Sweatshirt Blazer

I own very little in the way of 'lounge wear', since I do not believe that sweats were ever meant to leave the privacy of one's home.

I have one grey hoodie which I've worn since middle school, and when I'm home, I like to take off whatever blazer or jacket or 3/4 sleeve cardigan I'm wearing and cozy up in the hoodie. I do sometimes want to wear it out and take that comfort with me, but I will not.

I am, however, quite intrigued by the sweatshirt blazer. The soft knit jersey of a sweatshirt combined with the structure and style of a blazer! This is something I would really like to try, though I'm unsure if I would want the black or the grey.

The grey is unassuming and upfront. It is sweatshirt material and does not try to be anything else. The black on the other hand, is a bit more sneaky. At first glance you wouldn't guess it was anything other than your typical black blazer.

Gap Double Knit Blazer - $59.50

Urban Outfitters French Terry Studded Blazer - $30 and Forever 21 Textured Knit Blazer - $29.80

Alloy One Button Boy Blazer - $49.90 and Delia's Mineral Wash Blazer - $42.50

Anthropologie Flipside Blazer - $88

Would you wear a sweatshirt blazer? If so, in grey, or black?


  1. I absolutley would wear a sweatshirt blazer!
    I really love the black as it looks like a typical blazer and black goes with everything! You can never own too many black items!
    But then again the grey is something differnt, looks very chic and sometimes black gets kinda boring.
    To be honest i'd probley end up getting one in each of the colours!
    Thanks for this post, next on my wishlist is a sweatshirt blazer!

  2. Oh wow, I've never heard of a sweatshirt blazer. Sounds amazing - I would totally wear it. I love blazers, but my biggest problem with them is that they aren't all that warm. A sweatshirt blazer would take care of that problem! Thanks!

  3. some of my friends have them, i like the thought of the contrast of something so smart and tailored mixed with a fabric so comfy!

    still...im not sure if their me :S

  4. i adore the idea of a sweatshirt blazer. i always feel too formal in a regular blazer and the sweatshirt version is so much more casual and cozy. :)
    i'd definitely pick gray!

  5. I find traditional shapes in weird interpretations really appealing. These are really cool!

  6. I have one of these! its more casual than a regular blazer but its super comfy.

    Wear Necessities

  7. I saw one of these a few months ago, and if it had been more in my price range (less than $20, I'm cheap!) I would have bought it. It gives the illusion of structure, but it's so much more giving in movement. Plus it's actually comfortable!

    Great post!


  8. I had shrugged this off previously, thinking they were just a passing fad. But I've seen better cuts recently and my office is pretty casual, so an actual blazer can sometimes feel too stuffy. I love the Anthro version in grey. The pinstripe cuffs make it look a little more dressy and unexpected.