Fashion "I Would Nevers"

I've always had this list of fashion don'ts in my head, colors I'm certain will look awful on me, styles that will be too uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, patterns that will make me look too big or too small.

However 2009 actually proved to be year of breaking out of a fashion rut I wasn't even completely aware that I was in. I was out shopping with a friend once and as we perused the items, I noticed her telling me all the things she would not wear. And I thought to myself that she was crazy for making up all these limitations, without even trying it on first.

Then I picked up a shirt with horizontal stripes, thought "I'd never look good in this, I'll look short and fat!" and realized that was doing the exact same thing. So I tried on the stripes, I took some photos, and discovered that not all stripes are created equal and that some, can in fact, be flattering to my curvy frame.

And so began the destruction of my fashion "I Would Nevers", which were:

The color yellow - It was completely non-existent in my closet prior to 2009, and now I would go so far as to say I have too much -- pants, tights, sandals, a dress, a cammi, a belt; it's hard to believe I once viewed yellow apparel with complete disdain. The mustard cords are my favorite pants right now!

Mustard Cords, Purple Top, Magenta Shrug

High heeled shoes - I used to avoid anything over 2.5 inches like the plague. Now I'll go up to 3.5, as I do love how they look, though I'm always searching for a truly comfortable high heel.
In 2007 I actually bought two pairs of 4" heels, brought them home, wore them for 10 minutes, and returned them.

The poka dot peep toes and the silver pumps both went back!

Gold jewelry - Ignoring anything gold tone for so many years was huge a mistake. Wearing both gold and silver offers twice as many possibilities, and who says you can't mix metals? (Other than my sister, who is clearly wrong.)

Leggings - I was certain that short girls who weren't toothpick thin could ever look good in leggings, until I decided that leggings were just slightly thicker tights without feet. And I even sort of wear them as pants - that is, with tops that are not quite long enough to be dresses, but are too long to be worn with pants.

Grey sweater, lace trimed tunic, brown leggings

Loosening my purse strings - Spending money and spoiling myself is definitely a new thing. I used to take $50 out of the bank and it would last me nearly a month. Now I'll spend $50 every time I walk into TJMaxx and barely bat an eye. Even though I'm still a saver and a bargain hunter, I've become much more willing to part with my money for the fashion I love.

Even with all the limitations I've broken out of, a few still remain: no Uggs, no Crocs, no high-wasited or harem pants. No shorts.
I may bend a little on the shorts. We shall see.

Is there anything you have vowed to never wear, or something that you previously loathed and now love?


  1. The color yellow, trust me, having pale (almost translucant) white skin and red/brown hair yellow is just devestatingly horrible on me... but im happy you realized how great it looks on you!

  2. yay for breaking out of your personal fashion nevers! :) i also broke out of a ton of my "nevers". i started wearing skirts and dresses a lot more. and i agree with you. never will i put on a pair of uggs or crocs. :)

  3. This was such a fun post!!! I'm glad you broke out of those nevers because yellow DOES look good on you!!

    I agree with your nevers at the bottom... I'll never wear them!

  4. I used to mock the 80s ruthlessly. Now it's one of my favorite decades. The colors! The colors!

    I LOVE your yellow pants. Love them. Makes me itch for a pair of my very own.

  5. I love this post! Yeah, ugs and crocs are on my "never" list. I also avoid leggings, simply because I look much younger than I am anyway, and they make me look even younger. Other than that, I'm open to pretty much anything!

  6. Oh, and I adore your mustard cords - where did you find them?

  7. wow, you really rock the yellow pants. Love it

  8. I used to feel the saem way about stripes.

  9. The colour yellow looks great on you, im glad you realized how great it looks on you!

    vist me,

  10. I love the yellow cords! I've recently broken the "you can't wear brown and black together" rule and I'm so glad I did!

  11. I love the yellow on you--maybe you'll inspire me to be brave and try some on!

  12. I will never wear turtle necks. They make me feel like I am choking. I am not budging on that rule!

    I won't wear olive green or mustard.

    I would never be caught in public in jeans & sneakers--I think that just looks sloppy. Jeans require cute shoes or boots with a bit of a heel to dress them up.

  13. I own those polka dotted peep toes! I agree they aren't very comfortable but they're cute enough that I don't mind of it's just a movie date or something like that. =)

  14. Yes, leggings definitely work with those very short dresses / longer t-shirts on girls who are not stick-thin but who have nice legs. Because of the "footlessness" I do think they tend be less flattering than tights so I usually don't wear them unless I can wear a boot / gladiator sandal with them.

  15. Oh and I completly agree with you about Uggs (have you seen the last Jimmy/Choo ugg monstrosity?), Crocs, high-waisted pants and harem pants. Shorts don't flatter me but I think they can look really stylish.

    I will never wear orange.