Black and Gold

This week is my style challenge to wear the clothes I haven't worn in ages, or ever.

Day Three: Black and gold satin skirt
Last worn: Never.

My mom bought this for herself, but later decided she didn’t like it and passed it to me. So I took in the waist months ago, but I still haven’t worn it. Even though I made it high waisted, it's still too long and needs to be hemmed. Though I'd hate to chop off too much and lose the design.

Sorry for my horribly rushed photos - if I don't take them before I leave for work I won't get any natural light; but then I only have about two minutes in which to take them, so it's a trade off.

The Rundown
Black and Gold Skirt Khol's - Mock Turtleneck DKNY - Cut Out Pumps Elle for Khol's - Black and Gold Necklace Aldo

Also, I received a Best Blog Award from Adelaide Stayed - Thanks so much!
I'd like to pass it along to Style Symmetry and Le Sigh of a Fashionista

I also want to apologize for not getting to catch up on my blog reading tonight - it's not you - it's LOST and how they tricked me into watching it for three hours.