Peaks of the Week

Last month I gave up refined sugar - an important distinction, as I still wanted to be able to eat fruit and have my teaspoon of honey in my cup of tea. For some reason October always feels like the one month of the year when I can give something up - last year it was dairy.

Once again, all the claims about my body feeling overwhelmingly better or different did not come to fruition. However I was happy that I broke my sugar dependence, and when I was hungry in the evenings rather than reaching for ice cream or candy, I had popcorn (this one, which had the least amount of junk in it I could find, in a microwave brand that also wasn't ridiculously over priced), or cheese and crackers, and if my sweet tooth needed to be sated, golden raisins.

Now, just over a week with allowing myself sugar again, everything I've had has been unbearably sweet. The Halloween candy, my Starbucks holiday drink - with half the syrup, even my favorite Lint dark chocolate bar with the sea salt. So the other night I had raisins. I guess I shouldn't complain!

❖ I whole hardheartedly agree with this author's argument to stop the cheap swag. Just this last month I got two branded blankets, two water bottles, a tote, and an orange plastic beer glass which I deliberately 'forgot' at the event. Yes, I love a good tote, but I'm at capacity. I spent actual money on a cute S'well bottle, so no I'm never going to use the cheap one with someone's logo on it. A flash drive was a clever idea five years ago, now with dropbox and google drive no one uses them. 99% of the swag I take never leaves my car until I'm dropping it at Goodwill.

❖ If you've ever dreamt of having a smart phone you can fold in half, well, you won't have to wait much longer.

❖ Tips from an expert on getting your dog to influencer status. If only I'd started an instagram for Chloe eight years ago... Though to be fair she hates being photographed.

❖ Of course there are no shortages of bloggers with their adorable pups, which admittedly I enjoy even more.

❖ Move over pumpkin pie (I've never really loved you anyway) I want these pumpkin fudge browines.

❖ Adding this coconut tandoori chicken to my must-try list.

❖  I probably wouldn't eat 90% of the food at the 70's dinner party, but my mom still has the copper fish mold and the corresponding Jello Cookbook, so maybe I should just do it. Bonus, this twitter feed confirms that the 70's were a very strange time for food.

❖ This just upsets me so much.

❖ I'm putting these cute pink velvet shoes on my Christmas list.

❖ How fun would this jumpsuit be for the holidays?


  1. I'm so impressed you gave up refined sugar and can only imagine how powerfully sweet it now seems. God, I wish I could get off all the salty snacks I eat (I have almost zero will power you see). And that story about the sea lions is just awful.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Good for you for giving up the sugar. We really limit our intake and have for many years...and it's always amazing how much is added to everything. Like peanut butter...why does there need to be added sugar??

  3. The 70's food tweets are cracking me up :)

  4. Well done on giving up sugar! I am not sure I could do that - we were on our way to a tough meeting the other day and one of my team mates said he had coffee as he didn't want to face it without it, and noticed I had chocolate. To which our boss responded that I was just constantly on a sugar high to get through the days. haha! Probably true, I don't like tea or coffee but I do have a hot chocolate every day I'm in the office, and usually some chocolate around my desk! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) It's a relaxing one here!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. This is a lovely photo.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. it is good to limit the intake

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  7. When I first gave up refined sugar for a month, my whole life changed. When I tried sugar again, everything tasted strange - not just overly sweet, but also chemically and highly processed. Although I've never gone back to going entirely without it, because, as silly as this sounds, I can't live without whole wheat English muffins, my sugar intake has really never been the same. And I can't believe it's a bad thing ;)

  8. Good for you for giving up refined sugar! I'd love to commit myself to doing that because I think I have too much of a sweet tooth and I'd love to kick it, but it's hard to find the motivation to give up my ice cream in the evenings while I am writing blog posts!

  9. I definitely need to reduce the quantity of sugar in my meals! Thank you for an awesome post, you look amazing in this outfit!

    Lots of love ♥ January Girl

  10. I was at an awards ceremony in Cannes in October and there was a swag back back. It was huge, had at least 6 bottles of alcohol (big ones) but the rest was quite good, it even had some Furla. But I agree most of the swag bag contents go directly to donation.