RetailMeNot Best of Fall Fashion

As you well know, I am all about fashion on a limited budget, and making the most out of all the money saving resources I have. Before making any purchases online, I always visit, the very best site for coupon codes. I've saved so much money over the years by making sure I never missed out on free shipping or an extra discount with the help of RetailMeNot.

So of course I was very excited when RetailMeNot invited me to take part in their Fall Fashion Challenge! Several other bloggers and I were given $150 to shop a fall trend and put together three looks, incorporating it into work, evening and casual wear. You can see how everyone styled their trends at RetailMeNot's blog The Real Deal, How to Wear: Best of Fall Fashion.

The Fall trend I'm styling is a classic that is always huge - denim. 

A well fitting, versatile pair of jeans is worth spending a little bit of money on, and since purchasing denim can be a challenge when you can try on a whole stores worth, I was feeling even more intimidated by the idea of buying online. I decided to check out Lucky Brand, since it was Labor Day weekend when I did the bulk of my shopping and RetailMeNot had them listed as having an extra 40% off sale items.

Lucky Brand lets you choose jeans by body type, and once I determined I was slightly curvy, I selected this pair of dark skinnies and crossed my fingers. Thankfully, aside from obvious length issues, they fit perfectly! I ended up getting the jeans for half off the list price, and I'm hoping I'll be able to wear them until the cost per wear gets down to pennies. 

For my causal look, I picked up this cute tee from Target's FEED collaboration. For some reason this line had not yet been put on clearance online, even though it had in the store, so it was still full price at $18. Fortunately I was able to take advantage of a 20% Labor Day off promotion and get it for $14.40. 

My other purchase for this look was the leopard fold over clutch from the Gap. This clutch sold out ridiculously fast. I actually missed out getting it during the Labor Day promotion, and then obsessively checked their site all day the following Tuesday until the blessed thing came back in stock. There was a new promotion going on for 30%, so I was able to get it for $35, which worked out to only be a few dollars more than it would have been over the weekend.

Fall Denim - Casual-3.jpgFall Denim - Casual.jpgFall Denim - Casual-4.jpg

Chambray, or as it should be know, the jeans of tops, is my office wear star. I'd had my eye on this Target chambray blazer for a while, and since I was able to get it for $17, nearly half off the list price, I decided it would be a good choice. I love the idea of a casual fabric in a structured pice. It's a really great way to incorporate the denim trend into work wear, especially if you work somewhere that has a more strict dress code.

Fall Denim - Office-2.jpgFall Denim - Office-1.jpgFall Denim - Office-4.jpg

Finally, in my going out look, I've taken the same jeans and added sequins, glitter, and leather. The nights start to get freezing in the Fall, and I'm more likely to trade in my dresses for denim. The jeans, un-cuffed and with heels take on a whole new look, and of course the leather moto jacket pulls it all together.

Fall Denim - Evening-1.jpgFall Denim - Evening-3.jpgFall Denim - Evening-2.jpg

Lucky Brand Lola Skinny Jeans Originally $120 on sale for $100 plus an extra 40% off clearance = $60
Target Chambray Blazer Originally $35 on sale for $21 plus an extra 20% off = $16.80
Target FEED Tee Originally $18 with an extra 20% off = $14.40
Gap Leopard Foldover Clutch Originally $49.95 with 30% off using code GAPSAVE = $34.97
(sold out, but this one at The Limited looks just as nice!)

Total before tax and shipping = $126.17
Final total with tax and shipping = $148.62

This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot who provided me with $150 to shop for the items featured here. My views, opinions and sartorial choices are my own. 


  1. I LOVE retailmenot - best place to go and find good coupons! Bath and Body Works never lets me down. The chambray blazer and purple pencil skirt is my favorite look - and your hair makes me want to go dark again!

  2. I always forget to check for coupons before purchasing online. I need to bookmark Retailmenot, so I can remember!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I've never heard of that site before but clearly need to check it out...and I love the jean, Lucky Brand is one of my faves!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. My favorite is the night look with all the sequins! Yay for saving so much money :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Sept. Group Giveaway!

  5. I love your first casual look! Great job stalking the sales! I love it when I finally find an item I've been stalking!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. What a great collaboration Lydia! I loooove the going out look. So edgy and fab on you! But I also really love the pink tee in the casual look. Great job with your challenge!

  7. I too love retailmenot! Great pieces for great prices. Love those jeans and that clutch, I actually saw it the Gap over the weekend and didn't pick it up! I'm crazy! :)

  8. I'm going to get in trouble for this but...I've heard of the site and even gone on it before but never used it for clothing! I have got to check them out!

  9. Such amazing outfits, though I just might be slightly partial to the last one. That leather jacket and those heels... GORGEOUS!


  10. This sounds like a cool website. Nobody should have to pay full price for anything! All three of your looks turned out great. Great score on the Lucky Brand jeans. I found a pair at a yard sale for $1.00 and they really fit well. I really like your first outfit. Casual but pulled together.

  11. You look so great in each of these looks. Denim is a go to item for me especially on the weekends. I love Retailmenot too. Your glittery heels are beautiful!

    Tracy @

  12. I don't know where I - and my online shopping habit - would be without RetailMeNot. The discounts that come around for Canadians aren't as extensive, but it's still such a big help. A little savings goes a long way, especially when it helps you to acquire higher quality pieces that your normal budget will allow. I'm looking forward to seeing you style these jeans over and over!

  13. Ooh I love all of these looks1 That leather jacket is gorgeous :)
    I love retailmenot too, it's always my first stop before checkout.

  14. I never look for coupons while buying on line... where i live there is no coupon culture...
    I love the jeans and the Feed top.
    Oh and the clutch!

  15. Great styling in all these looks. And I love the Lucky jeans on you. I just bought my first pair of Lucky jeans the other day and they're pretty great. They are a brand I hadn't considered before but I'd definitely get another pair.

  16. used them this past weekend
    who doesn't love good coupons??

  17. I love retail me not its the best place to score the best deals, Love those dark jeans and that clutch is so pretty


  18. I like the first outfit, it has a 50's vibe to it with the jeans rolled up. Plus that's something I could see myself wearing for a girls night watching movies at home. :)

  19. Never heard of that site before, thanks for sharing!! definitely checking it out!!
    Great looks!!

  20. You know I love skinny jeans, but my favorite piece is the chambray blazer! What a great find!

  21. Your last look is perfect for a fun night out with the girls! Love all 3 styles but that's my fave!

  22. Always chic and soooooooooooo lovely

  23. i am drooling over that jacket and the whole attire!

  24. Love the pieces you chose! The leopard clutch adds the perfect pop of cool to that first outfit. That denim blazer will give you lots of options.

  25. I'm all about affordable pieces for fall too, I love your going out look :)

  26. those are a great fit pair of jeans, and I am so into cozy t's as fall sets in.

  27. I don't to a ton of shopping shopper over here...BUT I do love piperlime and gap..esp for the kiddies...SO I will have to check this out..never heard of it!
    I have that GAP clutch and have been wearing it to DEATH! Just seems to go with everything.