Wear not, want not

This week I am starting my first style challenge: To seek out the pieces in my closet that I have been ignoring and wear them!

I hate to say it (because it means I should really clean out my closet), but I know there are a few articles with the tags still on them that I bought ages ago, and other items which haven’t been worn in months or even years.

I know if I don’t wear them, then I should get rid of them – so I’m going to wear them!

Day One: Red floral dress with the impossible back.
Last worn: Mother’s Day 2008
I adore this dress from the front, the back however, is a big gaping hole. For the girl who can go braless, this is sexy and cool, but for me it is a challenge. I though I could get one of those low back bras, but it wasn’t low enough. Therefore, I must layer.

Style Challange - Day One
 The dress is a fairly lightweight jersey, so this super warm olive green cardigan is perfect for a freezing day. I deliberately misaligned the buttons and un-cuffed the sleeves to get a slouchy look.

My first attempt (when I bought the dress) was with a racer back bra and the racer back top - I liked it, but it was very fussy.

The reason I got it in the first place!


  1. I love it layered! What a fun way to get your dress out of the closet!

    I discovered the perfect stick-on bra at Walmart -the one I wrote an entry about- and now backless dresses and tops have ceased to be an issue. If they're possible for you, I recommend them highly!

  2. awesome layering! i need to start cleaning out my closet too!

  3. Free people brand for 10 bucks.. now that's amazing! *___* You're really making me with I would have gotten that dark green cardigan I saw at Target the other day for 6 bucks.

  4. That dress is so pretty for winter - I love it with the cozy sweater.

  5. i like it layered! low backs are annoying sometimes, how about sewing a bra into it so you could wear it on its own?

  6. It is such a pretty dress, good luck with the chllenge! Funny think is.... I did this challenge once before and I just took pictures again as I am doing it again (I am so bad at wasting clothes in my closet!)
    It was a series of posts if you are interesed here is a couple posts: http://stylesymmetry.com/2008/01/01/new-years-style-resolution/

  7. This is a good idea. I have plenty of clothes that haven't gotten any love lately. And that dress is too cute to leave hidden in a closet!