And the winner is...

The green snake cardigan and the white ruffled blouse!
It was close race with the purple ruffled top, winning only by one vote. That was fun - I think I'll poll more outfits in the future!

Day Seven: Black Pencil Skirt
Last worn: September 2009
Green snake cardi

So my Style Challenge of wearing items that haven't been worn in a long time, or ever has come to an end. I think I did quite well, wearing a total of 12 neglected items. I think next time I feel like my wardrobe needs some refreshing, rather than heading out to the mall I should just dig around in the back of my closet and the bottoms of drawers.*

I wont argue with the results of the poll, black and white is classic, and the snake cardi is bright, patterned and a bit quirky. I adore my camera necklace and seem to want to wear it with everything.

I really love this pencil skirt, particularly the double direction zipper pulls, so I can unzip the bottom, just a bit. Why I've been ignoring it, I simply do not know, but now that I've got two other outfits planned out, I can't even try to make excuses!

The Rundown
Black Pencil Skirt H&M - White Ruffled Blouse Gap - Green Snake Cardigan Express - Argyle Fishnet Tights TJMaxx - Cutout t-strap Pumps Kenneth Cole Reaction - Camera Necklace Etsy - Earrings TJMaxx

*Nevermind. Knowing I have lots of great items already in my closet is never going to stop me from buying more.


  1. i'm glad you went with this outfit because it looks so lovely on you! that ruffle top is so fantastic with everything. :)
    good job with your style challenge! glad you succeeded well.

  2. I love the skirt and absolutely adore the cardigan!

  3. that outdit is really pretty. the tights are great.


  4. Cute cardigan!;))

    xoxo M.

  5. im loving this! that penicl skirt is a killer :)

  6. I adore it, I wish her version was in wr!!

  7. I love the cardigan, ruffles, and zipper skirt! You're totally rocking it.

  8. Awww, yay! :D that WAS fun! I like being able to control what you wear, haahaha! But yes, this is so cute! I love the pattern on the green cardigan, so lovely! I should try something like this. :)

  9. really great challenge! i love that skirt and the tights are so fun!

  10. Such a great outfit. even if I voted for another one, I adore this one, too

  11. love your style. thanks for the comment!

  12. ahhhh adorable outfit!
    love the tights and cardigan!!

  13. I was pulling for the other one, but I'm in love with this outfit on you! And I'm still in love with that skirt.

  14. That top is adorable! Very Marc Jacobs Spring '10 RTW.

  15. Got a touch of the retro. The skirt is very 80's inspired.Nice look. As allways me likes the Tk tights.