Ciao Bella

I didn't realize it at the time, but these are the last photographs to be taken of these brown wedges. They are now broken beyond repair.

They were purchased for $30 at TJMaxx in May of 2010, and I think it's safe to say that I got my money's worth. They were kind of a perfect brown sandal, comfortable enough to walk in while still giving me height... I'm sad to see them go. We had some good times.

The Rundown
Striped Top Old Navy similar
Boyfriend Shorts Old navy
Sandals Ciao Bella similar
Two Tone Clutch Zara similar
Straw Fedora Gap similar
Chain Necklace Home d'jour consignment similar
Thin Gold Rings Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Pave Link Bracelet c/o LydellNYC
Anchor Wrap Bracelet Etsy via Knotical Knovelties
Nail Color OPI Modern Girl


  1. I hate it when you have to finally give up on a well-loved pair of shoes. But the up side is shoe shopping!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Loving this look!
    Bye bye lovely wedges!! :( At least you have lots of memories with them

  3. It is always such a bummer when a beloved pair of shoes is done for! But it's also a good excuse to buy a new pair :) I love this nautical summery look!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. what a bummer to hear! But at least you got some good wear out of them!

  5. Sorry to hear about your sandals! Now is the time to find a great pair on sale since all the Fall inventory is now on shelves. You look casually chic! :)

  6. I have had two of my brown sandals repaired at the cobblers due to wearing them too much. Those brown sandals go with everything. That is why I don't feel bad owning more than 2 or 3

  7. Great wedges and that clutch is awesome!
    Have a great week-end.


  8. I hate it when that happens. Lovely summer outfit - it's raining and grey here.

  9. They are really cute and I do think you got your money worth. Too bad they are broken. There is no way to repair them? Maybe a DIY project?
    That outfit is very nice !

  10. ooohhh those wedges looks so cute, too bad its broken! I really hope you can find a replacement! I hate it when that happens to my favorite shoes too!

    Delightful Ideas
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  11. I cant see the first picture... however i think you need to make a trip to the mall and pick yourself a nice pair of shoes... :)
    I like these shorts a lot!

  12. Even though you've gotten wear out of them, I know (and hate!) the feeling of having to part with an item you love so much! Here's to hoping you find an equally fabulous replacement.

  13. Wow, those sandals lasted 3 years! That's definitely getting your money's worth!

    And you look so great in fedoras. And I love the tassel on the purse!

    cute & little

  14. sad when a favorite pair of shoes dies. But that means you can get new ones, right? Love your clutch too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Cute summer outfit! Love your bag and great how the yellow is repeated in your pretty bracelet. Sad when your favorite sandal is over, just have to find another!

    blue hue wonderland

  16. Nice blog! Follow you! I hope follow me back!:)

    Vik Ladyla

  17. Love this classic outfit. Stripes look beautiful on you!

    Xo, Hannah

  18. There's nothing better than a great pair of neutral wedges. I have worn mine out too. This looks like an outfit I wore earlier this week, same exact shorts and a fedora too! Love your style!

  19. Great outfit!!
    happy weekend!:)

  20. What a cute summer look!

    Rachel Ashley

  21. Aawwwww, RIP cute brown wedges! At least brown wedges are a fairly common-ish item, but still, those are cute and some things just can't be replaced. A moment of silent for Lyddie's wedges...



    On the upside, their last moment was well lived with your cute outfits. Red and white stripes, yes!

  22. Cute shoes! Hope you find a great pair to replace them.

  23. Aww, such a shame those wedges are broken. they are lovely in this casual outfit, and wedges are always practical!

    Away From The Blue

  24. Isn't it funny how letting go of a good pair of shoes can be so hard? These were great!

  25. Ugh, I hate giving up a pair of shoes I loved so much! I feel like a replacement is never going to be as satisfying.

  26. I just had a pair of wedges die on me this weekend
    It is always so sad when this happens to a beloved pair of shoes

  27. I love this comfy nautical inspired look so much :-)


  28. Fab bang for your buck on those wedges! Love that link bracelet :)

  29. you got some good use out of them. that's always good. i do the same. great top and denim shorts.

  30. Oh no, losing shoes is always so sad. I always find it so difficult to find a good replacement. Replacing anything is always a nightmare for me because I always just want the original back!