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Monday, May 10, 2010

New sandals

My shoe purchasing self restraint is lessening.

Image from piperlime

When I spotted these brown leather cuties in TJMaxx for $30 I had to try them on. Being the savvy shopper I am, I googled them on the spot and found the list price to be $65 at Piperlime, and as only as low as $50 at the Bon-Ton, but in black, not brown.

Happy Mother's Day

These platform leather sandals made me feel very nostoligic for a pair of Steve Madden sandals I had in high school and wore to death.

This outfit is featuring lots of new things -- actually all new things;
J. Crew top I got on sale in January ($90 reduced to $14)
Charlotte Russe skirt from February (on sale for $5.50)
Coral earrings from the thrift store ($4.50, but the little old lady gave them to me for $4)
Woven leather belt from thrift store (two for $1)
Ciao Bella sandals ($30 and not $65)

Making the cost of my outfit only $54. Not bad.

But my sandal lust has not yet been appeased!!!

I want these:
Image from Piperlime 

Michael Antonio Henrick, on sale for $45 from Piperlime

and these:
Image from Target

Miss Trish for Target Coral Flat Sandals, $25 from Target

and these:
Image from Amazon

Yellow Box Daring Sandal, on sale for $30 at Amazon


Stephanie said...

Dude! All these shoes are at such great prices. Good job finding them!

Asta said...

Wow! This is truly a great outfit; I especially like the color/fabric combination, very interesting and unusual.

Sarah Dee said...

I love the wedges *swoons*


Marie said...

Cute outfit and those shoes look comfy!:D

Have a lovely week!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Amanda said...

those shoes are really cute! And I love your outfit :]

WildBirdVintage said...

I am actually really jealous. Those sandals are amazing, I imagine you wearing them a ton this summer. And that lovely blouse? You are really making me want to hit up the mall...must resist.

Melanie said...

Your whole outfit is fabulous--I like the sandals! Nice find, very cute :)

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

LaToya said...

Awesome job on the sandals girl! Your look is so beautiful! I wish I had a skirt like that!


Future Lint said...

The top and skirt go perfectly together, I had assumed it was a dress! Those sandals were a steal at $30 - they're so versatile for spring, summer, and fall, you HAD to get them!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What a beautiful outfit!! I love this color combo and how sophisticated the outfit looks!


Viva La Fashion said...

i love your tank. its so pretty! :D

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Lovely colors and textures in this outfit! All of the shoes are fantastic, too.

wonderfelle.com said...

I got tan wedges this weekend too! They are perfect for spring/summer :) I loved those target sandals but the embellishment hurt the top of my feet so I had to return them.. so sad!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i loveee the sandals. i am still looking for a comfy pair...

Eyeliah said...

lol, I feel you I have been craving new sandals like I would die without them or something. Of course I am forgetting the many pairs I already own and should invest in a pedicure instead!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love the Target sandals. So cute!!

Meggstatus said...

Those shoes in the first picture are sooo cute, I can't believe you found them at TJ MAXX I would buy them ASAP!

And I am planning on asking for that lens for my birthday in july actually, and my boyfriend takes most of my pictures so I basically already have a remote. HAHAAHAH

Chandra said...

I scored some fabulous wedges by Cynthia Vincent for Target, and I am in love with them! I'll have a post on my blog featuring them later this week!



pumkyn said...

I have vowed to not look at any--for if I did I would cry. (--> poor student)

your shoes look wonderful with you, and your outfit is very lovely.

Kristin said...

$14 for that gorgeous top?? WOW!

UNDER WORLD by KC said...

nice style, great post :)
i love the photos
check out mine if you can :)
maybe we can follow each other



ROBINE said...

You have a great sence of style.. love the shoes!
Cute outfit as well :)

xx Robine

kumar said...

your new sandals look nice
nice design
i like it

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a adorable shoes! I love your photo:) So cute! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I love meeting new readers...Your blog is very nice and I will be back for sure!
See you soon, sweetie:)

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I like that 1st brown....looks sexy and comfortable in the same time :)