Like a bird in a cage

All month long I've been on the hunt for a grey oxford or bootie - low to mid heel, preferably under $40. So while I searched every online shoe venue I could think, I encountered shoe after shoe that I so very badly wanted, but was not the shoe I had in mind - and I was able to just close the browser window and move on - shutting out their siren song.

Believing I had developed such amazing will power, I went into TJMaxx today, fully confident that I would walk past the purses and the clothing, straight to the shoes; that I would find a few pairs of grey shoes and try them, and only them on; I would then choose a pair and walk proudly to the register with only one pair of shoes in hand.

Oh, the best laid plans.

I did walk straight to the shoes. I did find a couple pairs of grey shoes and try them on. I did find a cute pair of grey booties by madden girl for $35.

But then I saw the Jessica Simpson Katie Birdcage Pump, and I tried them on. I fell in love as the three of us strolled the other shoe isles and admired ourselves in the mirrors; we knew we didn't want to be separated.

It was also no help that two other women in the shoe section took notice of the birdcage pumps and began telling me how amazing they looked and how they wished they were still young enough to pull them off.

I knew I shouldn't, and I even considered telling the woman at the register, "No, I wont be taking these." as I handed them to her, but I couldn't.

They were $50, which is $40 less than on amazon (unless you are a size 6.5 or 9.5 - then they are $41). So they were a good deal.

I'll just have to try and do better in the future.

Do you have the willpower to just say no to shoes? Do you think it's easier to resist things online or in a store?


  1. If shoes fit and look good and are comfortable - I have no choice but to buy. I am so out of room in my shoe closet!

  2. I wish I could score some Jessica Simpson shoes at my TJ Maxx! Though the Steve Madden selection is usually pretty decent.

  3. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price on amazon! I said "noooooo shes chic on the cheap!, dont do it), needless to say I was relieved by the $40 price tag

  4. I have too many shoes, and that I know. It's easier for me to say no to shoes online, because they're not actually "there" and I can pretend they don't have my size and erase my history.. I go to extreme measures! In store if I love them though, they're mine om nom.

    Those are such cute shoes, by the by. :)

  5. TJ Maxx is a great place to get great quality stuff at bargain prices - resistance is futile!

  6. Hi again, thanks for your lovely comment over @ My Passport to Style.I adore those purple shoes, they are the bomb!!!!! Thank for bringing them to my attention sweetie! Sharon xoxo

  7. it's always heartbreaking parting with a pair of shoes you fall in love with. i say those are definitely worth it. the purple is gorgeous and i love the birdcage cut! :)

  8. those purple shoes are gorgeous! it's so, so hard for me to say no in person to a pretty shoe... I try to mostly buy them online, when they're on sale, but there's nothing quite like trying shoes on and knowing you need to take them home!