Suede Cutout Pumps

I love the idea of wearing these cutout pumps with a pair of patterned or colored tights. When I shop for shoes, the adjectives "basic" "simple" and "plain" never enter my mind. Even if what I need is a pair of basic black pumps, I end up looking at shoes like these.

Some of these cost far more than the others. Would you splurge, save, or really save to be the owner of these shoes?

While I adore the Seychelles pair, the shoes presently adorning my feet are the Elle heels, from Kohl's. Because I am a saver, and while their list price may be $60, they are currently on sale for $22.97, making them the least expensive on the list. As for the rest:
Seychelles - $98
Coclico - $315.95
Anne Michelle - $23.10

Here is a (kind of bad, sorry) close up of the Elle heels with navy tights.

This is what I wore them with. I always feel like a bit of a sailor when I put on the white and navy horizontal stripes, so I continued with the 'theme' and put on the mini skirt with the silver buttons.

Black mini skirt, striped cammi, red diamond cardigan, black cutout pumps

Here is a close up of my beloved Fruit Zipper necklace.


  1. I like them all, but somehow they're left wanting next to the original Givenchy pair...

  2. ooh thanks for sharing! been eyeing the seychelles ones for a while now..

  3. Ive been drooling over these Seychelles heels for so long!

  4. oh that zipper necklace is so adorable. :)

  5. I love these shoes! Thanks for commenting on my blog! XOXO, Natalya of Wear Necessities

  6. thanks for the comment! and i love your blog, now following :)
    i'm craving that coclico owl pair but i have to say your kohl's pair is quite the steal and it's a lovely pair of shoes. :) love how you wore them with the navy tights!

  7. Thank you for commenting my blog.
    They are all amazing!

    follow me, im following you too!

  8. Very cute! I love those Seychelles, but the Kohls pair looks great on you! Definitely a good steal.

  9. LOVE the Seychelles. They make the cutest shoes!

  10. Cute , I love the Seychelles, but the better price elle are cte too.

  11. I have the Seychelles pair but never wear them. I favor a different pair of my Seychelles more than these. I would be willing to sell them to you if they are the right size for you. (Otherwise I will be selling them on eBay soon.)