Stocking Stuffers

Some gift ideas for $10 and under - perfect to be that extra something you might need to add to a gift, or for that someone who you aren't really sure if you're exchanging gifts with, or for yourself... why not?

1. Measuring Cup Set at Pier 1, $10 - Butterfly printed mugs that are actually measuring cups? Adorable!
2. Airmail pouch at Fred Flare, $9 - for anyone with Jolly Post Clutch lust, here is a mini version.
3. Starbucks Cup Ornaments at Starbucks, $10 - I like to pretend mine is a grande triple peppermint mocha.
4. Get Your Mac On Pin at Mod Cloth, $10 - It's the classic Happy Macintosh!! I can't imagine any Apple lover not wanting this pin.
5. Fiery Glimpse Dishtowel at Anthropologie, $8 - Ball fringe. On a dishtowel.
6. Simple Gifts Ring at Mod Cloth, $10 - Put a bow on it and it's a present. This cute little ring is subtle enough to wear everyday, and hopefully the recipient will, because then they will always be thinking of you.
7. Spike Jewelry Holder at Urban Outfitters, $10 - This hedgehog isn't quite sonic, but he's still kinda cute.
8. Love Actually DVD at Amazon, $7.50 - My favorite 'new' Christmas movie, this is one of the sweetest romantic comedies there is.
9. Purse Hook at Amazon, $9 - Keep bags off the floor and close at hand with this clever contraption.
10. Belle of the Ball lip balm at, $5 - A shiny Christmas ornament shaped orb of lip balm in three shades.
11. Bloomsberry Chocolate Bars, at supermarkets and TJMaxx, $3 or over priced online retailers - I love these chocolate bars so much, and not just because their packaging is amazing - the chocolate is good too! I've already bought a bunch to give out this year.


  1. I keep debating the Starbucks ornaments whenever I stop in. I love them so much, but I also feel a little silly branding my Christmas tree with a symbol of my caffeine addiction!

  2. Great ideas! I'm usually not a big fan of Romantic Comedies, but Love Actually really rises above it's genre - watching it is one of our Christmas rituals. I'm also crazy about the Mac pin. Too cute!

  3. I actually saw that little mail clutch the other day and thought of you!

  4. Love Actually is one of my faves too! Those measuring cups are precious. I think I want one of everything you picked.

    p.s thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  5. I love all of these. Especially Love Actuallly and the Starbucks ornaments.
    And it was the only belt like it in the store! Typical.

  6. thanks for the ideas I have to spend 10$ each on my two lovely coworkers. I think a Coffee card will be good for one and those measuring cups look good for me! :0

  7. Love Actually is my very favorite movie! And I WANT one of those 'bucks ornaments!!