Imaginary Valentine

Valentine's Day is 25 hours away, and the only person buying me gifts this year, is me. For my romantic day, I'll probably go shopping, eat ten pounds of chocolate and then go to see Valentine's Day with my Mom.
Here are some lovely things under $50 I might like to surprise myself with on Sunday.
Clockwise from left
White lace slip - Victoria's Secret, $48 If there were a man in my life this Valentine's Day, I wouldn't object to spending it in this - sexy, but still so tasteful.

Compass Rose Necklace - Mod Cloth, $15 The idea of an anchor and a compass as a romantic gift makes my heart melt.

Peter Golden Tail Ring - Mod Cloth, $15 He's just so darn cute!

Forget Me Nots Linen Pillow Cover - Etsy meringuedesigns, $31 Forget Me Nots on a throw pillow - a sweet little reminder to look at every day.

Red Heart Mug - Starbucks, $7 I always love Starbucks's mug designs, nearly my entire cabinet is a Starbucks mug retrospective of the last six years (although I usually wait and get them on clearance).

Bird Cupcake Stand - Esty whitneysmith, $38 I love how sweet the little bird looks perched on the edge of the stand. Also, I would like the cupcake to be included.

Glass Sculptures - Pier1, $30 and $45 Funky and abstract - if I had these I know I would sneak them into the background of a million photographs.

Vintage Italian Perfume Bottle Necklace - Etsy natahoa, $33 I can imagine myself stepping into a powder room, pulling the cap off the bottle and dabbing perfume behind my ear before returning to a fabulous party in a grand hall and flirting the night away...

Jean Paul Gaultier CLASSIQUE Eau de Parfum 0.67 oz - Sephora, $44 I'll admit it, I chose this simply because I loved the bottle.

Antiqued Rhinestone Ring - American Eagle, $15 Bold cocktail rings are so fun to wear and I adore the vintage look.

I[heart]U Chocolate Bloomsberry & Co., $5 This chocolate reads: I [heart] Chocolate but U aren't getting any.

Bouquet of Roses - 1-800-Flowers, $43 I don't care how cliche they are, a bouquet of roses will never be a disappointment.


  1. Beautiful pieces, they're awesome :D

  2. The rabbit ring is cute!
    x, fashionnerdic

  3. i loveee the Peter Golden Tail Ring! it's a definite buyy!

  4. I think I'll do the same on V-Day. * ^* That anchor necklace is so cute!

  5. Rest assured, if we were real life homies, you'd get a Valentine's trinket from me!

  6. your picks are quite adorable!

  7. i agree. a bouquet of flowers is never a diappointment. :)

  8. I'll be buying myself a gift too!
    I liked Valentines Day (Ill admit, the fact that Taylor Lautner was in it really helped!)
    Great picks, really adorable.

  9. Great post&stuff!;))

    xoxo M.

  10. cool gifts
    i really want the compass rose necklace :L

    awesome blog :)

  11. The selection of gifts is really wonderful. Great collection

  12. Love the compass necklace! Great picks :)

  13. Oh, I love that bunny ring!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  14. You should treat yourself! Love your picks :)

  15. I love the anchor necklace! Treat yourself to something special. Happy Valentine's Day!!