What's black, white, and red in exactly one spot?

Think about it for a moment.

Do you know?

If you guessed a furry snow leopard print jacket at H&M for 70% off, you are right!

I didn't go crazy with the after Christmas shopping this year, as I was feeling guilty about buying more things for myself. But this jacket was only $18, and I was smitten the moment I tried it on. I also have this weird complex where when the last one of something happens to be my size I feel like there is some sort of cosmic plan at work.

I even sought out further conformation that it was a good purchase by polling people waiting in line - which was very long because H&M only had one person at the register. I got four 'yes'es from people in the queue and a big 'no' + 'eye roll' from my little sister. So I got it.

I also got this super long black bead and chain necklace from Aldo because I didn't get it for Christmas and it was only $10.50 (nearly half off!)

Did you find any great after Christmas sales?


  1. Love the snow leopard jacket. I wonder if they have any left in Minnesota!!!???

  2. Underwear from Calvin Klein and McGregor socks, ;-)

  3. Great deal! I just adore that jacket! I haven't ventured out for any post-Christmas sales yet.

  4. Good find!

    I hit the J.Crew outlet, hard. I got 2 Jackie Cardigans, a jeweled button cardigan, ankle cropped cords and dark rinse toothpick jeans. I spent about $110 on everything but I probably won't do much shopping for the next few months and it was my Christmas money so I feel pretty good about it.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Scored some fabulous shorts at Zara. I have yet to really get out and shop and I'm going to NYC next month. EEEEEEEEEK!