Mixed metals chain necklace

Last season the knotted chain necklace at Urban Outfitters was new and unique. This season you can't twirl around a jewelry stand in any store with out inadvertently knocking ten of them to the ground. I regretted not getting the chain necklace last year; I was in the store, it was in my hand, and I thought "let me just wait for it to go on sale." And I missed out.

That said, it should have been an easy task to find its equal now that every retailer has a version (or three). Only none that I found could hold a candle to the Urban necklace, be they too chunky (simply vera), too skimpy (forever 21), or just kind of strange.

The necklace that has the best resemblance is this mixed materials version from the Gap. Ignore the plaid fabric and focus on the chains. A thick group of thin chains, both silver and gold, with a strand of crystals.

Since the necklace was on sale for $10 (in the B&M store), I decided it would be worth altering. So I ditched the plaid fabric, replaced it with some chains, and vola!

To be even more accurate to the Urban necklace, you could unhook the chains, braid them, and knot the crystals.

Plus, now Chloe can enjoy the necklace as well.


  1. Great transformation! Chloe looks quite nice, too.

  2. Great idea! I can't believe Gap used a plaid ribbon - even a plain black ribbon would have been more chic and just as easy for them to produce! But I love your version even more.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am looking at yours now. I really like it and I like that your dog is named Chloe!

    I will be back!!