On the hunt for a camera bag

Camera bags have fallen into the pit of nylon despair.

I recently made the financial plunge of the DSLR, a previously owned Canon Rebel XSI. Even though I got a good deal on the camera (purchased from my brother), my total is quickly creeping upwards as I get all my other camera essentials. Now I have a 50 mm lens, filters, and a wireless shutter release, but I still need a bag!

A camera bag is not easy to find! Much like my previous search for a laptop bag that was as stylish as it was functional and affordable, I've been doing a lot of searching and not much finding.

Most camera bags out there choose function over form and are some type of heavy duty nylon in colors that range from black to brown to army green. If you want to spend a bit more, you can get something in a similarly unflattering shape in black leather.

So far, I've found one company, Acme Made, which offers two different styles of camera bags that I would actually want to carry. The first is a bright red patent bowling style bag. It's as shiny as Snow White's poison apple and has bright white piping and drop handles. I love the bag, however the lack of a shoulder strap is a deal breaker for me. When out shooting, I want to be able to sling the bag across by shoulder and have my arms unencumbered. (Acme Made, why not consider a detachable shoulder strap?)

Their other option is the Lunch Box bag, smaller than the bowling bag, and with a sholuder strap. It features a damask-like print and comes in black and silver, or white and black.

I'm disappointed that was all I could find, so does anyone know of any other stylish camera bag options?

Even without the bag, I still really like the camera - I've missed using an SLR, my film back Minolta has been unused since I stopped being able to process my own film and prints. It's good to be focusing on photography again! In the past week and a half that I've had the camera, this is my favorite photo:

Green Coat, Brown Boots, Cranberry Gloves


  1. I really like the bowling style bag.
    It looks like a hangbag too!

    Wow, snow, it's amazing!
    It doesn't snow in Sydney :(
    My closest snow area is the Blue mountains, i love it there!

    vist me,

  2. what a great outfit! the combination of the purple and the olive green jacket is perfect :)
    and i've had my dslr for about a year now and i'm still struggling to find a decent bag (i haven't been looking very hard). good luck with your search!

  3. you look great! i'm a sucker for good coats and if i could find a fur collar coat in olive it would be a dream come true.

    as far as a camera bag... i recommend going to flea markets and estate sales. i picked up an amazing brown leather camera bag (with the camera too!) from an estate sale for $8. i actually held on to the camera and used it for decoration at home and gave the bag to my friends as a gift for helping me out with photos (it was before i had a good camera). it was cheap and amazing!

  4. I really love the bowling style bag and i can totally see you carrying that! Its unfortunate about the strap though, have you considered pitching it to the manufacturer? they might actually go for it!


  5. Hmmm, i really like the bags you found. All the camera bags i've seen are just plain black unfortunately. Love your blog! - XOXO, Natalya of Wear Necessities

  6. You know, camera bags (or, really, any electronic case) really are ugly! I applaud you for finding such cute options!

    And I have to say how much I LOVE that coat on you.

  7. My camera bag is soooo boring, I am looking for a chic one too. there was a girl who walked by me with one, shoulda asked her where she got it!

  8. i just got a rebel xsi too! (and still havent found a decent bag.. the one that came w/ my kit was ginormous, meant to hold like 5 lens or something sheesh, it's practically a duffle bag)
    lovely outfit too, nice touch of fur =)

  9. I use an ugly basic bag that easily tucks into other bags - I love it because I can change up what bag I carry my camera in, plus it was way cheaper than any of the camera bags I found (none of which I was totally thrilled about). I posted about my system here - http://www.onepearlbutton.com/2009/10/what-im-carrying-weekend-edition.html - if you want to check it out!

  10. sadly, i havent found the perfect camera bag...
    i have a cute little crumpler, but it still does look so much like a camera bag :(

    i try not to get leather ones as it might be too heavy to carry (even minus the camera), light 'faux' leather would be a good option...i wonder if we should start this business of making nice camera bags :D