Throwing stones

This week is my style challenge to wear the clothes I haven't worn in ages, or ever.

Day Two: Funnel neck jacket
Last worn: March 2009

Style Challenge - Day Two
This pinstriped jacket prompted a much more casual look than I normally go for, and once I decided on the purple jeans I though I’d incorporate a few other of my closet neglects:

Green Converse sneakers – last worn St. Patrick’s Day last year – or was it two years ago?
Studded gloves – Purchased in October, haven’t worn yet.
Chain top – I just got this, so it’s not that bad, but this is the first wear.

As you can see by my cuffed pants and jacket sleeves, I hate hemming things. I put it off for as long as I can, and sometimes forever. Typically I’ll fold them under and safety pin them, but today I was feeling like a punk with my chains and my studs and my Chucks, so I cuffed them.

Hey, it's my tree
I wish I had a thousand dollars to spend on a 135mm lens so that I could take portraits with beautiful bokeh backgrounds – but I’m learning how to fake it with my much more affordable hundred dollar 50mmlens.

Red peacoat
After I was done freezing for my outfit shot, I put these on. I love my grey scarf/cowl/hood. It is like a cocoon of warmth.

Four pieces in one outfit, I think I did pretty good today! Or wait, is that cheating?

The rundown
Funnel neck jacket Khol's - Chain top Urban Outfitters - Purple Jeans Khol's - Green Sneakers Converse - Studded fingerless gloves Renee's Accessories - Red peacoat Nine West - Grey scarf Raffaello Bettini


  1. I think you totally pull off that funnel jacket! I'm surprised you don't wear it often because it looks great on you!

  2. wow you look great! I'm loving the cold-inspired clothing, because I'm definitely having to wear warmer clothes right now. I am also trying to wear pieces I already own more often!