Choose Gratitude

It's the first week of November. The avalanche of holiday content has already started, and just like years past, I feel like I will become buried in it before I have a chance to appreciate it, or contribute my own. But that isn't important.

What I feel is important right now is to focus on what I have to be grateful for. To stop worrying about how I fit into this world and take a moment to thank the people who love and appreciate me, just as I am.

Thanksgiving often gets steamrolled by Christmas, and for whatever reason, family drama (at least in my house) always seems to flare hotter on the day of giving thanks than the day of giving gifts. But my crazy sister booked a last minute flight to spend Thanksgiving with us, I'll see my nephew and niece, cook with my mom, and just maybe find one moment to reflect on the importance of family, and how fortunate we really are. I hope you can do the same.

And then comes all the shopping. It is a crazy world we live in.

 Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-6.jpg Strawberry Hollow Farm-1.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-9.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-12.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-14.jpg scary pumpkin-1.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-17.jpg Strawberry Hollow Farm-3.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-15.jpg Camel Sweater Dress, Black Booties, Double Ring Belt, Danse Lente Bucket Bag-4.jpg
The Rundown
Camel Sweater Dress Banana Republic
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan similar
Bucket Bag "Johnny" Danse Lente
Double O-Ring Belt Express
Necklace Vintage
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx

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  1. These photos are gorgeous! And I feel you on Thanksgiving and Christmas - I am enjoying the season more this year than I have in the past, and really focusing on gratitude and staying present. Love hearing your thoughts. :)

  2. It really is crazy how holiday shopping can overshadow the holiday itself- and I love Thanksgiving so much, so it makes me sad! I'm already stressing about my holiday gift guides- and that's not what is REALLY important this time of year, so your post was the dose of perspective I needed. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Such a pretty backdrop and love that dress!


  4. Such a pretty location for photos!!
    aNd you know, its so true. People forget that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have and how we live. Now it just means ONE MORE DAY UNTIL BLACK FRIDAY!! (Or, BLACK FRIDAY SALES START TODAY, LET'S GO!)

  5. I hope you have a low key holiday and get to appreciate it before the madness of Christmas ensues - and I love your tan dress, it seems so perfect for fall.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Thanksgiving does get forgotten, you're right. I'm trying to take this month to think about what I'm grateful for as well, because this time of year really does get crazy in a hurry. I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family! I love this classic black and tan fall look, and your photos are so pretty!

  7. These are such cute photos - and I totally agree that we shouldn't forget Thanksgiving, but also not make November the only month we tell everyone how thankful we are for things!

  8. Aw I am so glad you will get to spend the time with your family! How special. A good reminder to be grateful.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. I hear you. Its overwhelming. Shopping seems to have become a priority instead of the holiday. It's terrible. Here traffic becomes hectic. Lately I just show up in January and visit my nephews with gifts.
    Loved the shoot- the dress looks amazing and the back drops and justo gorgeous: autumn at its best.

  10. I LOVE Thanksgiving. We don't decorate or do anything christmas until after that holiday. I think it's great to focus on family and what you have!

  11. Such a cute outfit, that knitted dress looks so nice belted! :) Beautiful photos too, nice to see you got to enjoy some autumn leaves before winter set in! :)

    We don't have thanksgiving here in Australia (obviously) but Christmas is a fun day with family as you described, I'm really looking forward to it (even if I still have a lot of gifts left to buy!)

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! Another hot day here, but I have the day off to enjoy it :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. Thanksgiving does seem to get outshined with all of the holiday craziness when we should be focusing on family and what's important to us. Your photos are so cute! Love the location!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. this camel shade is my favorite Fall color, you look amazing in it. Yea I am taking december off blogging this year so I'm happy to miss part of the madness.


  14. Life does seem to feel like it's going full steam ahead at this time of year, with no time to pause and reflect. I've had holiday content on my mind for the past month but have yet to take even a single step towards actually producing any. The reality is, thousands of other people are going to create it and since I'm not that passionate about the holidays, I think that this year, I'm just going to let them do it and do what makes me happy, instead. Easier said than done, of course - so if you see me coming up with Christmas posts next month, don't hold me to this comment ;)

  15. Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays because it's not about the gifts, but about being thankful (and food...gotta love the food)

  16. This is a great reminder to be grateful! Such a lovely post, beautiful look and amazing photos!

    xx, Elise

  17. This whole outfit is amazing and this post is even more incredible. Thank you for sharing this important reminder of what the holidays are really about <3


  18. Gratitude is such a game changer! I love this dress on you! XO, Ellese


  19. Really lovely post. You're right on the Christmas stuff, and not getting a chance to do, or plan for it. But, hope you enjoy and with your loved ones. Take care, and hope to read more of your blog soon :)

  20. These fall photos are beautiful! I love your pretty sweater dress too! How wonderful you will have the chance to spend Thanksgiving with your sister and family! It makes celebrating it that much better!

  21. That dress is sooo flatteringly cute on you dear! Love it. Love the matching boots, bag, and belt too. Such a classic leather touch.
    Jessica |

  22. That bag, I mean we already have had this conversation; its so perfect! And per usual, your photography is flawless, breath taking! OMG talk about the avalanche of holiday content, its really intense!