Two outfits for Saturday

Finally posting yesterdays outfits! I got so delayed because my typical Saturday night is spent in front of my computer, but last night I actually went out, and not just out to dinner home by ten - but out to a bar and danced on a balcony until last call. It was fun.

So without further ado;

This week is my style challenge to wear the clothes I haven't worn in ages, or ever.

Day Six: Shattered Glass Skirt
Last worn: Never
Shattered Glass Skirt

This was a Target clearance find from last August, and it had quite a few negative reviews because of the pleats on the rear and girls getting upset about how it made their bums look big - I however, saw it as an opportunity to fit mine into a juniors sized skirt. I think they are cute.

I love layering necklaces, and I took the chain necklace which already has seven chains, added the long pearls and then to top it off, attached a cameo I grabbed on clearance at Joann Fabrics and hooked it on with a stray lobster clasp I happened to see on the floor.

The Rundown
Shattered Glass Skirt Target - Navy Top Gap - Black Boots Migliorini - Chain Necklace Khol's - Pearls Handmade - Ring Lia Sophia - Earrings Dava

I did style this skirt a few weeks ago for Eyeliah's virtual Birthday party, but I didn't actually wear it that day.

Later... for an evening out I went to my grey bubble dress, which I wore last time I went out in Amsterdam.

Day Six and a half: Grey Bubble Dress
Last worn: September 2009 (yeah, I haven't been out to a bar in five months)
Night Out

I can't help but to be a little sensible when going out into the frigid winter evenings. I wore my tights and my boots, I even put my little cardi-vest on for an extra layer. I also wore my wool coat -- I would rather deal with a bulky coat inside than get hypotherma outside without one. And I saw quite a few girls in mini skirts, tanktops, stilettos and nothing else freezing outside. What are they thinking?

The Rundown
Grey Bubble Dress TJMaxx - Black Cardi-Vest Express - Black Fringe Booties Steve Madden - Gem Stone Belt Urban Outfitters - Cuff Bracelet NY&Co. - 'Diamond' Earrings Aldo

Since I'm a day behind now, the winner of pencil skirt showdown tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. both of these outfits are so wonderfully styled (you're really working that target skirt!) i'm in love withe the second outfit with the gray and black look. the bubble hem on the dress is adorable! :) glad to see you're staying sensible and layering up for the cold!

  2. I love your black-grey outfit, it is so elegant! My favourite details are the lace and the belt!

  3. Totally diggin' the abstract print skirt and lovely grey frock!

  4. the skirt from the first look is absolutely adorable. And this necklace is amazing

  5. very cute looks, of course with the yellow tights is my fav!

  6. that multi-colored skirt is adorable and i love your going-out look (come to think of it, i love all your looks--you really have an eye for proportions).

  7. I *love* your DIY necklace. Your use of color in the birthday party outfit are also fabulous! I love that skirt.

  8. I love the gray bubble dress! I still wear my black one and love it belted!

  9. I think you look particularly stunning in the last picture!

  10. You do look amazing in that last photo! You work color so well, but the tonal grey/black is an understated and elegant change.