassel tee, silver loafers,
 distressed jeans-11.jpg
The Rundown
Tweed Moto Jacket "Pattyn" Joie thrifted
Grey Tassel Tee H&M similar
High Rise Button Fly Jeans Gap
Silver Regan Mule c/o Vionic
Clutch Louis Vuitton (borrowed from Caitlin)
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry

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  1. I am SO behind this jacket as I have one that I got one and I wear it SO freaking much for work!! This is going to be a killer piece to get a ton of use out of!

  2. A long time ago, someone pointed out to me how satisfying it would be when I finally bought my first designer bag. I was in university and designer bags were far beyond my budget at the time, not to mention that this person had parents who bought her designer bags routinely, so I brushed off her advice with a roll of my eyes. But I have to admit that when I finally did save up the money to buy my first designer bag, a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, it really was such an incredible feeling and experience. It's also still one of my favourite and most used bags, despite the fact that it is now a decade old. The handles show the years of wear, of course, but that almost makes it more special. The funny thing is, it only takes doing it once to realise that you can, in fact, open the door to having designer things if you're willing to make certain sacrifices. (I gave up Starbucks when I started saving for mine; best decision ever for so many reasons, not just the bag.) It really is like a whole new wonderful world opens up. I hope you'll be able to have that experience one day, but in the meantime, I love how your borrowed pouch matched just perfectly with this look. It was obviously meant to be!

  3. I can't believe what a good price you got that fabulous jacket for - it's such a beautiful piece (I'm glad the weather cooperated so you could wear it). I have a couple of designer bags and I definitely really treasure them, I save for quite a while to get them and they now show signs of age and love but I don't think I'll get more designer ones for a while. Too many other, far more inconsequential, things that I find myself wanting to spend money on, ha ha.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Loving all the greys in this look! And that jacket is so pretty, totally worth the $14!!
    And yesss, save up for that dream designer bag! Even if you don't stop spending on other stuff just put away a little bit each month in a savings account.

  5. I love Joie that is such a steal! And so cute...I, like you, always choose to have 10 pairs of $20 Target shoes than one designer item...But I don't think I'll ever change! Your friend's clutch is perfect with this look so maybe we need to reevaluate LOL.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  6. This jacket is amazing, what a great find! Love the silver mules too.


  7. Wowza....that jacket!! It's so my kind of piece, yet I have SO many like it. That would be the only reason I'd talk myself out of getting it...LOL!!

  8. That jacket is such a beautiful piece, what an amazing bargain too! I have a siilar white jacket I really need to wear more often, it's a fun topper to an outfit. I love the tassels on the tee and your shoes too, cute coordinating!

    The LV neverfull pouch works perfectly with your outfit too, great call using that for the photos! I hope you can get the designer bag you want one day - they are worth saving up for IMHO!

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog | Baby Hamper Giveaway

  9. Your jacket is such a fabulous piece and great find! The grey palette is so pretty on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. LOVE that jacket so much! And you got such a great deal!!


  11. That jacket was a great thrift store find! I love Joie and I'm the same and can't afford the actual retail price! I'm working towards saving a designer bag as well. It is taking much longer than I though, but errr, there were other things that I had to prioritize over the designer bag. One day though!

  12. That jacket was an amazing steal! That is one of the reasons I love buying secondhand. With the price difference I can't bring myself to pay the 'new in store' price for designer items. I'd love to get a designer bag one day, too. It's hard to pay that much for an item, even secondhand!

  13. That jacket is such an amazing price! It's a great neutral so you'll definitely get your use out of it!

  14. Chic casual look dear! Loving the simplicity of the outfit, and how well it's put together. The shoes really wrapped up the outfit.

    Jessica |

  15. Ooh that is a great jacket--such a gem of a find! I pretty much love this whole look--the details are combined so perfectly--the tassels in your shoes go so well with the details in your tee, the fun cuff of the jeans, the textures. I just love this look so much!!

  16. That jacket was a superb find Lydia.
    When it comes to designer bags I always wonder :how much does it have to cost to be called "designer bag?" because Rebecca Minkoff for example is a designer bag, how about Coach.... hmm? Would it have to cost over 1,000 USD ? The other day I was going to write a post about it.
    I think you can save up really quickly for one, if you add what you spent the last three months the odds are you probably spend that much on the J Crew dress and so on ;)